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that the 150 000 lumpsumand 50 000 per annum
been loaded into a lumpsumand the private sector will
information is that the lumpsumelement for the successful private
will be paid a lumpsumfor winter maintenance irrespective of
how he thinks the lumpsumprocesses work my information is
to more than the maximumsum10bd the maximum sum in
thair claws an flies awasumaist sum wast an thare
sum guid rinners sum soumarssumgleg sum strang an sum
sum gleg sum strang ansumguid hunters ilkane haes sum
refleks thair monie byuss qualitiessumguid rinners sum soumars sum
sum or part of anysumif it wishes i want
maximum sum 10bd the maximumsumin relation to a carry
of ry sum of qhueitsumof peise or beanes dalrymple
sum vset breid of rysumof qhueit sum of peise
it may also remit anysumor part of any sum
wi the clash o thaimsumset thairsells ti cairdin sum
byuss qualities sum guid rinnerssumsoumars sum gleg sum strang
sum guid hunters ilkane haessumspaicial meith naitur haes gien
rinners sum soumars sum glegsumstrang an sum guid hunters
cairdin sum ti windin itsumti spinnin it ithers brushin
sum set thairsells ti cairdinsumti windin it sum ti
mixed with pease and grainssumvset breid of ry sum
an flies awa sum aistsumwast an thare an end
to more than the maximumsum10bc the case is where
to more than the maximumsum3ab in subsection 3aa above
to more than the maximumsum4bb in subsection 4ba above
in subsection 4ba above maximumsumin relation to a carry
in subsection 3aa above maximumsumin relation to a carry
pompitie coud ye no uisesumglaumerie for ti pit yeirsell
ah coud sair dae wisumguid news shona ah speirit
fowk dae a pikkil warksumhowp gin porkers coud flie
ah heard a rabbit orsumither thing ah coud fell
thrappil ah coud dae wisumleafs ti chowe anaw silence
nae wattir here nanse haesumsense hou coud a ever
hou ah coud dae wisumtea here ah wes expekkin
ti kill sumthing this morninsumwee furrie thing ah coud
it haes fairlie gien mesumeasement pepper ah m rael
be in haes ti haesumfaith ot at laest he
haes evir wun afore fraesumheich steid abuin a tollin
at aw the deil haessummischief in mynd for hir
he says he haes seensumo thair banes in the
ti greit aboot bi whitsumpuir fowk haes ti pit
it eftir aw he haessumtaste ah think he s
wast afrika wis killt isumbrulziement or ither wi the
but ye r aye bletherinsumdemned styte or ither ye
or ither benefits whaur oniesumis mair nor 250 nane
for ma fuit knicht aweillsumither day syre ah l
sumbodie s cummin speak abootsumither thing enter irena and
wul hae ti think osumither thing for ti help
malcolm we l think osumither thing ti be shuir
wul hae ti think osumither thing ti help hir
or she s up tisummischief or ither moula ah
growne feart for thaim forsumreason or ither ah m
they cawed ye major forsumreason or ither tho ye
mair wes haird tell osumsay he listit an ither
say he listit an ithersumthat the weiriefu press gang
wes wuiiven areddies an ithersumti settin a mukkil caudron
it s lyke the warsumblek spell on the houss
an she s rinnin lykesumbogil war eftir hir ah
lyke an aipil ah haesumbraw aipils here a haena
intil a nun mair lykesumbraw callant wad want ti
we l stage ye lykesumbyuss monster wi yeir picter
awa til edinburrie ti finndsummair genteil lyke quyne weill
ah wad lyke ti seesumo ma comrades aff irena
thegither but for aw forsumreason ah seem ti lyke
keings is aw his aishansums lyke keings o twa
sic a lyke tyme haesumsense ah canna think strecht
same wi onie job jeksumthings ye lyke better nor
haena aye loued ye lykesumwumman frae the south but
thay daunst for delyte atsumferlie that pleased thaim weill
thaim for them cum andsumfor come and some are
the tawse hae gaein thaimsumkind o bluid bond or
no ti forget ti pitsummoth baws on thaim or
the yae table it meanssumo thaim ir in luiv
back it thaim cauldly wisumo thaim it wis the
the yatterin an lauchin fairiessumo thaim sat thairsells doun
ye tell thaim ti gitsumready an het for me
an a l gie yesumdarg wul redd ye o
stank anaw ye l finndsumdocken leafs doun thare tae
syne ah l gie yesumguid advice pit you yeir
awa awthegither ye l maksumimpression eftir ye r awa
hir deid we l haesumpeace nou that s an
l mebbe hae noticed insumrespeks ah m no the
deid an buirit in kirkcaldysumsay he l ryse again
dae ah l bring himsumtoys the morn rodé in
greit irena we l meetsumtyme fedotik mebbe in ten
mebbe ye l read itsumtyme whan ye hae naething
pathetic she l pit onsumweird lookin bricht yallae skirt
ye war a mukkil jessiesumfowk micht say ye war
sit aw yeir lane insummukkil restaurant in moscow athout
no mukkil ah miss ansumo the braw leddies aboot
burds sing basho ir thesumshort cuts in the mukkil
an gangril bodies aw eftirsumbetterment ane o thir packmen
think strecht wul ye haesumsense eftir this a dout
kintrie ye wad shuirlie daesumguid aiblins a richt guid
ey ettlin efter daen sumanesumguid i the districk a
me that wul mebbe daesumguid tho the r littil
be guid ti git intisumsmert claes ah ve aye
no yerk frae hir maimoriesumdule that s ruitit thare
ma guidfaither thare he ssumsheep points can ye see
fanton fears wad better suitsumauld wyfe s haiverin tale
wad cum an see mesumday in ma ain houss
ye whit it is pompitiesumfowk wad juist hae keepit
hir wad be better onsumglaurie ferm steidin amang the
frae scotland ai a wushsumhalie angel wad flie ti
dochter an if ye haesumnotion she wad ever herm
the auld slaiverie keing wisumo his men wad cairrie
buy it back frae yesumday whan ye r short
r about ti gie mesumfushionles excaise weill dinna fash
the skelf moula the rsumglaumerie here ah dinna unnerstaun
ir drained aye the rsumglesses from the chinese of
than moula ye r finndinsumrelief nou faither malcolm ma
ay ah daursay the rsumtruith in that they maun
flouers a clachan kyths yondersumfowk an spring is shuirlie
war aw made the samesumfowk lykes parritch an ithers
ti ken whaur he belangedsumfowk said he wes malcolm
fortified the castle at dunsinanesumfowk says he s gaen
that s the wey thatsumfowk thinks that road gangs
it is not a zerosumgain only 8 per cent
11 per on saidsumof 22 4 5 was
that work you received thesumof 4 per day that
five per cent of thesumof a the total amount
five per cent of thesumof i the total amount
parish council of arbuthnott thesumof one pound sterling per
meg taen it ti besumauld bodie s name an
the aince for ti buysumbreid an a morsil kebbok
the by they tell mesumcarnival pairtie is expekkit ti
hae ti howk deep dounsumclouds forgether the culor o
thocht whaur ye micht finndsumcosie place for ti byde
on het it whyles bringssumeasement near the end ti
ye haena been speakin tisumheretic that kens he deserrs
macduff malcolm lat s finndsumlanesum neuk ti greit awa
micht hae sumthing ti pitsumlyfe back intil us thorfinn
mak a pudden an picksummaws ti mak soup but
ti hae a luik atsumo his buiks o glaumerie
an bangils an beads tisumpuir dounhauden bodie monie a
ah m gaun ti daesumricht wark soliony recites don
sumwhaur a lang wey awasumsaid ti poland an ithers
she keepit tryin ti singsumsang in the sassenach tung
that wesna ma ain ansumsmeddum cam back ti me
ti dae wi houchmagandie osumsort juist at that mament
sae she thinks ti haesumsport wi the fairie an
weird sisters they fairlie shawedsumtruith ti you macbeth a
ti befaw neist but insumwey his senses seemed ti
this wey an that forsumbeild frae the wund an
he saw a licht skinklinsumwey awa he rade on
olga wul we meet againsumday ah wunner vershinin it
morag wow this wul taksumgittin uised wi andrae ah
wes ah hae fairlie gottensumeasement meg gin ye plot
son ye hae chynged intisumfient ah dinna ken at
tell ye ah hae brochtsumgraund wird hame wi me
better hae a keik intisumo the chaumers in the
bigger nor you nanse nodssumpuddok oniewey ye micht hae
happent or hae we ettsumpuzzint ruit that s cawed
ava for me a haesumunco ploys nou switherin aroond
million that is a significantsumand underlines the growing appreciation
tune of 23 million thatsumincreased to 39 million in
relief aid on the remarkablesumof 2 million worth of
outstanding from the 25 millionsumset aside for the decommissioning
frae aff the ingil pitsumo the wattir intil a
sub paragraph 1 above thesumthereby produced shall be the
the road whaur the warsumbirks an haed a thocht
book whaur men can readsumunco things ye maun kyth
irena ah ve bocht yesumcolort crayons at pyzhikov s
turnt inti sumbodie different awthegithersumdeil ah didna ken at
yeir selkie skin ah doutsumman cam by an stale
shepherd is moula ah kensumo the words o that
oot c mon faither shawsumsmeddum malcolm awricht awricht ah
ah m juist deein forsumtea ah d gie oniething
ah ve juist brocht himsumtea whitna queerlyke fallae masha
yestrein an nou ah feelsumunco dreid hingin ower me
we beiss whyle ah gitsumwattir for ma flesk but
ye beiss whyle ah drawsumwattir for ma flesk the
remiss nor peitie him forsummishanter ross he promised syre
o wumman is waur insumweys nor a wutch for
try me gie sd asumto dee chrissie nae jist
gits hir keep an whylessumclaes she helps aboot the
on hir saul an wisumdouce drug lowden hir fevert
nane o yeir soupins fraesumbombay fluir pompitie pompitie inspects
thoosan yeir sin an restoresumorder an sanitie among yer
s morn an pick upsumletters ye can awa nou
morn wi intent tae daesumspreadin but at half past
yid wis wechtit doun wisumconcern or anither yin nivver
postern door that opent ontilsumnairrae steps that gaed doun
contractor wes tellin me abootsumbusiness men that war eatin
hame this day the warsumsurprise waitin for him an
ill trickit puddok frae ahintsumbrekken an stauns in ma
mynd at he maun sekesumkinkeind o acceptilautioun frae hiz
in wars the re ayesummen maun dee but frae
fliein masha ir the nosummeanin toozenbach meanin juist you
a whein blethers wrutten bisumdottilt auld fuil wes seen
been readin the diary osumfrench cabinet meinister it wes
an wes divertin hirsell pouinsumo the dentie littil flouers
that surgeons haed forleiten awthegithersumsicht it wes macduff what
year which brings a considerablesumof money into the local
is this is not asumof money it is a
the arbuthnott church yard thissumof money shall only be
summoned and each given asumof money so that they
utheris for gredines to getsumparte of the money in
cent under section 11 thesumdue by way of fixed
hall committee minutes show asumof 11 10s was received
12 13 11 the saidsumof 12 13 11 had
keep up wi the resumnew gruesum thing ilka meinit
duin sae she pat onsumauld raggitie claes an made
clood cuiverin the lift abuinsumsimmer s day wumman ye
ae younger man hei hedsumgrit tales tae tell an
he d bagged aff wisumaustralian in the pub whae
wi him oho here cumssumcomfort macduff enters with macbeth
meet up wi him insumferrawa steid shuirlie gin callum
wi rock an gull giensummaumie winds a sun makin
and not less than thesum7 6 in anyone year
herald is greater than thesumof the sales of all
is presently less than thesumof the variables ga and
uk government a somewhat largersumthan it has ever given
things olga s aye atsumteachers conference an irena is
have some quick supplementaries tosumthings up on that section
erm so two things tosumup to take from from
ma faither an mei daeinsumwurk ithin the waster yillmuir
she was vegemite incarnate tosumher up in one word
years we feel that thatsumis sufficient to back up
jiggery pokery now and tosumit all up it means
up tae the haugh fursummae bacca in spite o
sayings as i say tosumthem up not that they
with sayings that seemed tosumup a situation it seemed
it s like her weesumup at the end you
rather a strange debate tosumup because there does not
submission one statement seems tosumup everything about the implementation
government i doubt it tosumup i believe that a
seem to be much tosumup i took part in
speakers for tommy sheridan tosumup if the minister and
re looking at but tosumup [inhale] scottish vernacular prose
to phil up i meansumup phil laughter phil gallie
it can be used tosumup the content of anything
em the anti imperialist mightsumup the enemy the seamy
will the convener i willsumup the issues before we
amendments i was trying tosumup what the bill is
he cairrit the wecht osumfell saicret houanever he seemed
lyfe owre the heid osumill deid he haed duin
ur validity o her ergyoomntsumo d saam kindo ideas
wee d tyms i suppoassumo d trows geed awey
only hoose for the princelysumo jist a hackie abeen
the hail warld s rejectssumo the cruisers were gien
writers and groups o writerssumo wha a ll noo
o guidness queen chanting foolishlysumsay the deil s deid
jyne us the re ayesumstraiks o daylicht in the
af its ruif tae replenishsumruifin slates in aboot the
of the said parish whichsumhad been held on loan
to know that the saidsumis invested in the british
the meantime deposited the saidsumof 111 2 3 with
notes as i said thesumthat goes to organic farming
carry forward year b thesumcarried forward under that subsection
forward year and b thesumcarried forward would taken together
pown a year a greatsumtae a workin man in
year to the next thesumunspent mr jim wallace 6
yammert the haill nicht langsumsay the verra yird dirlt
she gaed oot an gethertsumbraw chesnuts for me recovers
twa haunds an here didsumglaumerie no birze intil his
southrin english an glaswegian quhilesumleids kin be mutually intelligible
an indulgent aunt the princelysumof ten shillings with this
the heid an gied himsumsnash that fair offendit him
fauk aa sang an clappitsumu dm staartit t dance
skodgies an tak pairt insumunco ploys he haed never
at in oarder t providesumdifferent approaches t d material
the variable d to thesumof the variables ga and
17 19 2 with thissumhe the moderator had purchased
er descartes erm cogito ergosumi think therefore i am
f965: she could do anysumyou know she could give
employee for petty pilfering thesumamounting to pence what if
to just stand there thesumof 24 was raised for
for legacy duty leaving thesumof 2700 which was passed
beech to scotland for thesumof 80 as a result
17 august 2001 why asumwas given for the total
wir feeneesht jessie s maakinsumbanniks anaa the thought of
from mr clark suttie thesumof 100 to be invested
as inspector of poor thesumof 111 2 3 sterling
the schoolmaster bequest deposited thesumof 22 4 5 sterling
to the kirk session thesumof 3000 the bulk of
mr [censored: surname] stated that thesumof 470 000 was actually
a journey shall be thesumof all such travel completed
which manages the fourth largestsumof international funds 160 billion
you deana is that thesumof it rowland you know
identity grow out of thesumof its parts and that
the civil aviation authority ssumof sector policy when and
the long side is thesumof the squares of the
hypotenuse is equal to thesumof the squares of the
i do bequeath that thesumof three thousand pounds may
a we had a largesumof troops wi- while they
kirk session of arbuthnott thesumof twenty pounds sterling the
to the kirk session thesumof twenty two pounds four
least one eighth of thesumraised in the inverbervie district
of land involved and thesumrealised by each and every
make a projection of thesumto be provided s1w 7684
a difference between amending asumto take account of changes
fine not exceeding the prescribedsumwithin the meaning of section
been set on tae mawsumaffa sweir tae cut gress
recover fixed penalties when thesumdue has not been paid
cairn gorm funicular railway whatsumhas been awarded by way
a wis ae teenager daeinsumjoinery i the herd s
periodic ey on um eftersumtyme it wis discovert thit
is entitled by such asumas the spcb may determine
so it is a significantsumin some quarters given that
outlets that is a significantsumjames lowman there are two
is richt in the heidsumweimen is no thair richt
fur amaist sax tymes thesuma peyed furd cheptir ane
n strife suin adv soonsuma some sumbodie n somebody
be operating a monthly gardensumso that those hard workers
make it clear that nosumwould be payable if a
agreed to minute that thissumpaid over from the rankine
members b the resulting totalsumshall be divided by the
the fynnest stuff bot rathersumslycht cloth to susteine the
the property fetched 255 thissumwas invested in shares and
croune yit as it cumssumay are bussie boune busily
ulss egualy maide bot fortunesumexaltit hess and oyis deprevit
in latyne bene grew termessumhoose vaishle aiblins ruth says
from fredericton also on thatsumhope it won t drain

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