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all immaculate an like matchingsuitseven all the lighting guys
wore silk ties and tailoredsuitsalong with expensive leather shoes
the floorboards into dust threesuitsfour ties eight shoes whose
cowboys and cowgirls guys insuitsafros and trilby hats enough
e people in bright skisuitsand fluorescent hats they drink
like bowler hats and likesuitsand stuff or is that
caring aspect to it itsuitsfirst year students who are
s hi fiving cringe twosuitswho when i d been
curtin fae thur branches itsuitsme ah m no in
some laddies wore their bathinsuitsan ithers doukt bare scud
their best cocktail dresses italiansuitsgarish secondhand clobber and dance
knitted or woven structures andsuitsembroidered embellishment for the residency
break the law when itsuitsthem or not career criminals
the spell o dreid thatsuitsthis oor but whyle a
heaven taught ploughman when itsuitshim at other times showing
planned for a time whichsuitsinstitutions and academic staff s1w
of the town wearing tracksuitsin purple pink yellow and
artist crap suddenly these samesuitsare setting up a sax
else in life if itsuitsm608: aye m1163: it does
then arrange a time thatsuitsm608: uh huh m1163: and
decisions simply because doing sosuitsindividual members of the committee
we aw saw the strangerssuitsan briefcases cam oot wi
in too tight collars andsuitsthat saw the light of
bou- got th- these paddedsuitsvery warm they had to
aside local plans if itsuitstheir interests but will not
2 first because the highersuitsthe market at which it
great lovely in fact blacksuitsyou you look gie smart
daur dae aw that richtliesuitsa man wha daurs dae
bags and grabbed our bathingsuitsand towels we d heard
people in their scuba divingsuitsm944: well they they make
foreign missions for the sleepingsuitsmembers had made and sent
to deliver a service thatsuitsthose who expect to use
being stuffed with people insuitsthe reality is that the
only kind of stocky whichsuitsme as she s never
jist perfect this colour reallysuitsme lizzie me ana angelica
vampires and virgins which categorysuitsus oldies do you think
he dis ah think hesuitsthe whuskers fyne masha cries
the tyme banquo whanever itsuitsye macbeth gin ye wul

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