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then a physician and thensubsequentlya satirist his satires which
monk then a physician andsubsequentlya satirist his satires which
a proclamation the declaration wassubsequentlyenacted with some additions in
evening [audience laughter] i was alsosubsequentlyarrested at the govan polling
many of those arrested weresubsequentlycharged s1w 4802 dorothy grace
cereal added as a thickenersubsequentlyhowever it begins to refer
exempt under this subsection cannotsubsequentlybecome exempt information under that
linked a new manse wassubsequentlybuilt beside kinneff church in
commons in 1983 i wassubsequentlyhis chief whip indeed i
to be unsafe for usesubsequentlythe property was re purchased
was invested in shares andsubsequentlyin 1909 part of the
of the 18th century hesubsequentlybecame a successful merchant in
funding to be sorted outsubsequentlywhat is your view of
associated marks this document hassubsequentlybeen issued to schools and
their particular situations and reportingsubsequentlyon their implementation key elements
agreed that the quality ofsubsequentlypublished parts of dost should
specifically with the risk ofsubsequentlybeing proved wrong we retreat
the future the risk maysubsequentlymaterialise in our judgment the
however if potential problems aresubsequentlybrought to a committee s
approach the ford foundation andsubsequentlyif necessary any other potential
whom they were awarded issubsequentlydeclared bankrupt s1w 12156 mr
friends one of whom wassubsequentlysacked from his university post
european law that we willsubsequentlybe required to implement we
council all four institutions weresubsequentlyconstituted by the universities scotland
overseas promotion scotland act 1984subsequentlyallowed the stb to actively
enhance skills especially management skillssubsequentlyannual reviews of the strategic
overseeing malarial jungle in hambantotasubsequentlyhe wrote the village in
b if they then orsubsequentlymake an assessment under section
b if they then orsubsequentlymake an assessment under subsection
burnett lectures at aberdeen andsubsequentlypublished in 1889 under the
chairman raise that with yousubsequentlydavid elliot no michael russell
writing he experienced mixed fortunessubsequentlyin journalism in aberdeen and
purpose of core funding andsubsequentlya focus on projects alone
in writing scots verse whichsubsequentlyled to a friendly rivalry
arrears for councils that aresubsequentlyunable to provide the funding
executive whether housing transferred andsubsequentlyrefurbished under the new housing
either at that time orsubsequentlyto provide a specimen of
tender process legal challenges weresubsequentlymounted against the government by
the process of growing upsubsequentlysources as diverse as dunbar
the system in year 1subsequentlycome into the system have
people did not tell ussubsequentlythat measures had been ineffective
wording of the question wassubsequentlyrefined nobody would suggest however
council for the scottish dictionariessubsequentlythe joint council for the
how each such underspend hassubsequentlybeen allocated s1w 24074 stewart
offered grants in december 2001subsequentlydeclining the offers s1w 24085
scheme and how many havesubsequentlygained full time employment s1w
modified organisms and who itsubsequentlyinformed s1w 28463 fiona mcleod
group for the eydp weresubsequentlyannounced on 23 january 2003
group john scott will wesubsequentlywant to seek a derogation
determine whether what has happenedsubsequentlyhas been in line with
to me whether that couldsubsequentlyperhaps five years down the
do not we can discusssubsequentlywhether 15 counting days is
many of these ideas weresubsequentlyadopted by lallans poets and
the 1420s and there weresubsequentlyhalf a dozen major assizes
to show how changes weresubsequentlymade to both as unforeseen
of the convention parliament weresubsequentlyratified and confirmed by the
to be of different sizessubsequentlyscottish units were more strongly
executive upon which we havesubsequentlyhad to act the review
the right to buy hadsubsequentlybeen resold on the open
about backpackers hostels which wesubsequentlydiscussed with city of edinburgh
a person marries somebody whosubsequentlybecomes a roman catholic the
fiscal who decides what happenssubsequentlyit is not our role
davies went missing at dubrachsubsequentlyhis body was found and
three consecutive sundays it wassubsequentlyreduced to one sunday and
this petition unless it issubsequentlyreferred to the committee by
substantially violated by the changesubsequentlyto the rebellion of 1745
roxburgh selkirk and peebles andsubsequentlytweeddale ettrick and lauderdale with
census order is approved andsubsequentlyformally laid we will follow
and to reconsider the mattersubsequently7 arbuthnott allocations private the
claims are well founded andsubsequentlyenable every possible step to

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