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e filterin in o fitestyooan bitties o quills an
general fiteness o chack anstyooe maister s shout o
strooshle showing off trashy womanstyoodust styooie dusty styter to
chack dusters a step ledderstyoospinners spikkin nae wird mair
e tap tae keep estyoooot an fin e spinner
it jist sooks in estyooat ae eyn an lets
o e rooms knockin affstyooan giein some files o
a rosy glimmer like thestyooo poppies dauncin ower the
and waist tae keep estyoooot as far as the
hens this wis just likestyoodust pron is actually a
e fleer bit left estyooon e furniture an hidna
e fleer as a lichtstyooraise aff o t till
at that time raised estyooshe wis baith a practical
it wis ower full ostyoobut it had to be

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