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person s resources 3c insubsections3a and 3b of this
adults for community care servicessubsections3a to 3c are repealed
experience in any speciality 3subsections2 and 3 of section
experience in any speciality 3subsections2 and 3 of section
services of local authorities forsubsections3a and 3b there is
inserted the following subsection 1bsubsections1 and 1a above do
service 1c the reference insubsections1 to 1b above to
subsection 2 there is insertedsubsections2 2a and 9 b
subsection 7 there is insertedsubsections7 and 9 d in
insert the inspectors mentioned insubsections1 and 2 above may
subsection 1 above 5 insubsections1 and 3 above appropriate
to the receiving authority 4subsections2 and 3 above are
relates are situated b insubsections3 and 4b above are
believing the conditions mentioned insubsections4 and 5 above to
subsection 3 above b ifsubsections5 and 6 below apply
to be specified 7c insubsections7a and 7b above any
line 15 leave out fromsubsectionsto references in line 16
or board may subject tosubsections10b and 10ba below carry
in the cases mentioned insubsections10bb and 10bc below grant
for discharging certain functions 1subsections2 to 4 below apply
of this act where thosesubsectionsapply and c the importance
anti social behaviour order 4subsections5 and 6 of section
insert regulations under any ofsubsections1 2 7 and 9
line 18 at end insertsubsections1 b and 2 of
38 line 22 leave outsubsections1 to 3 and insert
line 34 at end insertsubsections8 to 10 of section
than in other cases 5subsections4 to 6 and 8
1 line 21 leave outsubsections4 to 10 section 31
16 line 32 leave outsubsections5a and 5b mr andy
service a in each ofsubsections1 and 3 for the
approval of the application 5subsections3 5 6 7 a
end because of the protectivesubsections3 a and 3 b
services act 1947 c 41subsections3 to 6 8 and
section that it proposes statessubsections3 to 8 of section
of a disabled person 5subsections4 to 7 of section
and c in each ofsubsections5 and 7 for the
more than one of thesubsectionsof clause 5 for people
the circumstances referred to insubsections2 a and b ii
may follow 2 subject tosubsections1 and 4 the scottish
interfering with badger setts exceptionssubsections4 to 9 so far
c in each of thosesubsectionsafter the word provide there
in accordance with the followingsubsectionsin section 6 1 duty
including one to whom thosesubsectionsapplied new amendments to bills
modifying either or both ofsubsections1 and 2 of section
the modifications made by thosesubsectionsafter section 6a linda fabiani
work under either of thosesubsectionsand considers that the occupants
authorities by the time thosesubsectionsare brought into force can

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