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silence steve young sandy fixedstuffafore stew stuff what stuff
at forcing myself to dostuffand to read stuff prescribed
other stuff lee stuff whatstuffbj boot thur faithir what
my mum s line mystufff1023: only her stuff f1026:
my stuff f1023: only herstufff1026: oh aye f1027: went
student stuff the nice studentstuffgets put there as opposed
problems ah some of hisstuffhis english stuff is r-
of his stuff his englishstuffis r- is really interesting
silence bj an the otherstufflee stuff what stuff bj
stuff like that there wasstufflike that on it f631:
family and special circumstances andstufflike that there was stuff
now this stuff now thisstuffnow f1111: we ll need
f1111: now f1112: now thisstuffnow this stuff now f1111:
m194: and this stuff thestuffoot the boxes is startin
do stuff and to readstuffprescribed texts but at the
stuff afore stew stuff whatstuffsilence steve like a magician
mmhm yeah m762: together withstuffstuff that i ve read
yeah m762: together with stuffstuffthat i ve read from
er f1038: all the studentstuffthe nice student stuff gets
uh huh m194: and thisstuffthe stuff oot the boxes
an the other stuff leestuffwhat stuff bj boot thur
sandy fixed stuff afore stewstuffwhat stuff silence steve like
he stuff wi dae otherstuffwi dae it s it
me an me loves hestuffwi dae other stuff wi
to sort o relax anstufff631: mmhm f689: an the
them on their legs andstufff631: right f689: like that
bad with the smoke anstufff631: [taps pen top] f689: ehm but
beans an that like driedstufff631: yeah [laugh] f689: it
f631: yeah mad dog typestuff[laugh] f689: [laugh] mad dog
in their own urine anstufflike that an f631: yeah
tempted by the buffet anstufflike that ehm f631: how
they never used to havestufflike that f631: no they
that would accept children andstufflike that f631: really f689:
places that don t getstufflike that f631: yeah f689:
gonna watch the dog andstufflike that so f631: [tut]
like ehm that twenty twentystuffyou used to get f631:
are doin this kind ofstuffall the time m741: uh
budder wi dat kind ostuffan car f960: no dat
f812: all this kind ofstuffand i went on and
huh m642: that kind ofstuffand so peter does this
scott and and all thatstuffand the kind of f963:
this kind of mental motorcyclingstuffand then he does speed
m1174: all that kind ofstuffand then it s really
all these kind of thingsstuffand then they d maybe
and really kind of funkystuffand they were they were
m608: so what kind ofstuffare we ta- are we
bit kind of snobby andstuffbut she seems alright f1049:
mmhm m734: kind of thestuffdad was playing dad was
know f1150: what kind ofstuffdo you have to f1151:
kind of far more usefulstuffer f718: uh huh m734:
kind of [laugh] novels andstuffer so i do remember
kind of technology sort ofstufferm we had one technician
careful about that kind ofstufff1151: yeah again i d
hes aa dat kind ostufff960: mmhm uh huh but
more of this kind ofstuffi am struck by the
and all that kind ofstuffi bored the people to
an aa this kind ostuffi mean we dinna i
obviously kind of the classicalstuffi was being played er
support that kind o localisedstuffin the way you d
he said fit kind ostuffis that you hiv painted
for them what kind ofstuffis you re doin in
s it s gey ordinarystuffkind freens that share a
do all that kind ofstufflike i think they kinda
really there that kind ofstuffm816: aye aye m815: and
think they kinda like dropstuffon the floor like kind
two and all the mealystuffsank like a kind of
erm all that kind ofstuffso he was into all
that kind of kind ofstuffso m608: mmhm mm oh
and all that kind ofstuffso we did try to
and kind of erm immigrantstuffthat s backgrounded f963: mmhm
aw that kind o patrioticstuffthat s what [laugh] m865:
me not really true bredstuffthe kind that played at
kind of long weekends andstuffto go home cause it
and all that kind ofstuffwe had to m- er
a lot of kind ofstuffwhich the teachers hate to
it was queer kind ostuffye baith liked it and
[?]tripping[/?] to kind of likestuffyou can t talk about
and aa dat kind ostuffyou ken dere dere s
he s digesting all thisstuffand all this m762: yeah
you know all of thatstufferm f963: mm mmhm m762:
brother probably listened to thatstufferm f963: mmhm m762: and
of adultery and all thatstufferm f963: yes yeah m762:
you re actually churning outstufff963: mm m762: the input
and flows and all thatstufff963: mm mmhm mm m762:
was exposed to all thatstufff963: yeah yeah m762: erm
mm mmhm sure yeah m762: stufffrom you know erm er
mm m762: all of thatstuffi i think that s
mmhm m762: some of theirstuffin my mind you know
yeah yeah m762: erm hisstuffin shalimar the clown about
mm m762: prefer you knowstufflike you know i do
yeah m762: all of thatstuffnegative as it was of
the long hours all thatstuffso erm f963: mm m762:
sort of rock and metalstuffand me and my brother
all that sort of otherstuffas well that was really
drew on sort of indianstuffdidn t it i mean
no rock pop f718: popstufff1077: sort of er you
you do sort o thingstufff606: yeah f826: somebody actually
and aw this sort ofstuff[inaudible] m1020: well m1022: well
kinna nice that sort ofstuffisn t it it s
but also sort of psychedelicstuffjohn peel it must have
sort of tv shows andstufflike that that a lot
all that sort of doubtstuffm816: yeah m815: but eh
street f1077: sort of ceilidhstuffoh no no no that
sort of middle english chaucerstuffso i was able to
of sort of silly hierarchicalstuffthat we could have done
and all that sort ofstuffthere you should go there
was sort o like marblystuffunderneath the m608: aye f638:
any of that sort ofstuffyou know f1144: used to
just sort of theories andstuffyou only need to know
months like befriendin them anstuffan then tryin tae get
how busy we were anstuffand david was like that
like at the watermelon andstuffand ehm f1049: [laugh] really
to feed their tamagotchi andstuffand it was like m811:
got their stereos out andstuffand like just f1150: mmhm
our necks and plectrums andstuffand thought we were like
like you know pack yourstuffand we ll get the
an wi broon paint likestuffas the wifie peyed jonsar
like there s tons oafstuffasides snorkelin though this fluming
for all schools like andstuffbut i mean most people
doing that sounds like bigstuffbut if we are serious
some really nice bridges andstuffehm yeah norway [inaudible] like
anything like enough scots languagestuffeither m741: i think we
the bed totally not madestuffeverywhere there was like tomato
to like city trips andstufff1149: yeah f1148: which was
like vouchers or toys orstufff1154: oh i think i
got like computer facilities andstufff809: yeah like the other
s like cat nip andstufff813: no that s what
there s like so muchstuffgoin on here m605: well
just to like show youstuffhad to come and [laugh]
[laugh] oh some of thestuffhe [?]likes[/?] like this f963:
mmhm f1150: and like thestuffhe s doing to promote
s like some of thestuffhe writes is like calvino
huh well i liked ourstuffi like ehm f813: no
f813: no but i likedstuffi like f814: not thunderbirds
be in the college andstuffi was just like oh
it was like chestnuts andstuffi was like i m
saying hello to them andstuffi was like this is
it like wool and packedstuffin cases and packed them
that there was so muchstuffin english language but like
as you was speakin abootstuff[inaudible] like ye ken f826:
be like massive jumps andstuffit d be really good
probably start like revisin andstuffjust once i get on
down in like selkirk andstufflast week cause is it
like a vat o thestuff[laugh] but i don t
that an that thunderbird [laugh]stuff[laugh] was like that oh
falls off the plate andstufflike bits of steak and
a thin trail o broonstufflike e slivers at ran
nick all sorts of cr-stufflike er we basically went
actually got open spaces andstufflike grass m818: mm m819:
m811: like wee tips andstufflike if you re doing
of having midnight parties andstufflike it would have been
to pack the people sstufflike some people didn t
calvin up the hill anstufflike that an i know
them outside of class andstufflike that and actually stoppin
they can kinna chat andstufflike that and i like
first term s work andstufflike that and i think
be quite refined m944: andstufflike that and it involves
s the anti christ andstufflike that and like everyone
this big to castle andstufflike that and she had
f745: methods they used andstufflike that and that was
to the park and andstufflike that and then we
erm you know translation andstufflike that because i was
more time more things andstufflike that but f746: mmhm
like labovian quantitative sociolinguistics andstufflike that ehm but even
place [?]tried usin[/?] old dictionaries andstufflike that ehm i think
of the old pong andstufflike that er and i
a lot more scientific andstufflike that especially with like
of the video shop andstufflike that f814: [laugh] f812:
things like that m827: stupidstufflike that f826: yeah and
videos now and dvds andstufflike that f963: right mmhm
dad and his brothers andstufflike that he it s
up the exam questions anstufflike that i m sure
problems and water problems andstufflike that i was down
to the classical music andstufflike that i- it probably
kinna scottish language meetings andstufflike that it gets quite
it whitiver ye canna nostufflike that it s aye
could sniff leopard poo anstufflike that it s no
earrings an jewellery in anstufflike that m1014: eh m1017:
semiotic triangle se- semantics andstufflike that m605: what ehm
did you play football andstufflike that m636: played football
glaswegian and doric and s-stufflike that now there s
that many like recordings andstufflike that of of the
do it through questionnaires andstufflike that she went down
go out for lunch andstufflike that so erm and
to get work done andstufflike that so i never
looked at the results andstufflike that so it s
away up the country andstufflike that so m608: mmhm
to john an jeremy andstufflike that that all these
was all printed books andstufflike that that it became
like obviously different pressures andstufflike that that s happened
middle english an chaucer andstufflike that that was definitely
got words like tumshies anstufflike that they ll ken
and god s teeth andstufflike that they were they
f810: she s always doingstufflike that though she s
just now in schools andstufflike that to get m605:
talk to the kids andstufflike that um but yeah
i was used to doingstufflike that whereas other people
an readin the paper andstufflike that you know [laugh]
in over in ireland andstufflike they have like roadsigns
that s it s gotstufflike this on it and
divert your main characters andstufflike this you know people
desired mostly it s unimaginativestufflike vacuous and pointless bragging
and sixth year girls andstuffm811: [laugh] f814: like that
an f812: uh huh f814: stuffm811: there s like f813:
other end unpack all thestuffm811: yeah that took like
like a a dam andstuffm816: yeah m815: there s
friend just bought all thisstuffoff e bay like m811:
hats and like suits andstuffor is that not true
to get like shells andstuffor maybe some water for
and like bow ties andstuffor not like what do
gettin me into bother forstuffshe s like you re
ringer for kylie minogue thestufftasted like raw cabbage graham
was like cases o thestuffthat an that thunderbird [laugh]
like in my area andstuffthat you knew they were
time teachers didn t knowstuffthey actually like f814: yeah
as ehm [cough] like thestuffthey put out for the
ah like insurance no thestuffthey sell ye hoose insurance
of the like receptionists andstuffthey ve f1154: [sniff] f1155:
it in the aisles andstuffthey were queued like right
chance to like chat aboutstufftotally informally in a situation
like coming from hamburg andstuffum where did you live
even understand what half thestuffwas like what s fried
mean i did like thestuffwe did about colour semantics
git through a mountain ostuffwi a mean machine like
ve got like tons ofstuffyou ll just leave the
or like advanced highers andstuffyou o- like quite a
up an order of ofstuffan f963: mm mm f965:
deliberately this yeah all thatstuffand walter f963: mm yeah
exposed to all of thisstuffat that point f963: mmhm
molly bloom and all thatstufferm f963: mm mmhm right
know blues slavery all thatstufferm f963: right yeah mm
lover goddess and all thatstufferm you know f963: i
you know and all thatstufff963: mm yes yeah yeah
for fire regulations all thatstufff963: mmhm f965: and the
did games and all thatstufff963: yeah if they taught
s a lot of subconsciousstuffgoes on f963: right [laugh]
mean now you can buystuffmade or you can f963:
communal violence and all thatstuffso f963: yeah and it
you know other people sstuffso f963: yes yeah mmhm
erm you know upwardly mobilestuffwhich is fine f963: mm
f963: mm f965: to dostuffwith the kids erm during
i suppose there were f963: stuffyeah f965: some sticking up
obviously i internalised all thatstuffyou know and but f963:
going to spill that filthystuffall over the floor again
m642: got rid of somestuffand all the rest of
you know all of thisstuffand and just the attitudes
they re doing all thisstuffand eh we re moving
city and and all thatstuffand flows and all that
to get all dark andstuffand for some reason i
f813: uh huh shells andstuffand harps and all that
and vampires and all thatstuffand i m aware of
it s got all thestuffand i mean the title
s organised f1154: all thisstuffand i was sitting going
i raking through all yourstuffand m811: yeah that s
s magicking all cat sstuffaround tommy f1103: aye well
did have all that kindastuffas well f813: and so
do all this demented skiingstuffas well though it s
have is mostly second handstuffbut it all looks quite
table look at all thestufff1113: mmhm f1114: oh cush-
f632: all sorts of bizarrestufff646: so every time she
pogues well all their earlystufff746: oh m1161: oh yeah
was saying mcflurry makers andstufff812: and all that can
was doing all the soundstufff958: even all the roadies
had to get all hisstufffor him where s ma
how f1111: because all thatstuffgoes in your eyes it
but gratified that all mystuffhas a good press especially
a real connoisseur o thestuffhe can tell you all
dan hated all that piousstuffhymns prayers never went near
all this absolute drivel aboutstuffi don t even care
m741: eh all the otherstuffi have yeah all the
all the wee flowers andstuffi mean do you do
the wool the big yellaestuffin boaxes that was all
all three have different badstuffin their heads outside a
tub is that all thestuffin where s the lid
do is take all thestuffinto the toy- er the
all the same own brandstuffis usually the best make
not been for all thatstuffit s a funny way
bother with all this formalstuffm741: yeah m605: what s
try and preserve all thisstuffm815: if they had computers
that s all ethical andstuffm944: that s when they
t have had all thestuffmissing from it wouldn t
you with all your snowboardingstuffon [inaudible] f1148: oh no
i ll put all thestuffon the bed so you
all the little ornaments anstuffon them it was weird
ve tried all craig sstuffon there s no way
they were all old andstuffso f814: [laugh] f812: [laugh]
all so- you know somestuffsounded better than others to
it this was all thestuffthat we used to m815:
a dig through all herstuffyou know but she was
you know and all thatstuffyou know erm you know
so a lot of thestuffactually i wasn t drawing
do a lot of goodstuffand she s a very
so a lot of mystuffcomes i think from reading
quite a lot bringing somestuffeach time there are still
lot of ehm you knowstufffor the community and they
in fact a lot ofstuffi i hadn t read
lot of nonsense whether thestuffin the neep shed or
a lot of th- thestuffround pollokshields was done by
a lot of money andstuffthat i don t really
ye ken a lot ostuffthat s uissless masha takes
lot better than the professionalstuffthat you can get from
a lot of windows andstuffyou know modern hou- in
mum seems really nice andstuffbut her dad seems really
s really nice f1112: tuggystufff1111: oh is my hair
of skip the really difficultstufff1151: yeah f1150: and get
where there is really excitingstuffgoing on i knew nothing
kinda interested in sport andstuffi wisnae really kinda academic
really interesting and his scottishstuffis is interesting from a
see the [censored: company name] s ownstuffit s apparently really cheap
way the people are anstuffit s really nice m959:
it was that really finestuffor it wasn t quite
but just the the naturalstuffreally f1143: aye i would
and hit wis really hardstuffta dell oot f961: uh
was really feenished but thestuffwas still on the ration
and had nervous breakdowns andstuffafterwards m944: yeah f943: you
people on the street andstuffan yeah m959: people say
f746: yeah f745: millions ofstuffand the other people were
a funny face now m1070: stuffcan t you yeah [laugh]
get out of loads ofstufff1103: div they f1104: yeah
bouncy castles an aw thatstufff606: yeah [laugh] m824: aye
big lists of people andstufff746: yeah that s not
of windows and glass andstufff806: yeah f807: and that
with our last name andstufff832: i am f834: yeah
just keep talking about irrelevantstufff943: yeah m944: but maybe
s a whole mixture ofstuffhere from different m1161: yeah
you growing up wi differentstuffin edinburgh f1024: yeah i
ruchill and possil park andstuffit is f1150: yeah f1151:
you know it s stoatinstuffit s very good yeah
m608: yeah so is thestuffm194: [inaudible] it is m608:
yeah f810: cleaning your ownstuffs just just [inaudible] we
yeah m605: because with thestuffthat that we re workin
of rock and pop andstuffuh huh yeah and m1078:
s right yeah yeah lovelystuffyeah f1038: alexander greek thomson
i think it s greatstuffyeah f1077: mmhm we used
go back an go owerstuffagain ehm m1016: just clothes
s and the hospital andstuffehm but they re comin
do the next set ofstuffehm mother word- f1023: what
street parties an working anstuffehm over new year i
with the movin house andstuffehm so it originally turned
to make sure we didstuffehm [tut] and the work
erm and and you readstuffand you read accounts of
as being erm storytellers andstuffas well no m1022: well
down the erm amount ofstuffin the books f606: [audience laugh]
and did lots of yadeedahstuff[laughs] and erm i m
read some of the canonstuffand and and drew on
i sold off st- somestuffand what i ve got
some fowk juist had sweetstuffblack bun cherry cake madeira
i m gettin some goodstuffcause o the way m816:
you some of the upstairsstuffespecially the fabergé eggs was
aye god m642: some otherstufff643: the painted frames [laugh]
recording and dae some insidestufffitt did you hae this
tae gae an buy somestufffur supper ye need tae
in some of their scotsstuffgrammar broonie etc i mean
certainly reading some of hisstuffhe he definitely comes across
[?]down[/?] f- some of thestuffhe was nicking was first
1983 i may ship somestuffhome and then get a
some o the words andstuffi mention some o the
boats that s bringin thestuffin there were some m608:
trying maybe cover some otherstuff[laugh] what about running water
showered and looked out somestuffon burns for nick who
wanted to put some extrastuffon it you know i
if you can throw somestuffout f1122: here s one
i think some of hisstuffs fantastic um m605: very
listenin ti each other somestuffs gonnae be harder ti
ve got some of thesestuffthat s comin in now
show granma mainland has somestuffto make her hair silvery
mcintosh some of the oldstuffwas broadcast on satellite i
proving that some of thisstuffwas dished out in a
of and it you knowstuffabout how you define god
know better but no crazystuffbig football match right everybody
know we should be tablingstuffcounting things and doin it
know been into languages andstuffeven if it s a
is frae writing circles andstufff1018: well i know the-
[laugh] is that that greenstufff689: i don t know
know german and french andstufff746: mmhm f745: but russian
havin extra places to buystuffif you know you ve
get to know people andstuffit s actually it s
you know real mix ostuffjust thrown in one of
not you know not thestuffthat i need to read
that was the the sortastuffye got ye know f606:
vaguely maybe the beatles andstuffyou know i do remember
that stayed up north andstuffand i ve got friends
one in the morning andstuffand she s got exams
to take me out andstuffcause it just got so
one f1114: it s [inaudible]stufff1113: he s got a
a taste for snowboarding andstufff1148: no i got that
she got a bottle ofstufffae the chemist tae mak
n that we got thonstufffor it but it wis
and i ve got jellystufffor puddings that alright f1130:
we got through the simplestuffin about two minutes in
got s- my mother gotstuffin the western infirmary the
cause i ve got aastuffm1108: why [inaudible] can i
have got so much betterstuffnowadays i think f814: uh
object that you just putstuffon and you ve got
got locks on them andstuffso aye f826: oh right
never got the variety ostuffthat ye get doon here
then we got him thatstuffye call tip n tail
this time thon was affastuffye got last time half
looking to cars and otherstuffaround me f643: uh huh
huh none o nick sstufff1023: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1027:
you about mouth alcohol andstufff1049: uh huh m1048: that
he writes aw his ainstufff606: uh huh f1039: you
what they d seen andstuffm1048: oh right uh huh
which one the cat andstuffm1092: uh huh [inaudible] no
you do for music andstuffuh huh m1078: pathe- pathetic
we lived on that confoundedstuffaa the time so mm
whole trek to school andstuffand er f1155: mm i
had my cushions nice andstufff1154: mm f1155: and he
an scones an pancakes anstufff606: mm [cough] f902: but
mm f965: none o thatstuffno kicking it was fisticuffs
wull s made o sternerstuffan deif tae aa her
aa this christmas presents andstufff1104: nae this christmas present
but we hae ta getstufffae aa ower laek you
it s spilt aa itsstuffm1096: aye f1095: and the
gotta get aa this drystuffoff first haven t i
there ye ken aa thestuffsarks an f1001: aye frocks
it this is aa thestuffwi the fluff on it
actually did the national televisionstuffm608: mmhm m642: and eh
eh troon it s lowstuffm608: mmhmm m642: at belfast
tail- tailgate and threw thestuffout m608: and how did
m608: mmhm m194: but thestuffthat was taken out in
[inaudible] it is m608: thestuffthat wasn t sunk in
that much old ammunition andstuffto dump m608: aye m194:
m608: mmhm m194: no thestuffwas just in ca- wooden
golloped enough o the gloriousstuffbit a cannae get oot
or do big blocks ofstuffbut can get back into
did you twa get thatstufffae the twa jeannies near
get a flat together andstuffin st andrews which now
wait till i get thisstuffoff first this might be
buy ye you get spidermanstuffout the toyshop in buckie
get rid of the cleaningstuffthere wisna much interest in
tae get rid o hisstuffwid be tae hae a
metter fan you get yourstuffyou ken it wull aye
used fur no this otherstufff643: chipboard m642: no no
bleach an lots of otherstufff958: just the carpets up
the work was good otherstuffholes punched in card glasnost
bunch of other soft intangiblestuffsuch as having a nice
clean up other people sstuffthan your own [sniff] f809:
we can talk about otherstuffthat s more interestin maybe
other people poking through mystuffwould you not f814: neither
predicator object m741: complement adjunctstuffer that was that was
that s needed er thestuffi do f718: mmhm m734:
scot lit and poetry erstuffi never i wasn t
if it s er simplestuffthen it s no a
it was wittgenstein and thestuffabout is this a table
this is fine stuffie finestuffand the scrambled eggs then
airms stew this is heavystuffcammy needs ti disclose needs
m1094: do you do thisstufff1093: will that be good
your han s fae thisstufffit s it gan to
my god this is wonderfulstuffhe thought an its poured
so when i wrote thisstuffi didn t feel the
footage and this is scarystuffi say a hundred and
the pits aw this reducedstuffin his freezer and then
because i mean this thisstuff[inaudible] well i dare say
selling this [?]aye, right[/?] m818: dodgystuff[inhale] m819: sixteen quid of
be a healthy approach thisstuffis fundamentally flawed i ask
in sex education this wildstuffis totally unnecessary to put
well i suppose that thisstuffll hae come fae three
just chucked this together fromstufflying around aunt pol always
you talking aw this seriousstuffpat ah m gittin oot
hands drooling their compliments thisstuffs the work of a
do something this weekend andstuffso i said they could
lik stuikies this wes hetstufftammas begoud ti out fuff
[inaudible] f1113: put away thisstuffthen [inaudible] a drinkie juice
deil himsell l macbeth whatstuffthis fear is yeir imagination
how do i teach thisstuffto beginners how do i
[laugh] he s giving thisstuffto the arch puritan cromwell
prison he s writing thisstufftrying to say [laugh] hey
millions in pounds o thisstuffup there that sand pit
clap yon big alsation nuhstuffyer face wi this here
yon big alsatian dug nuhstuffyer face wi this here
it and the kitchen cookingstuffin it m1146: mmhm that
s mmhm f718: mmhm powderedstuffm1078: powdered custard and then
she had her prelims andstuffand they went okay so
so yuppies would actually buystuffin the area right m818:
you might think but thestuffin the tin was so
because there s so muchstuffin your lip f1155: [inhale]
gets paid for them andstuffm959: so the guitar he
australian m815: them on [inaudible]stuffnow m816: history so they
printing with food tech andstuffso f1151: no he was
helping out and volunteering andstuffso f745: oh right [laugh]
new houses gettin built anstuffso i think there s
down by the water andstuffso it s nice down
metter ere is plenty mairstufftae ait so it wis
re going to stop mailingstuffto my ayr address so
the weekend to move theirstuffup [cough] so and there
smoothed up round it andstuffan the whole ceiling goes
line and and fields andstuffand and then gradually it
be safe and carry thatstuffand be safe f1025: oh
[exhale] been at uni andstuffand been goin out too
be held responsible for breakingstuffand f812: surely you should
d asked about [censored: forename] andstuffand he went she s
same it was pretty volatilestuffand liable to blow the
dead our taxidermy sector willstuffand mount him in his
caird park and eh scintillatingstuffand oh i liked i
was trying to focus andstuffand people are running round
cause of car accidents anstuffand that s supposed to
mix it wi the butterstuffand then we put it
want to spend it onstuffand they re on foot
the lid add the wretchedstuffand twist the lid back
happening in the pictures andstuffand you could definitely tell
and we were drinking thestuffawkwardly at the table when
made up my timetable andstuffbut f833: [laugh] ooh f835:
in the coffee shop andstuffbut it felt it feels
people that i knew andstuffbut that hasn t f1150:
bring your make up andstuffdoon wi you to agnes
take out the bins andstufff1151: that s one thing
ross [censored: surname] was away andstufff1154: that wee one aye
f809: talkers from nepal andstufff810: is there something on
and there was skeletor andstufff812: i didn t realise
f814: total big meals andstufff813: fry ups do you
them back to back andstufff826: oh right m827: put
snow and the rain andstufff835: it is and i
want to take oot thestufffor mum and fold it
be aff buyin even mairstufffrae the junk shops and
paper cloth and then addsstufffrom the bags packets of
a cork flew and thestufffrothed out and mother rushed
wheit peis ry and uthirstuffgrindable for certane quheit and
an ugly cow and andstuffhe made me sit on
the radio and cds anstuffi didn t realise that
and s- eh tones andstuffi found that a bit
ekkied out their face andstuffi i wa- i was
nip in there and stickstuffin the microwave and warm
you done his hair andstuff[inaudible] f814: the more stupid
see out the back andstuff[inaudible] m811: i didn t
kneed and stupid and yourstuffis abominably muddled you ll
s the theme parks andstuff[?]i think[/?] sarah when she was
sheets of wee graphs andstuff[laugh] [laugh] i don t
face and body with thestufflet it dry cake hard
s bit o chinie andstufflook see there s that
up on his eyes andstuffm811: [cough] [laugh] f812: was
of wee baby iguanas andstuffm816: aye nothin they can
and a key hardly thestuffof international espionage she was
wine and curry are thestuffof nightmare i am axminster
with day glo kit andstuffon and the guys went
neil i ll pile thestuffon your lap and we
an the helpers took thestuffoot stanley and grace stood
edges to buff wi emerystuffovens and rings ribs and
i ve bought loads ofstuffover it and it s
i think about structure andstuffparticularly in novels more than
new life swam in thatstuffphlegm streaked with blood and
the free trade fair andstuffs on at the qm
pay to go and hearstuffthat you can hear in
size bigger [laugh] f637: andstuffthem with cotton wool and
community and went in thestuffwas a bit pricey 28
and the the art schoolstuffwas very much kept for
her towards the graveyard andstuffwe were just sitting [taps table]
in amongst that nettles andstuffwon t you f1136: will
f1018: and the back greenstuffye cannae play in the
coast slightly and aw thestuffyou mentioned m1004: well i
violet rays and they fancystuffyou spray on your hair
lizzie s direction ile foolstuffan look at your hands
you still writing your ownstuffdoesn t seem to be
pursed look at a thatstuffon your face angelica clearly
of your parents using differentstuffor you growing up wi
with your hands you brokestuffor you were clumsy i
clear your f814: [inaudible] f812: stuffout f814: we thought we
pat ah ve put mahstuffroond your place ok bj
s go for the familialstuffwhat would you call your
the lecturers aw ken theirstuffat least a think sae
git hurt hurt wi roughstuffbe aw black an blue
room i packed aw thestuffi had intae a suitcase
right fanatical at the timstuffmasses confessions aw that jazz
here there here there wasstuffon the ground f807: aw
said aye it s stoatinstuffdo you ever mind that
watch the diva do herestuffsadly as i walked down
going to do the madstuffthat i normally do with
people want to do coolstuffthe convener i must point
you still have to buystuffyou do not have to
an their hover boards anstuffm939: [laugh] f940: voice frae
the m815: [laugh] [laugh] m816: stuffthank god i can walk
of old men [laugh] anstuffwho went drinking in the
them buying him drinks anstuffan people that he d
plastic balls at people anstuffbut we weren t allowed
people will be into christmasstuffby then the convener on
even if people are buyinstuffthere what s the point
m642: it s just sillystuffbut aye if i have
just havin a look atstuffi was actually lookin for
i just i keep readingstuffthat i don t i
on if you did notstuffthem well enough they were
you a lift wi thestuffan come tae the broch
bit more alienated from thestuffaround you f965: but that
pert little bottom wiggling itsstuffeven if you had to
though you are shipping thatstuffin it might not have
eat mair o that rawstuffm1108: why f1107: cause you
you can i e nickstuffm818: aye m819: right cause
wee bit mutton take thatstuffnoo you ll need medication
at the side when thestuffwas ready you could eat
we watched television largely unpalatablestuffwhich made you realise why
it s it s crazystuffyou d hink we d
d come up wi suchstuffyou re a mine of
self respect respect fur othersstuffyou should ve been teachin
s quite good f943: goodstuffi m growing it back
him m1108: aye f1107: goodstuffm1108: look mum that s
it s good strong visualstuffwhich intriguingly anticipates hopkins s
exposed to to the olderstuffwhich is a good thing
be awfy keen on thatstuffas well then he was
well i dare say thestuffin the boats ll no
said he said well thestuffthat s meant tae be
2 more months of thestuffto go ah well take
on newly weds was tostuffa sack in the top
i particularly liked the heavystuffcause i was annoyed with
it set it was softstuffeaten cold as a pudding
on to the more seriousstuffi was surprised to see
when i was writing mastuffit was it was a
ana angelica fit s thatstufflizzie it was in the
of change any of thestuffthat was said in the
had little trouble getting ourstuffthrough i was dropped off
a hingie it was rarestuffto eat with a clean
was restricted cause normally thestuffwe talk about would be
i m allergic tae thatstuffgit awa i tell him
surprised tae see that hisstuffhid been the same price
back he says the glassstuffis alright that s okay
it malcolm that s thestuffjek it s as sempil
i want to hear aboutstuffm805: um see that pipe
fir yle it s bleckstuffno the blecks that maks
i jist wondered pause thatstuffo ma s had a
taking loads of drugs anstufftent beside us that s
hot is cold an thestuffthat s meant tae be
ah lykelie read a hantilstuffthat s no wurth oniething
haund we ken a hantilstuffthat s uissless awthegither vershinin
laughs ye ken a hantilstuffthat s uissless it seems
t stop reading read differentstuffthat that feeds into it
compared to the vile powderedstuffthat the government issued as
m691: we didnae have thestuffthat we were makin a
they spik aboot oatcakes anstuffthey caw that breid bread
an that s cheap trendystufftryin tae make theirsel look
mind the that s thestuffwi the bonny smell f1074:
end of the day psychostuffi ve been out the
out it is gey clairtystuffin its more commercial harder
run out of air mailstuffreceived al s present the
go let um dae hisstuffif wur noh comfortable then
o clock gettin ready anstuffthen we went home took
gettin ready i ve mairstuffhere she struggles up still
a glaiss o e richtstuffaifter bit neen o s
cauld saut water s nestystuffan in the storm ships
with de liftin o disstuffan it s aafil heavy
i need to copy mystufff806: zip s going shaking
s always giving away freestufff809: och she s a
ma memory s re writingstufffor me mebbe i m
if it s the samestuffgladys aye but it s
goodness there s heaps ofstuffhere m1096: aye bikes f1095:
jilly pat s moved hisstuffin wi us lee laughs
had our ration of thestuffit s set in for
a real taste for thestuffit s the only alcohol
yankee doodle drama by numbersstuffmichael s custody battle flashbacks
peggy might as weel thestuffs a in my bags
gyads fit s in thestuffteenie sniffing tentatively it s
says things bad things bootstuffthit s happened yis dey
a wee bit of stickystuffunderneath it s horrible urgh
brother told us about thestuffwhere it s the ambient
yards m1000: aye m999: anstuffeh rather than sayin close
aye m642: of pounds ostuffevery year f643: ah look
hear it m999: an ehstuffeh if ye re lookin
partner f1054: eh bit ostuffpartner boyfriend m1017: boyfriend m1015:
don t have much shooglystuffin my house but in
in the bag wi thestuffbessie trying to rise i
me wes the rael caucasianstuffingan soup wi chehartma eftir
wis aafa clortit wi tarrystuffit wis enyeuch tae blaik
they they had obviously preparedstufffor it they they d
after they had pulled theirstufffrom the walls somebody bobbie
at the knee strutted theirstuffgitanos said alice they are
humph in an pechin liftinstuffroon aboot em they micht
up north the duncans anstuffthey a come fae f826:
cream neen o yer ersatzstuffthey stopped to watch the
want to play football orstuffeither he says i m
hey what a load ostuffi bought the day i
pit a note on thestuffi couldna cairry a box
the class had enjoyed thestuffi d played in the
me i only serve thestuffi dinna mak it she
excuse muriel not black marketstuffi hope angelica unconvincingly no
i ll have loads ofstuffi ll have knitted loads
bubbles an dribbles o estuffi wid powk at em
of strangers leaving their dirtystufflying around i think would
an i niver fanciet estuffmuch onywye fin ye pat
ma tried her sugarelly watterstuffon me fan i fell
cr cr cr cr typestuffon the tape which i
it must be the rightstuffthe last i heard from
after 2 months of thestuffwith 2 more months of
the tom cats strut theirstuffroon the dug pished waas
in flat layeries o blackstuffae layer turnt an man
foggitchy clumps o lang tailystuffat ey couldna hae likit
hates ken them fur thestuffo play masks an mummers
ye bits o bread anstuffthe best tae try are
short o a picnic kindastufftwae horses short o a
a grand overwhelming pain thestuffof tragedy but a collection
should see the amount ofstuffweve managed to bring here
off it said yer nestystuffa thoosand perish at ae
case efter coort case abootstuffan when it comes tae
apiece it wis gey muckystuffat hey aifter iyin for
is uncertain it contains feeblestuffsuch as the banks of
sycamore at spews doon stickystuffat times an sens its
tha tha còir aig anstuffud a bhith gu math
yer een nip an estuffwid gang up yer nose
there to mind the importantstuffsadie exits agnes to carolanne
yi learned respect pause disciplinestuffyi wurnae learnin oot there
not to try any funnystuffobviously my options were conform
were not made of sternerstuffthan most of us are
wis quite messy hauf thestuffended up on the flair
tae pout tae strut yerstuffhitch up yer breists smear
hamilton speaks we enjoy hisstuff23 saturday scouters meet st
list of directors for hisstuffhis tone of indignant reverence
such vast heap of valuablestuffcould have been worse arranged
ten minutes of surprisingly edgystufffollowed from wossy whose verbal
ordinary brown hair has thestuffof true love in him
vast quantities of fantasy phantasystuffscience fiction horror film scripts
the wrapping of pinkie pinkstuffused for cleaning spoons shiny
tae fin whit else dastuffcould da eyelids stuck
sits doon the sna bloominstuffis swear tae gaun awa
turnt tae peat gweed burninstufftee will wirkin at e
barrae a barrae for shovellinstuffin the barrae we used
not in hand the fynneststuffbot rather sum slycht cloth
ah dinna even lyke thestuffeilidh looks suspiciously at malcolm
wis takin oot the lichtstufffin she came upon her
een or twa shops hidstufffor sale at half price
short monosyllablic words literally textbookstuffnotice the gh spellings in
wirkin awa at layin mairstuffon till e leafs ey
m194: in with the thestuffto cairnryan to be dumped
is walnut look the damnedstuffwull not burn august 1998
not to keen for heavystuffyet miss cath 9 wednesday

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