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of people who choose tosuckpolos unlike pandrops polos are
imagery of words like drovesuckand throb leave little to
red bruises like blackberries thesuckand throb of wriggling drips
soud v should souk vsucksoum v n swim soup
sou sow soud should souksucksoumar swimmer speils duties speug
silly m941: you don tsuckedinburgh rock you bite it
bite it m942: no yousuckit and lick it soft
the flame and give asucki get some smoke into
blue smoke too then isuckagain just a wee bit
a grown up princess isuckreally hard and the smoke
if i have a realsucklike a grown up princess
not teach his granny tosuckeggs and that he could
the minister for justice tosuckeggs it could be done
her carolanne could you gosuckyour washing somewhere else sadie
t need to sit andsuckan empty pipe i don
praws shrimps weed long nosesuckup vacum masters of camflage
his mouth and starts tosuckhe seems to fall asleep
i let beastie have asuckand she watches the pretty
one foot around the othersuckin my cheeks and try
giving it to him tosuckeven in my present state
years since we tried tosuckthe water out from under
but doesn t bother tosucki wait beside him until
be perceived as trying tosuckup powers from organisations such
to decentralise control to notsuckpower away from local government
i havenae a sweetie taesuckdae your feet no get
murray the maniac and eesuckthumb says fiona without looking
i ll give her asucklater when i ve lit
into my ears as whirlpoolssuckthe sea down drank the
again and he has tosuckthem he remembers that mother
had a wishbone skyscrapers wouldsuckthe suburbs up every sign
as a french maid andsuckme off if i want
i wanted it f943: boyfriendssuckm944: no no no th-
is play at mummies andsuckone of mummy s ciggies
with shag tugged by thesuckof lips it dreams its
is grips catches sook issuckplooks are pustules scaffie is

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