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wis published an the ingaitheredsubmissionsin writin is attached as
o english 41 fae thesubmissionsingaithered a wheen refers tae
55 while mony o thesubmissionsingaithered awned that a meisure
launch 76 in summary thesubmissionsingaithered has pointit oot sindry
96 immediately apparent fae thesubmissionsingaithered is the similarities atween
an multilingualism 40 fae thesubmissionsingaithered it is evident that
109 in summary fae thesubmissionsingaithered it is thocht important
scotland multilingualism 39 fae thesubmissionsingaithered it wid seem that
while awnin thir advances thesubmissionsingaithered pointit oot gaps in
note that mony o thesubmissionstae this inquiry wis ingaithered
in fact 17 51 thesubmissionspointit oot the need for
anent scots an gaelic monysubmissionsreceivit on community leids pointit
and multilingualism 40 from thesubmissionsreceived it is evident that
scotland multilingualism 39 from thesubmissionsreceived it would appear that
whilst recognising these advances thesubmissionsreceived highlighted gaps in the
24 72 apparent fae thesubmissionsis that there some debate
96 immediately apparent from thesubmissionsreceived are the similarities between
it is apparent from thesubmissionsthat there is some debate
support for teachin scots monysubmissionsacknawledged the kist materials wrocht
leid 108 as wi earliersubmissionsanent scots an gaelic mony
as examples 106 while monysubmissionsdid caw for an expandit
the scots leid while monysubmissionsfocused on scots an the
taen that mony o thesubmissionshauds that strategies should be
ae solution suggestit by monysubmissionssimply that there needs tae
unnerfundin o scots 68 monysubmissionssuggests that research an linguistic
wey tae speak in monysubmissionsthe parallel wis drawn wi
gaelic 78 no sae monysubmissionswis received on gaelic as
as examples 106 whilst manysubmissionsdid call for expanded provision
the scots language whilst manysubmissionsfocused on scots and the
55 whilst many of thesubmissionsreceived recognised that some credibility
launch 76 in summary thesubmissionsreceived have highlighted various problems
109 in summary from thesubmissionsreceived it is deemed important
actually occur 26 51 thesubmissionshighlighted the need for scots
we have heard in manysubmissionsmr mcaveety i recognise that
mr mcaveety the volume ofsubmissionson the issue is impressive
way is mr mcaveety thesubmissionsthat we have received have
with us mr mcaveety thesubmissionsthat we have received so
we keep the several writtensubmissionsalready received from stakeholders i
associations we have received writtensubmissionsfrom each organisation represented here
we received late e mailsubmissionsfrom people who were not
no doubt members have receivedsubmissionson what the level is
was published and the writtensubmissionsreceived are attached as annex
gaelic 78 there were fewersubmissionsreceived on gaelic than on
learning english 41 of thesubmissionsreceived several refer to research
far better to consider thesubmissionsthat we have received from
free market approach from thesubmissionsthat we have received we
are strongly put in thesubmissionsthat we have received we
noted that many of thesubmissionsto this inquiry were received
will probably still be receivingsubmissionswe will have received the
as wi scots a wheensubmissionsaddressed the issue o want
flooer a wheen o thesubmissionswis fashed that the political
the committee will consider writtensubmissions5 european parliamentary programme the
48 the majority of writtensubmissionsconcentrated on the scots language
mcgrigor what about the writtensubmissionsfrom individuals the convener all
from the campaign s writtensubmissionsit is recognised that effective
pains in aw his writtensubmissionstae the court tae emphasise
we ask for any othersubmissionsto be made in written
ministerial team and through writtensubmissionsviews have been requested by
attendance and for your writtensubmissionswhich we have had an
individuals the convener all writtensubmissionswill be considered in preparation
100 as with scots severalsubmissionsaddressed the issue of the
underpin this report 38 severalsubmissionsargued that to have a
ombudsman team one of thesubmissionssuggested that the mental welfare
the convener one of thesubmissionsto the committee suggested that
one solution suggested by manysubmissionswhich is that there needs
support for teaching scots manysubmissionsacknowledged the kist materials produced
the definition of scots thesubmissionswere unanimous in the view
the definition o scots thesubmissionswis unanimous in the view
the owerairchin message fae thesubmissionsis a review o the
considered forby fae oot thaesubmissionsmaist wis fashed aboot british
92 recurrin issues fae thesubmissionstaks in a want o
maitter 49 clear fae thesubmissionswis concern that scots is
language 108 as with earliersubmissionsconcerned with scots and gaelic
funding of scots 68 manysubmissionsdo suggest that research and
scots 48 the feck osubmissionsin writin concentratit on the
scots ower an ower insubmissionsthe point wis made that
opportunities to put in theirsubmissionsthe convener referred earlier to
people a few of thesubmissionsexpressed concern that political will
it was clear from thesubmissionsthat there is concern that
also be considered of thosesubmissionsmost were concerned with british
languages 79 that said thesubmissionswere very clear that recognition
leids 79 that said thesubmissionswis gey clear that awnin
noted that many of thesubmissionsbelieve that strategies should be
to consider many of thosesubmissionsmost of the submissions that
me and many others insubmissionspharmacists are pursuing the strategy
which to speak in manysubmissionsthe parallel was drawn with
cut off date for latesubmissionskay ullrich i want to
has consulted who has madesubmissionsto date and when the
that the closing date forsubmissionsto the clerk would be
issue here one of thesubmissionsrefers to market disorder and
speak could send in theirsubmissionsfor consideration we have tried
daylight between most of thesubmissionsthat i have read on
those submissions most of thesubmissionsthat i have seen so
of the bill or insubmissionsthe convener let me put
committee will consider the followingsubmissionsfrom the national farmers union
has reached on the budgetsubmissionsfrom aberdeenshire east dunbartonshire and
we have been swamped bysubmissionsfrom pharmacies i was reading
information including previous offences andsubmissionsfrom victims and relatives pe206
92 recurring issues from thesubmissionsinclude a lack of cohesion
115 the overarching message fromsubmissionsis that a review of
including that argument in theirsubmissionsthe evidence from canada is
see in any of thesubmissionsfirm evidence on the economic
the suggestions made in othersubmissionsthat implementing a ban only
a value judgment on thesubmissionsthat people have made or
the point made repeatedly insubmissionswas that people are stigmatised
be grateful for the separatesubmissionsthat we have requested bill
o this report 38 sindrysubmissionsargied that tae hae a
pulling together responses to andsubmissionson the oft report having
allow people to make oralsubmissionsand use the internet at
time for people to makesubmissionsto the strategic roads spending
d tae prepare fir makkinsubmissionstae this process the group
commission an how tae maksubmissionsthe slrc wad circulate an
chip companies companies whose jointsubmissionswere based on good tendering
scotland we will take thesubmissionsfully into account in the
the right medicine strategy thesubmissionsthat we are receiving in
that was included in oorsubmissionshe remembers perfectly being taen
how it will deal withsubmissionsand responses to the green
the committee will hear closingsubmissionson behalf of the promoters
will be happy for theirsubmissionsto lie with us and
to the substantial and detailedsubmissionsby the convention of scottish
i ve finished the europeansubmissionsfor the institute he whirled

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