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the national park snh alsosuggestthat a tailored agri environment
of the scottish parliament snhsuggestthat not less than 75
iucn category 5 6 snhsuggestthat the full range of
the national park plan snhsuggestthat the national park bodies
the national park body snhsuggestthat the powers of the
to the consultation however snhsuggestthat there may be scope
influencing this later group snhsuggestthat there should be a
the national park body snhsuggestthat they should make some
local economy estimates by crcsuggestthat 1 500 people across
is much reduced some estimatessuggestthat 50 per cent of
estimates from comunn na gĂ idhligsuggestthat about 7 500 children
occur in urban areas estimatessuggestthat approximately 40 000 cubs
and newly fledged chicks estimatessuggestthat for the breeding population
internal estimates and later assumptionssuggestthat spending may be rather
national park bodies the jmtsuggestthat additional resources could be
single national park they thensuggestthat management be translated to
of a national park theysuggestthat such special need might
england and wales rather theysuggestthat the national park body
would not be independent theysuggestthat the national park body
other public funds they alsosuggestthat the national park body
national park body they alsosuggestthat the national park plan
of the national park theysuggestthat the role of the
the national park body theysuggestthat this is a matter
implications there is evidence tosuggesti hope that mark turley
powers the evidence seems tosuggestthat enforcement powers are a
is very strong evidence tosuggestthat fluoridation can have a
there is significant evidence tosuggestthat many of the problems
that there is evidence tosuggestthat proportionally the overall pot
thare is some evidence taesuggestthat thare is also a
much evidence this morning tosuggestthat that impact would be
there is some evidence tosuggestthat the amount of money
we have no evidence tosuggestthat the quality assurance of
that evidence which seems tosuggestthat the voluntary code to
currie s research evidence tosuggestthat there is a huge
there is no footnote tosuggestthat there is any evidence
evidence has been useful isuggestthat we have a short
evidence on this matter isuggestthat we invite mr eddie
the bill the convener isuggestthat we take evidence from
the written evidence we cansuggestthat we take oral evidence
is up to you isuggestthat we take the evidence
one hand rls seems tosuggestthat he had tried to
milroy in 1978 seems tosuggestthat it might be possible
supporters tricia marwick seems tosuggestthat labour party people should
frae our narrators seems tosuggestthat ou should tak mair
the conservative amendment seems tosuggestthat there is a unified
a year ago seems tosuggestthe opposite when brian kelly
next petition is pe365 isuggestthat the clerk tries to
to see this petition isuggestthat we refer the petition
their views yet so isuggestthat we return the petition
more about this petition isuggestthat we simply note it
tae luik intil yer petitionsuggestthat yer petition is debatit
to look into your petitionsuggestthat your petition is debated
cut no well might isuggesta hobby pet what did
provided for the pupils tosuggestfurther situations where scots might
we are producing documents whichsuggesthow phase two might be
publication burns for bairns mightsuggestits touch is uncertain it
one or two citations mightsuggestsomething other than a yeast
without giving him notice isuggestthat cathie craigie might have
of its predictability they alsosuggestthat farmers might be more
by genetically modified organisms isuggestthat it might be useful
writing her poems this mightsuggestthat mcseveney s poetry is
those areas an assessment mightsuggestthat rather than a moratorium
female friends something which mightsuggestthat she found this female
outside the chamber might cruellysuggestthat such a fate awaits
amounts of tobacco advertising isuggestthat that might be because
the very least one mightsuggestthat the root metaphors of
might be satisfied although theysuggestthat there may be a
others on their behalf isuggestthat there might be some
adopt a zonal approach theysuggestthis might comprise a conservation
it might be appropriate tosuggestto the parliamentary bureau that
is beholden on you tosuggestwhat amendments might be necessary
required for national parks rspbsuggestthat 100 of all the
in some rspb for examplesuggestthat a network of national
of national parks therefore theysuggestthat it would be inappropriate
national agency led although theysuggestthat the form of the
than further national parks jmtsuggestthat the scale of the
other approach would be tosuggestthat the executive agency or
centred approach which tends tosuggestthat they have to be
proper consideration how do yousuggestwe approach the matter 09
to discuss the approach yousuggestwith people who are directly
in them if any pupilssuggestanother appropriate adjective for another
any grammatical errors and tosuggestmore appropriate constructions it is
report on this subject isuggestthat it would be appropriate
demonstration throughout edinburgh and isuggestthat the appropriate place to
if not should what isuggestbe introduced into the new
convener perhaps the clerk cansuggesthow we should address this
was subsequently refined nobody wouldsuggesthowever that there should not
person hmos perhaps we shouldsuggestidentification and licensing of landlords
don t forget i usuallysuggestmeal times should coincide with
from local authorities as somesuggestshould happen it would be
simon watkins and me tosuggestspecifically what the committee should
whatever model is adopted theysuggestthat certain roles should be
for as a2 english languagesuggestthat courses should encourage students
and resource management they thereforesuggestthat local authorities should all
lobbying but we should notsuggestthat such people are experts
i was devious i wouldsuggestthat that should happen at
it should be done isuggestthat the committee even at
i do not mean tosuggestthat the parliament should not
that visionary goal let ussuggestthat the presentation should be
men and bonie lasses isuggestthat there should be a
think that fergus ewing willsuggestthat there should be a
now exists no one wouldsuggestthat there should not be
tried christine grahame should notsuggestthat this was not an
to stand the convener isuggestthat we should address that
to consider it so isuggestthat we should consider it
robertson has just said isuggestthat we should look at
orders at the moment isuggestthat we should not seek
meeting i am inclined tosuggestthat we should pass her
private and public sector thatsuggestthat we should reconsider the
at present we should thereforesuggestthat when considering section 34
elected that is not tosuggestthat work should cease clearly
value of these efforts isuggestthen that we should be
down in primary legislation andsuggestthese should be based on
with urgent matters did yousuggestto him that he should
cut to the quick isuggesttwo things first we should
currently rather open so isuggestthat it would be advantageous
rather than later i respectfullysuggestto the committee that two
on transport issues and tosuggestearly practical improvements that could
comyn premeditated early scottish sourcessuggestthat it was not english
early times and his findingssuggestthat the eastern sector was
the uk under consideration isuggestto the minister that early
environment committee phil gallie isuggestthat this matter could be
matter at some point isuggestthat we revisit those issues
know whether we want tosuggesta timetable but that must
is open to members tosuggestan option that is not
point which i meant tosuggestearlier i have realised that
memorandum and the bill cannotsuggestextending the funding in that
indeed that s enough tosuggestit s coming down quite
it is probably inaccurate tosuggestthat a ban on mounted
it is wishful thinking tosuggestthat a question on scots
verdict on the victoria andsuggestthat a reasonable case can
cosla jmt and rspb allsuggestthat additional new resources will
unable to tackle such scamssuggestthat all charities are not
will be particularly important theysuggestthat all land managers could
be a bit misleading tosuggestthat amendments have already been
whether it is intelligence tosuggestthat an offence is being
con commented i venture tosuggestthat another option ought to
seriously remiss of me tosuggestthat any test went absolutely
kill the hare however figuressuggestthat around 600 hares may
on my report however isuggestthat at the moment the
consideration of the bill isuggestthat before any other committee
or as spectators this wouldsuggestthat between 60 and 70
has not done so isuggestthat bristow muldoon contact some
same till 7 some reportssuggestthat consignia want to see
mischance there is little tosuggestthat craigie felt impelled to
as hunt followers 37 otherssuggestthat drag hunting is pointless
the fount of westminster isuggestthat during the next few
health and safety may isuggestthat each individual tenant writes
bit fanciful and childish tosuggestthat east ayrshire council will
concerned dorothy grace elder isuggestthat every msp be written
financial memorandum would seem tosuggestthat fee income and savings
cuff remark i do notsuggestthat fiona hyslop is trying
euan robson s breath isuggestthat he move all three
was also an egalitarian isuggestthat he was an internationalist
note of members comments isuggestthat i ask the clerks
carried out for nfer alsosuggestthat if children of 5
to co ordinate things isuggestthat in addition to the
at a future meeting isuggestthat in line with previous
are not collated nationally theysuggestthat in some cases the
have seen and read commentatorssuggestthat investing in capacity and
of the committee and respectfullysuggestthat it gets on with
the burns supper phenomenon isuggestthat it is because burns
extent and its recent actionssuggestthat it is moving in
actual date elaine thomson isuggestthat it is not a
s scalacronica antagonistic towards brucesuggestthat it was the very
not feel that we couldsuggestthat it would be better
mcaveety if i may isuggestthat it would be helpful
lower priorities it does notsuggestthat it would be taken
features of the 1426 assizesuggestthat its form may consciously
my asking for volunteers isuggestthat members who are interested
avoid boundary definition problems theysuggestthat most of the highlands
enthusiasm however leads him tosuggestthat not only did goethe
convention is broadly welcomed isuggestthat one of the main
have an extra power tosuggestthat parliament could examine a
imperilled it is nonsense tosuggestthat people would be notified
of haiku by japanese masterssuggestthat recreations in literary scots
convention on human rights isuggestthat regulations that will apply
scots 68 many submissions dosuggestthat research and a linguistic
meetings none of them wouldsuggestthat ron tuck and i
it would be naive tosuggestthat s easy in a
heard any argument whatever tosuggestthat scots is not a
may be more accurate tosuggestthat scottish hunts attract 70
stey alive wad be daursuggestthat she get up tae
i have received do notsuggestthat she has made the
situation in fife i wouldsuggestthat she is talking to
not long term work isuggestthat simon wakefield could work
of fox predation 24 otherssuggestthat since the strongest hare
it is absolute rubbish tosuggestthat snowmen are racist and
s terms did you justsuggestthat some of the work
education transport i would neversuggestthat sport is any more
i have heard today isuggestthat subsidiarity has to be
deliverers of government policy isuggestthat that distinction is important
write to the minister andsuggestthat that omission be rectified
the executive has introduced isuggestthat that work overlaps with
of the european view isuggestthat that would be mainly
modelling that has been donesuggestthat the algal blooms are
discussing earlier miss goldie isuggestthat the clerk picks out
works were composed such possibilitiessuggestthat the clustering of individual
our lifelong learning inquiry isuggestthat the committee note the
of reforming the eu isuggestthat the convention has a
of the rhinns the locationssuggestthat the craigcaffie neilsons had
with local authorities although theysuggestthat the exact model for
those retailers bottom lines isuggestthat the figure is about
of soveraynetee thir details michtsuggestthat the franklin isnae as
however that is not tosuggestthat the fundamental principles of
to be uncomplimentary i wouldsuggestthat the issue is more
suggested course of action isuggestthat the issues that are
be increased substantially our figuressuggestthat the level of fiscal
elected by the members theysuggestthat the main sources of
transport difficulties in aberdeen isuggestthat the minister joins the
are outwith their boundaries isuggestthat the new opportunities fund
the month irene mcgugan isuggestthat the only thing that
all sorts of questions isuggestthat the option of being
example why does the teachersuggestthat the pupil use the
plan for the area theysuggestthat the purpose of the
gain essential income data isuggestthat the question could be
been given to them isuggestthat the supply chain worry
the university of strathclyde wouldsuggestthat the voluntary code is
data that are being producedsuggestthat there are changes in
a horse sing i wouldsuggestthat there is a case
representations at the board tosuggestthat there was something wrong
to convince them is tosuggestthat they compare two texts
kinds of clustering existed tosuggestthat they were a definite
opportunity before i conclude isuggestthat this debate has probably
living room although dare isuggestthat those of a similar
we cannot be both isuggestthat to become truly european
if the committee could stronglysuggestthat to the minister phil
russell is it inappropriate tosuggestthat videoconferencing be considered for
to be controversial and isuggestthat we agree them as
it would be misleading tosuggestthat we are gathered here
to us the convener isuggestthat we ask simon watkins
regions and member states isuggestthat we ask stephen imrie
to the education authorities isuggestthat we ask that all
considering the european dimension isuggestthat we ask the clerk
local communities compels me tosuggestthat we choose options b
is agreed des mcnulty isuggestthat we circulate the report
for them the convener isuggestthat we collect all the
genuine briefings the convener isuggestthat we consider holding one
its views rhoda grant isuggestthat we contact the councils
for today s meeting isuggestthat we dig it out
items involve named individuals isuggestthat we discuss them in
executive for that and isuggestthat we do the same
going forward for publication isuggestthat we find a mechanism
bring their input too isuggestthat we focus on key
receive from the executive isuggestthat we have a five
especially on 10 december isuggestthat we hear more detailed
to the european committee isuggestthat we identify those issues
to the minister but isuggestthat we invite him to
returned my point was tosuggestthat we limit the return
conservative if we tried tosuggestthat we move forward at
items 4 and 5 isuggestthat we move items 6
will be dealt with isuggestthat we refer them back
the committee s aim isuggestthat we revisit the working
department yes the convener isuggestthat we start with the
erm forum i was gonnaesuggestthat we started writing down
and enjoy so much isuggestthat we support irene mcgugan
that would be helpful isuggestthat we take advice on
number of possible witnesses isuggestthat we timetable witnesses for
given the late hour isuggestthat we try to make
scotland and stated i wouldsuggestthat we turned the relationship
had been substantially redrafted isuggestthat we wait until our
have two suggestions first isuggestthat we write to the
an absolute disgrace i alsosuggestthat we write to this
materials are insidious the materialssuggestthat when primary school teachers
that is opposition carping isuggestthat when the british medical
in case of complications isuggestthat you book yourself into
action e g so wesuggestthat you go out and
the things that i wouldsuggestthat you ll find is
trust dorothy grace elder isuggestthat you take that letter
the sensible lines that yousuggestthe convener that is a
practice i am bound tosuggestto her that if she
davidson and jamie stone isuggestto the committee that we
commitments andrew wilson may isuggestto the first minister that
of sepa sepa seemed tosuggestto us that it did
the convener perhaps i cansuggesta change tricia is quite
report however i want tosuggestone more amendment to the
today i would like tosuggesta way in which we
the eastern shoulder which wouldsuggestan origin in caer a
liking 3 christian i wouldsuggestargues persuasively for the idea
clark and associates 2002 wouldsuggestaround 55 60 000 paid
errors in the text andsuggesthow they would be corrected
this is why i wouldsuggestking james entered into a
personal and this i wouldsuggestmakes her essay readable and
creative writing this i wouldsuggestmakes writers like the ones
for catching cod and alsosuggestreductions in fishing effort for
punctuation feature exclamation mark alsosuggesturgency this effect is continued
not until 14 december isuggesta tuesday afternoon between those
debate those figures and tosuggestamendments to them at stage
comment on those responses andsuggestother reasons george macbride on
to those other names whichsuggestrubber goods or music hall
including statutory instruments we couldsuggesta standing panel of advisers
have something written down tosuggesthow we proceed are members
a difference than some headlinessuggestwe handle quite a lot
of anything the vet couldsuggestone day her grandfather decided
some of the spellings stillsuggestscots pronunciations things like taken
none exist even if isuggestan outing to the beach
important question to ask isuggestas other members have suggested
up with wedding dates andsuggestjuly instead of june i
grahame i was going tosuggestst andrew s day the
sock in it matey isuggesttelepathically but alas grampa s
they receive no funding isuggestthe practical step of making
or tomorrow why did isuggestthe registrar s or let
agree with me when isuggestthe the right thing to
became legislation in what isuggestto you is a unified
you are coming here isuggesttravelling to montreal or toronto
your excessively long list isuggestyou quieten down and behave
thronging can be seen tosuggestthe assembly of soldiers or
remiss of me even tosuggestwhich party will be deciding
concern only it does notsuggestany way forward the executive
form or any changes tosuggestis everybody happy with it
the committee was asked tosuggestother possible candidates 10 a
pp 54 5 as kuppersuggestburns s vacillation as regards
the choice of suddenly tosuggestthe speed of response is
and raged at him tosuggesta man can transgress god
interested agencies and individuals tosuggestamendments to the draft census
none of his business andsuggestdiversional therapy to mother hen
catherine carswell has attempted tosuggesther identity as artist and
an object material trying tosuggestthe four most popular answers
tourist board was invited tosuggestthe priorities for the tourism
included asking school children tosuggestways to learn about politics
the consultation were asked tosuggestwhat the nature of the
are muzzled against pollution gunssuggesta whiff of revolution this
and occupations of its inhabitantssuggestinnermessan was a busy thriving
from town gaian street namessuggestpagan origins the street of
from pitcairn s criminal trialssuggestdifferent ingredients quha the samin
sirens and folk tradition loreleisuggestthe poem offers a reversal
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