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implemented everywhere else a smartsuccessfulscotland 4 miss annabel goldie
s vision of a smartsuccessfulscotland ambitions for the enterprise
set out in a smartsuccessfulscotland ambitions for the enterprise
as set out in smartsuccessfulscotland and believes that this
set out in a smartsuccessfulscotland and believes that this
set out in a smartsuccessfulscotland and effective investment in
as set out in smartsuccessfulscotland and effective investment in
as set out in smartsuccessfulscotland and effective investment in
and insert objectives of smartsuccessfulscotland and while welcoming the
insert objectives of a smartsuccessfulscotland and while welcoming the
and insert objectives of smartsuccessfulscotland and while welcoming the
s question time a smartsuccessfulscotland cabinet meetings mccrone agreement
i say no a smartsuccessfulscotland remains central to our
build the sort of smartsuccessfulscotland that will ensure that
the executive s a smartsuccessfulscotland the borders local economic
months the strategy a smartsuccessfulscotland was championed by wendy
intended implementation of a smartsuccessfulscotland will reverse the fragile
all of those four thingssuccessfullearners confident individuals effective contributors
contribution you make to developingsuccessfullearners effective contributors erm responsible
the more they will becomesuccessfullearners er effective contributors responsible
essential for people to besuccessfullearners to access the curriculum
you want puk to besuccessfuland finance from the scottish
you want puk to besuccessfulmr mcconnell puk will be
mr mcconnell puk will besuccessfulwe want to be involved
65 programme has been highlysuccessfuland i am told that
publishing in 1532 were highlysuccessfulbut condemned by the church
publishing in 1532 were highlysuccessfulbut condemned by the church
initiative which has been highlysuccessfulin developing new services abolish
year s events proved highlysuccessfulthe christmas mulled wine and
east could benefit from asuccessfulbid to host the european
and cultural benefits that asuccessfulbid would bring to inverness
bae systems govan shipyard issuccessfulin its bid to secure
digitise dost and snd thesuccessfuloutcome of this bid enabled
the bid and promote asuccessfuloutcome the meeting closed at
year of disabled people asuccessfuloutcome for the european year
to rapid progress towards asuccessfuloutcome the meeting closed at
the importance of achieving asuccessfuloutcome to the future of
constituency specifying the percentage ofsuccessfulapplications in each case s1w
constituency specifying the percentage ofsuccessfulapplications in each case s1w
to recycling companies how manysuccessfulapplications there have been under
14 applications only six weresuccessfulthe average grant in aberdeenshire
neighbourhood wardens pilot projects ifsuccessfuland if the police believe
i hope will become asuccessfulcommunity business sometimes such projects
which tends to work againstsuccessfulexisting projects and causes waste
funding and continuing funding forsuccessfulprojects and also about the
up the best and mostsuccessfulprojects emerge from communities the
core funding and of keepingsuccessfulprojects going the executive and
of best practice and ofsuccessfulprojects i recently attended a
funding bias against established andsuccessfulprojects what is new and
acceptable we must also maintainsuccessfulprojects with short term funding
would be needed for itssuccessfulimplementation in the classroom what
committee agreed to note thesuccessfulimplementation of monitoring arrangements for
in place to ensure thesuccessfulimplementation of the scheme des
are in place for thesuccessfulimplementation of the strategy after
completion date of august 2006successfulimplementation requires cultural change throughout
whether their implementation has beensuccessfuls1w 29295 donald gorrie to
event that there are nosuccessfulclaims against that contingency fund
morning the president reported asuccessfulevent and thanked the committee
agrees that the event wassuccessfulon a number of counts
fireball dinghy championships a hugelysuccessfulsailing event with almost fifty
skills in order to besuccessfula high investment economy with
ramps at the hall asuccessfulapplication to the help the
ramps at the hall asuccessfulapplication to the help the
its application and so wassuccessfuli exhort the executive and
permit if they have beensuccessfulin their application or paying
vocabulary and tasks required forsuccessfulcompletion of the topic such
that are required for asuccessfulcriminal prosecution although they would
required to set up asuccessfulproject and see it through
skills the skills required forsuccessfulreading in a foreign language
payne s study to besuccessfulthe conditions required one dominant
that is required by existingsuccessfulventures one hopes that the
herself the most sustained andsuccessfulattempts to write woman thematically
you think burns is mostsuccessfulillustrate your answers by quotations
of the wheel towards sustainingsuccessfulorganisations the idea that most
parliament scottish executive the mostsuccessfulparty in an election or
following a recipe the mostsuccessfulrecipes all contain a secret
of the world s mostsuccessfulsongwriters talk about facing the
occasion and barbecue proved mostsuccessfulthanks and congratulations are due
at as and a2 aresuccessfulthe most popular board and
soup kitchen had been mostsuccessfulthough it was necessary to
hope that it is asuccessfulyear for most of us
he d shared the mostsuccessfulyears of his life one
that project has been extraordinarilysuccessfuland has led to a
bring this project to asuccessfulconclusion s1m 1491 mr keith
that if a project issuccessfullocal authorities or other agencies
social economy organisations have beensuccessfulin attaining european funding the
take risks that makes forsuccessfulbusiness ensure the careers service
support and resources to ensuresuccessfulcommunity relations welcomes glasgow city
support and resources to ensuresuccessfulcommunity relations welcomes glasgow city
to ensure that we havesuccessfulcompanies in scotland it is
appeals although the percentage ofsuccessfulappeals is not so different
reunion the president reported asuccessfulevening although the food was
bar her husband was notsuccessfulin attracting briefs although he
although we have generally beensuccessfulin meeting the challenge that
1 200 we have beensuccessfuland active in bringing our
erm er been very verysuccessfuland er we ve sold
new opportunities fund have beensuccessfuland who performs any such
that we can be assuccessfulas we have been in
that have been assessed assuccessfulat the conclusion of their
modernising government fund have beensuccessfulat the initial stage of
if the process has beensuccessfulhe remarked in the meantime
history has been no moresuccessfulin defining than it has
those that have been sosuccessfulin european monetary union we
and we ve been quitesuccessfulin in finding people that
it we have been hugelysuccessfulin making people know about
some years ago had beensuccessfulin obtaining a grant of
practices that have been moresuccessfulin reducing poverty and social
programme has been much moresuccessfulin scotland this year than
to which that has beensuccessfulin the years between now
ask the scottish executive howsuccessfulits initiatives have been in
judge whether we have beensuccessfuljanet allan the targets that
current system has been verysuccessfulover the years an seb
achievement it has been sosuccessfulover the years that i
them if they have beensuccessfulpromote parental responsibility through voluntary
for opiate addiction has beensuccessfuls1o 5374 7 maureen macmillan
position but none has beensuccessfulsee hl deb 27 3
april so that has beensuccessfulso far in shortening the
sector and has been verysuccessfulthe park was viewed as
sme sector have not beensuccessfulthere was a lot of
also seen to have beensuccessfulthey had not caused as
member there had been asuccessfulvisit to the edinburgh society
action in court the onlysuccessfulcase that i know of
indicating in each case thesuccessfultenderer and the timescale for
energy efficiency scheme was verysuccessfuland assisted three million homes
exceptions perhaps being the verysuccessfulannual mid summer rugby sevens
the exercise was never verysuccessfulbecause the rantle tree across
very good test of howsuccessfulgaelic medium is eh if
delicious home baking and asuccessfulraffle we were very pleased
to them it s verysuccessfulwi audiences if you f785:
but they weren t verysuccessfulyou know m741: yeah i
trade unions soon the normalsuccessfularrangements the partnership action for
it is hoped that asuccessfulenforcement action will be a
if such an action weresuccessfuls1w 31068 mr duncan hamilton
that for it to besuccessfulit must enjoy the support
services with a proven andsuccessfultrack record there was support
support needs to make asuccessfultransition s1o 5369 26 dorothy
support schemes and extend thesuccessfulwitness service to other courts
that that approach is moresuccessfulfor him i think that
interesting and often more pedagogicallysuccessfulfor the student to concordance
better health will be moresuccessfulif they are implemented within
resource for the more economicallysuccessfulit is perhaps inevitable that
to be more diffident towardssuccessfulmale figures in the public
feeling and sometimes the moresuccessfulones to make a living
interested in getting their alreadysuccessfulproducts to market more and
other scottish crime writer moresuccessfulthan me in the dordogne
about other writers being moresuccessfulthan them erm f606: mmhm
epidermes is a little moresuccessfulthis time but i can
equality is necessary for asuccessfuleuropean economy that is why
the craft residency represents asuccessfuland fruitful collaboration between the
our shetland residency was asuccessfulcollaboration between the sic education
tension between her admiration ofsuccessfulmale writers and the male
authority has yet achieved asuccessfulprosecution despite the scheme being
help make glasgow 2000 sosuccessfuldisplay displays by the committee
glasgow gaelic school was sosuccessfulwe started off with a
of ramadan which we weresuccessfulin getting erm without much
i mean presumably it wassuccessfulm1174: erm mmhm yeah we
was after radio ramadhan wassuccessfulokay so mmhm m1174: erm
four year olds learning fromsuccessfulpractice in other countries we
going to continue to besuccessfulare scotland and aberdeen seen
authorities will pilot can besuccessfulin allowing people in scotland
if we have such asuccessfuland vibrant place to live
who have already carried outsuccessfuldesigns for other such organisations
and credit levels and ifsuccessfula grade 1 4 is
one hundred pounds and ifsuccessfulfifty pounds to any charity
effort as if they weresuccessfulthey would eventually result in
to make the drugs courtssuccessfulconsiders that further resources are
so but not nearly assuccessfulas we would have liked
take practices that have provedsuccessfulin one health board and
that we will not besuccessfulin that but we have
at this point the increasinglysuccessfullawrence would appear to have
thought it was we weresuccessfulin doing so but not
solving problems and we weresuccessfulin doing so the situation
the one that was sosuccessfulin finland to take the
they were likely to besuccessfulso that they did not
so that he is notsuccessfulwe can be too complex
executive what its definition ofsuccessfulbalanced communities is as referred
congratulate the rcn on itssuccessfulvalue nurses campaign over the
the camomile was not assuccessfulwith the public as its
many others here in thesuccessfulcampaign for a yes yes
outing with salvador is provingsuccessfulmany features of landscape architecture
shetland plays host to manysuccessfulmusic and arts events throughout
mechanisms exist to enable asuccessfulconclusion to be reached s1w
was signed and who thesuccessfultenderer was s1w 17621 michael
and buoyed up by mysuccessfulcooking for myself over this
different intents of course howsuccessfuldo you think they ve
on 24 january 2001 howsuccessfulthe code of practice on
good ideas i ask howsuccessfulthose measures will be and
celebrations in winnipeg were assuccessfuli was pleased to know
we seem to be quitesuccessfulat runnin call centres and
expect every authority to besuccessfulbecause this time we managed
certain that he will besuccessfulbut something suddenly goes wrong
worse their operations might besuccessfulbut they might catch infections
whether their bids will besuccessfuli will return to islay
you want it to besuccessfulmr mcconnell the answer is
can be part of asuccessfuloperation which can continue to
that that challenge will besuccessfulthat brings us back to
present reforms continue tae besuccessfulthere micht weel be an
was possible that was reasonablysuccessfuland the bulk of the
s pilgrims neither was strikinglysuccessfulas a visual aid however
which mr gallie referred thesuccessfulcandidate s name was murray
duffin the cbi initiative wassuccessfulfor a period but that
lady but she was lesssuccessfulin her attempts to persuade
value nurses campaign which wassuccessfulin raising the priority of
the old regime was asuccessfullocal carrier until the advent
as we act we aresuccessfulin terms of fulfilling god
experience a progressive coherent andsuccessfullanguage education we endorse that
drill which are not toosuccessfulwe are still edgy i
the company will inform thesuccessfulapplicants within the week fairberry
office i conducted a fairlysuccessfulexercise to recruit new deputes
key to a policy forsuccessfulaging in the decades to
face i wasn t toosuccessfulin getting a grip in
employ older people and amsuccessfulin the election jim wallace
in the direction of thatsuccessfullegislation south of the border
on that crucial aspect ofsuccessfullexicography in the collections made
s needs and to forgesuccessfullinks with the eu in
century he subsequently became asuccessfulmerchant in calcutta and on
factor in the lack ofsuccessfulprogress to higher grade and
along the lines of thesuccessfulquestion in the 1991 census
performed in 1990 and enjoyedsuccessfulrevivals in 1991 and 1992
child 187b the raid issuccessfuland now they are fallin
that writers when they becomesuccessfuland they are translated into
of our two beautiful andsuccessfulchildren the talented artist the
the empriour wha wisna nearsuccessfulas oor nyaff tho rare
do see him as asuccessfulman of god don t
alex immediately ceases his almostsuccessfulattempt at seduction and changes
southside and it wasn tsuccessfulbut now i think uist
with roads dept and thesuccessfulefforts made by [censored: companyname] construction
absolutely essential elements of asuccessfulstrategy to value nurses and
he wrote afterwards weren tsuccessfulbut because his publishers waved
all accounts deliver a hugelysuccessfulgames but the home team
that the parliament notes thesuccessfulappeal by developers to build
lump sum element for thesuccessfulprivate bidders ranges from 17
the single act s largelysuccessfulidea of creating a single
[censored: surname] referred to a secondsuccessfulperformance of the land of
hits to the entire sitesuccessfulb page impressions or c
the beginning of her uniquelysuccessful1949 radio play the childhood
the reasons he s s-successfulis he understands his humanity

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