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they kent nae scots fitsuitedthe first pucklie wadnae hae
the first pucklie wadnae haesuitedthe ither sae ye maun
unique geography make fife ideallysuitedfor strategic planing as a
such an offspring is ideallysuitedto your needs his sire
salvador turned up elegantly darksuitedwith a cape yes the
teaching methods the teaching methodssuitedto presenting burns in the
how different regions may besuitedto different methods of implementation
and that those choices aresuitedto the type of skills
benches wad ne er haesuitedwillie s hainches tae suffer
taught in universities is notsuitedto today s electronic business
me wad understand a productsuitedtae the time it widnae
upon raw o biggins mairsuitedtae battery hens nur fowk
trip desayuno 8 10 thatsuitedme fine breakfast at eight
english one possibly it rathersuitedcanon macinnes who claimed it
was a lazy day whichsuitedour slightly hungover mood we
tomorrow is it the bestsuitedbody to listen to and
scheme that was much moresuitedto our needs i now
that they said that itsuitedthem they wanted to live
nurses who may be bettersuitedto dealing with certain problems
a book f965: hm whichsuitedhim [?]real[/?] down to the
shapeless tan cord trousers theysuitedyou marginally better than the
grandad a wee mannie mairsuitedtae bidin unner a stane
they waited till the tidesuitedand then they pulled it
bat i realised that thesuitedguy was just meeting up

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