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level tsp salt 4 tablespnssuetcold water 6 tablespns sauce
new meal ingins a puckliesuetsaat and spice to taste
saw them made ingins andsuetwere sweated in a pan
styooie dusty styter to staggersuetclootie piece of cloth containing
skirlie if somebody had boughtsuetif they had bought more
the fat this was thesuetclootie but it was never
stuffed with oatmeal onion andsuetclootie dumpling with milk by
4 oz breadcrumbs 4 ozsuetrind juice of lemon 4
2 oz marg 2 ozsuet4 oz brown sugar 2
rub in marg 2 addsuetsugar currants peel 3 mix
cloth containing a lump ofsuetfor greasing the hot girdle
there was the butcher ssuetand the baker would give
butcher would clap a bitsueton top for nothing this
tablesp syrup 2 ozs shreddedsuet2 c fat ½ teasp
this was done by puttingsuetinto a piece of cotton
f965: boiled for hours withsuetand i don t know
water and m964: mmhm f965: suetf963: uh huh f965: but
as well and it hadsuetin it and it was

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