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horseman s haa far thesunniver shone far the win
the first to change thesunshone at the weekend and
awa days seemed ti mesunshone baithe nicht an day
tess yin day as thesunshone bricht in the sky
we bought chimes too thesunshone bright on the market
clud cover thin an thesunshone fou bricht throu the
yards while at others thesunshone incongruously from a blue
young an strang when simmersunshone on the braes an
on its axle a newsunshone so it continued to
softly no strange noises thesunshone softly the clock ticked
braid sun caller sky braidsuncaller clouds waucht heich an
braid sun caller sky braidsuncaller sky braid sun caller
wheep win wheep sky braidsuncaller sky braid sun caller
a purpour stream and thesunbe sweir ti shine lat
aw lee lang day thesunll shine bit tak ye
shine [laugh] f807: does thesunshine erm [laugh] f806: does
really badly f806: does thesunshine f807: hm f806: [laugh]
erm [laugh] f806: does thesunshine in germany [laugh] yeah
hm f806: [laugh] does thesunshine [laugh] f807: does the
shine in the yalla bleariesunthere wid be nae skatin
tae say aw day thesunwill shine it s me
sun next f1102: sun mistersunand mister bright sun f1101:
mister sun and mister brightsunf1101: mmhm f1102: it looks
l right sun next f1102: sunmister sun and mister bright
[inaudible] f1101: o l rightsunnext f1102: sun mister sun
stert ti wearie o thesundoun doun it gaes on
hills growe dim as thesungaes doun a singil cran
trees parfume the air thesungaes doun aince mair ahint
we l meet afore thesungaes doun first witch an
is unco mirk eftir thesungaes doun mercie whas heid
owre an again the gowdensungaes doun the blue lift
frae the ferrest tyme thesunryses an dounsets tyme gaes
braid beans lang in thesuneasy crummlit tae stoor atween
normal day sun comes upsuncomes down moon comes up
just get a normal daysuncomes up sun comes down
f1114: oh it s thesunf1113: it s a sun
a sun f1114: yes thesunf1113: mm f1114: [inaudible] be
sun f1113: it s asunf1114: yes the sun f1113:
pick the sun m1094: asuni got two stars i
it to the sun sunsuni m doing so awfully
erm i ll pick thesunm1094: a sun i got
sun the sun nice orangesunm1094: mmhm f1093: where do
to pick the sun thesunnice orange sun m1094: mmhm
like us nae enough sunsuns whit sweetens the cherry
the sun where does thesunstay m1094: up there f1093:
prefer it to the sunsunsun i m doing so
berna like us nae enoughsunsun s whit sweetens the
much prefer it to thesunsun sun i m doing
of which was obscuring thesunthe irrelevant sun the tumult
sun up there see thesunthe moon they cast the
you want to pick thesunthe sun nice orange sun
obscuring the sun the irrelevantsunthe tumult of my feelings
krista awa della only thesunup there see the sun
where do you find thesunwhere does the sun stay
ma desert a wis yersunan moon bit noo ye
[laugh] very respectable moon andsunf806: mm f807: over here
first palma bus before thesunhas replaced the moon s
up here you have thesunhere you have the moon
moon hath no light thesunhis beames withdraweth the mouth
with ehm the way thesunis positioned and the moon
living in mallorca talk aboutsunplaces and moon places the
half moon of a tornsuntwo sunbeams knitting ladders by
braw in russet wi thesunbricht on her pelt an
ca 1200 derk dule thesunforaye is ful an bricht
burnin bricht mou o thesungrandad a wee mannie mair
august efternuin wi a brichtsunkeppin the fish doun an
o the licht eternal brichtsuno justice come an shed
flashin bricht in the cauldsunootower the loodspikkers cam a
nava tuik the lead thesunsae heich an bricht it
the prince bricht lyke thesunthe shaidae wes gaen frae
low destination when the glorioussunin the sky withdraws its
patron of the sky thesunmusic dance and the arts
the sky like a mocksunor a bit of a
the sky happy even thesuns smilin wisn t that
sky s blue for thesunto go up and then
well you could put asunup in the sky f1122:
were three knobs yellow forsungreen for rain and black
that f1122: yellow f1121: yellowsunokay can you draw that
it f1101: mm but thesuns yellow isn t it
look at the yellow [inaudible]sunthere s that s it
yellow f1101: s u nsunu n right dog f1102:
we should have made thesunyellow shouldn t we f1112:
windae f1101: aye oh thatsuns bright f1102: look at
[?]i'm sad[/?] f1101: oh aye thesuns strong the day f1102:
huh f1101: that s thesunwas it f1102: [inaudible] [?]cutting up the cake[/?]
at port askaig the hetsunbeat doun on my keel
doun see smoorit s thesuncled wi the cairrie ay
yallae springs whan the whytesungaed doun i the wastern
wattirs but as the reidsungaed doun whit soud thay
doun at port ellen thesunhad been shinin aa day
skinklin in the lift thesunhaed gaen doun an she
the sea fog a weaksunpeople pass speaking quietly doun
heids tae the west thesunsank doun fou low the
intil a birkenshaw an thesunshane doun throu the brainches
afore that day as thesunsklentit doun ahint the bens
bear s song when bluesunand down the river when
guid abuin his heid thesunbleazed oot a cloudless blue
war an island whau thesunshane gowden an the blue
above the green mountains thesunwas declining beneath the blue
lyke a lintie in thesuna she loued hir mither
me lyke a skelp thesuncums up the lest tyme
up the green fug thesungrowes warm lyke spring haes
it wad skinkil lyke thesunitsell sae it wad here
afore yesterday ah think thesuns lyke ti cum oot
it wad skinkil lyke thesunsae he stuck the needle
is lyke ti smoor thesunwhat ails this day that
the day has brocht thesunan rain thegither they hae
the guid broon soil ansunan rain there s ower
from rain to wind tosunand back a farmer was
sane accepting with equine imitysunand rain a horse is
with rain behind the nettlessunslips from the grass a
rain not this heat andsunwhat am i doing here
dry cake hard in thesunand bathed in the sea
closed against the glare ofsunand sea in this sophisticated
my childhood river but thesundappled sea terrace grows cold
birds o the sea threesunglisks three shears crossed the
frae the het o thesunintil the deid sea rins
sea under a roasting englishsunmore waif than wife his
island in the mediterranean corfusunsand sea and relaxation perfect
craft out of the gleamingsunshot sea onto the rocky
f1093: where s the othersunat m1094: ehm f1093: [tut]
m1094: gonna get a su-sunf1093: now you ve to
in the open air andsuna thocht life wad be
ae wolf wad catch thesunan anither the meen the
o the glare o thesunthe laddies wad be enjoyin
newly wad couple may thesunwi a fecht niver set
an fite ran far thesuncatched the wattery treelips o
far the jungle smores thesunhere at lord siva s
machar kirk far the glorioussunpoored through the great stained
sweethairt won far a vikingsunshines ower the skerries grey
the kirk far the warmsunstreamed inno the aisle throw
straik o yalla far thesunstrove tae blink ben as
shimmerin in the strang efterneensunup at the far neuk
the tides of blood thesunbeats down a searchlight in
and thick and dirty andsunburned andy glances down at
corries snow down here hotsuncattle dozing hielan getherin doolfu
shrouded the mountains and thesundisappeared as i walked down
always lit reception where thesundoes not go down where
the last rays of thesungo down over the city
white behind at a roastingsunlegs down dangling a shameless
sitting down in the reasonablesunof the morning to quill
spinning down a thread thesuns a camera opening and
passage crosses a cloudy castlesunstreams down slipways of heavenly
cherry danced down chutes ofsunthe honeysuckle wedded to the
and fresh in the morningsunthen looking down i noticed
brown arms to greet thesunvisiting the orphanage abandoned down
his hame reams ower wisunan wave sae braw yet
d be as fair assunin autumn touch sae saft
gits licht sae aerlie thesunjuist poors inti ma chaumer
s green an quate thesunsae hett it stouns in
sae broon wi the strangsunshe could hae passed as
time fur aa aneth thesunthe heivens decreed it sae
sae aften in scotland thesuntraivelt dyke ower dyke birslin
reinforced intimmers fur this hettsunturns aa tae cinners sae
great hodilay soak in somesunand see a few sights
would start work as thesunbroke free from the great
we oaks are great reflectorssunhelps and it came out
like a swan across thesunoak is a great cathedral
m642: it s great thesuns just come out it
with the evening the greatsunwill leave that after autumn
day an bi nicht anaithsunan sterns or thay cam
dry an it gits thesunaw day we l hae
light day you know thesunf1024: yeah yeah f1023: is
staves if left in thesunfor a day john repaid
that ae day in thesungarrd them forfeit the fun
da day isn hit dasunis choost winnin roond i
a day comes when thesunis so hot that my
through the day aneath thesuns effulgent ray gae tak
the air from paradise thesunshines all day long people
a gowden day o simmersunwhit soud the ettin s
the morn l macbeth thesunwul never see the day
more of a i likesunmore than she does i
audience sat entranced as thesunbegan to set in valldemossa
s dawin an wi thesuni the mornin thay set
suid they lie in thesunor set sails it wis
richt cawed that gars thesunryse an set that rowles
it sank tae rest thesunset fire tae aw the
the urubamba valley as thesunset gloriously behind the peaks
approached the portal of thesunthere was a steep set
oot here frank in thesunare you coming through pause
fish squinting up through thesunas the white sails creak
was achingly beautiful as thesunbroke through the mist as
the skies cleared and thesunbroke through this evening the
abseils through a patch ofsunin the silences between the
look at the rose stemssunlooks through the window you
of the road sudden sharpsunshafted through the cloaking undergrowth
hide and seek through treessunspattered to a pollock painting
blisters of pebbles rise throughsuntanned sand waves topple like
ferm o steenhillock the hettsunbeat doon on the heather
ve a been enjoying thesuncome and sit doon i
leave the beach till thesungaed doon then the penny
i could see as dasunguid doon at he wis
bottles shadows winos enjoying thesunjazz session sparks jinkin doon
that opens up fin thesunshines doon on t mitherin
doon the brae there ssunthere s win there s
breakfast we boarded the hydrofoilsunarrow and headed off on
hello neil been enjoying thesunneil off i m away
look like m1014: kept thesunoff [inaudible] it was a
over their front kept thesunoff them an they d
keep something tae keep thesunoff them so that s
straw hats tae keep thesunoff them well women long
couldnae get burnt off thesunor anythin like that m1014:
gusts east in grits thesunthrows unmanageable glances blinding off
oot een dazzlit tae thesuna magic palace thon the
the heat went oot osunan fire an nou t
be chilly oot o thesunbessie i ll be fine
could never be in thesunbrocht me oot in a
gap o a suddenty thesuncam oot blearie an blae
s gan oot o thesungladys it s been fine
jist keepin oot o thesunloretta i ken gladys hoo
b roo house husband thesuns come oot the world
f1127: oh i think thesuns coming oot now m1128:
mum s [inaudible] dipsy hassunf1113: dipsy s got the
mm f1114: [inaudible] be asunf1113: oh what s happened
f1113: dipsy s got thesunwhat s what s he
there i dinna like thesuni ll just bide here
the bonny licht o thesuni was biding here indoors
here that you get thesunon that side and the
obtain a copy of thesunquite a feat over here
could stay here in thesunthat hodden precipitous city edinburgh
sat here for hours mysunwarmed back supported by an
rolled over hotly in thesunlike heavy pages in a
mount caruso after watching thesunrise over the mountains opposite
in my wee cell thesunsinking slowly over the tower
paz as we left thesunwas setting over the sacred
s ark moors in thesuna boy in nappies barely
thieves sitting bored in thesuna dreadlocked bead seller clucks
on the skerrs o thesuna grein for the braw
dottilt keing o the wusuna tent nou serrs me
gettin a glisk o thesunagain in thae days there
a wurkman rysin wi thesunan brekkin stanes bi the
joy an men say thesunan muin aye keeps movin
have much time for thesunan opinion i hope which
sin to shelter from thesunand bessy bell and mary
to the isle of thesunand beyond after some more
faint traces of a carvedsunand carved puma the boulders
walls are made of airsunand clouds are papering the
the pooh looking at thesunand fitt s that ain
me lie out in thesunand it wasn t fair
to the portal of thesunand macchu picchu above the
you to abort into tropicsunand our historic hills the
on the grass in thesunand re wetted during the
was the effect of thesunand the beer my mind
o lang life like thesunand the mune see burnin
by the height of thesunand the state of the
beyond rouged by the settingsunanother old lady emerges behind
12 30 back onto thesunarrow and onwards to the
the neck from the thesunas as kenny said f1054:
of the festival of thesunas usual south american time
blelack drummy storm rings thesunat morven s back kincraigie
shrink and crackle in thesunat noon then frantic woman
nae devaul dover i thesunaweill this echt line stave
yoke thegither pensells smoor thesunay faes like fleein clouds
coorie ye kindly let thesunaywis hunt ye hooever daurk
me we kin let thesunbeams play oan us nae
fae foun tae croun thesunbed god could bake me
of the cock a fierysunblinks wide his timing perfect
caftans dry in the bakingsunbrown boys splash in the
bones sweetened by the mornsunbut didn t reply my
s very name reflected thesunbut no more accurately the
faces brunt broon bi thesuncaff fleein like gowden stoor
the gowden licht o thesuncallum bade bi the wattirsyde
corn s teller 2 thesuncam up music mime from
grey skies and then thesuncame out leaves of the
t until i entered thesunchinked byre a bolt clicked
3rd of april saw thesuncome out in all its
fedders the sioux held asundaunce in a roon ludge
swans or geese follaein thesundear burds happy lucky burds
venus and adonis the burningsundid hotly overlook the feverish
as salvador eventually observed thesundidn t hit its territories
in queenly dress wearing thesundisk and horns on her
as a cow bearing thesundisk between her horns or
note that jarred in thonsundroggit neuk the sleekit cat
reward wandering the market warmsuneasing my back the prospect
the hindu salutation to thesunelephant ride to the amber
and a temple of thesunelsewhere but we had no
from their knees and thesunenter at the back door
what ll i draw asunf1112: what f1111: cause the
the picture f1122: mm asunf1121: so what colour will
f1124: now it s thesunf1123: stop mixing up colours
[inaudible] f1125: where s thesunf1126: mm f1125: look f1126:
s that one in thesunf1144: [laugh] f1143: scum in
the lion still dominates asunfilled world sineu s medieval
from the doorway in thesunfit are ye deein ye
ither wardly lair the deeinsunflashed firey reid stars lichtit
the marble pool by thesunflecked water bikini girls are
to the isle of thesunfor lunch we landed and
date paims yearned towards thesunfurniture was sparse but solid
o icicles dreepin the yallasungart the hyne aff leddrach
an shanks an o thesunglentin abuin his heid the
mooth he cuid see thesunglentin aff the front windae
cliff an cloud the michtysunglisked aff the thoosans o
mankind s rebellion against thesungod ra and the subsequent
climb the roof seeking thesungod s blessing the hindu
the green oasis showd thesunhas the sting o a
neil s fields when thesunhid behind a cloud mind
he s cold despite thesunhis smoking hand shakes my
and dark in the afternoonsunhola buenas tardes everyone i
the doorway out of thesuni didna ken ye were
[laugh] f1143: scum in thesuni mean i only heard
the same time as thesuni said yes you do
million years before the bloomingsuni woke because i thought
caught the light of thesunin shafting fracturing concentration alice
to the portal of thesunin the dark so as
aw the time the bleazinsunin the lift ahint thaim
be a wee bit osunin the north east of
the heat of a fiercesunin the region of steiermark
on end but lots ofsunin the summer [note: newspaper article from 'mearns leader'] miscellaneous
loch shimmers beautiful with goldensunin the woods deer die
watchtower the portal of thesunis a small stone temple
where it is said thesunis anchored by this time
faw but bi than thesunis ane o the sterns
is running the silly oldsunis hiding himself behind the
out on monday around thesunis out on october 4
been blistering on apace thesunis shining still and miracle
it is summer and thesunis shining warmly now and
is always there when thesunis up f807: [laugh] [laugh]
s to do with thesunisn t it f963: [laugh]
lori says nothing pause thesunit pains her eyes tess
an brunt dry wi thesunit wis no the furst
burds haes impiddent een thesunits ae cauld goave frae
like minnie tae catch thesunjist alang frae jock dow
members on everything under thesunjohn mcallion has some idea
the laich leims o thesunjouk throu the mirk forest
made precisely like louis thesunking s parterres at versailles
sklent spreit o the auncientsunlichts up that s boond
o hame teet at thesunluik langsome ower the glen
the rhein owre there thesunmaks wey braks the germanic
on the isle of thesunmost of the company accepted
o pearl in the morninsunnae mair nor fower oors
like april snaa the birsslinsunnailed tae the lift s
mend fur aa aneth thesunoh winnlestrae s mortality like
s to do with thesunon a white guy s
more than to feel thesunon my skin like a
coffin lead the old highsunopens the creaky doorway of
for the temple of thesunor san domingo in cuzco
and just lie in thesunour f1149: uh huh f1148:
bank of cloud with nosunpeeping above it the mediterranean
the hospitality of park andsunpet corner hazlehead park it
and chatted on about thesunpointing out the sensationalism and
in the cauldron of thesunpreparing to meet the beloved
mountains silver now in thesunpuerto soller is nearly itself
the rocks melt wi thesunput the focus of attention
let the last o thesunrays warm yur neck an
s 15th album around thesunreleased on october 4 that
very ancient mulberry road thesunryses in the south aest
erday ball the blinterin blichtitsuns a faithless lad fas
s a lowe the desertsuns a flame an naethin
lowpin ay dirlin wi joysuns at the gloamin see
turn a corner and thesuns in your eyes and
in the round o thesuns leisir an ah soum
ma heid ah see thesuns licht airtin aince mair
up is it shinin kristasuns rays warmed us the
the middle of july thesuns shinin but i might
f1112: what f1111: cause thesuns shining outside today the
s shining outside today thesuns shining outside we should
or on richt the bleezinsunsall dae nae skaith nar
barefoot hustling beggars waving theirsunscorched cotton from the nile
though i see that thesunseems to be out again
more the heat o thesunshe had remembered as they
fair neck tae the hairstsunshe hid lang reid hair
mither s like the risinsunshe smiles the bairn rins
the holly berries wi thesunsheinin on thaim abuin hir
wuids doverin aye whan thesunsheins hie abuin a pine
be there occasionally when thesunshines f809: i sat outside
happy the bride that thesunshines on happy the corpse
horizon shards everything under thesunshould be given a chance
a beach in the bakingsunshould i ever succumb to
wi the last o thesunsilence lori ah fair like
else this night as thesunsinks red intae the red
puerto soller soller environs thesunsoaring beyond the high sierras
the yird the oor thesunsoud kiss it old man
trails o appalachia as thesunsprinkled throu the forest on
of a sex maniac thesunstarted to pour horizontal rays
in her hair when thesunstreamed in at the kitchen
the win and the gowdensuntae lift each raxxin feather
o t gie s thesuntae wyle the simmer oors
pockets full of clover roddenssunthe gold and emerald fields
atwein onie man an thesunthe mirk fell his maucht
dew guttering rusts in thesunthe old cat s walking
golden manes like bursts ofsunthe pulley in a high
wi the het o thesunthe sauts ligg in the
word mayorque under a shimmeringsunthe second a poetical map
tableaux tents and trees andsunthe shy smile of melons
suttee with her husband thesunthe two of them to
a scoukin tod gawks settingsunthe waterfall sparkles red a
like a swan across thesunthe wind smudges the glass
incan wall and greeted thesunthen to more music the
you need tae see thesunthough m865: yeah yeah m952:
the soller valley claims thesunthough the carrer de sa
too has dressed for thesunthough with more restraint than
wul heize ma hert thesunti see from the chinese
to the bosom of thesunto be pure flame once
blindfold lori robby is thesunup is it shinin krista
the bed painting my toenailssunwarmed shoulders scent of black
that every practice under thesunwas being adopted by local
false hope only dismays thesunwas heavenly almost apostolic ascetic
kind were operated when thesunwas more than 12 degrees
safe in his heaven thesunwas round and unbroken as
i was fifteen and thesunwas shining but it wasn
not yet lowst but thesunwas shyning which made the
time we started out thesunwas warming the nippy air
to the isle of thesunwe stopped at the isle
she stretches up towards thesunweel maybe i could just
lift in the east thesunwes rysin owre the edge
lang green dreibils inti thesunwhaur kye war blyth men
t kistit i believe thesunwill rise each morning i
frost the last hour ofsunwindows smouldering janwar gowsts the
fae this island an thesunwis blazin intae ma eyes
an there twad bide thesunwis glentin in throw the
she throosh her gin thesunwis ower hett she throosh
burnt raw red wi thesunworse than the hottest days
the whir of buggy wheelssunworshippers lie flat on august
asleep till well eftir thesunwould huv risen wi ma
souchin in a meinit thesunwul ryse in the east
o emerant in the simmersunyit i maun leave an
everywhere broken necklace in thesunyou are caves of guilt
face like wee blinks osunand ye ll aye look
we treasure ivry glint osunfur winter cauld we ken
niver a blink o simmersuntae warm her tired banes
pond shines like sequins insunits silver surface slubbed with
butcher s eyes hare screamssunsinks like a stone a
of concussion like a risingsunyou are safe it s
five kilometres under a mercilesssundrinking ice cold water on
war ferlies fowk cud seesunand meen and fish and
quarrytowers wi a haa loungesunlounge kitchie dinin room maister
wi clouds ahin a watterysunthat foretelt a doonpish on
they ll be nae mairsunbathin on holidays cos you
a roll ferry trip dasuns nae s heenin there
and stoppings by blink brightsunby a blackbird s chirps
that tiny little bit ofsun[laugh] and that s never
a f1095: it s asunm1096: and a fire mannie
f1114: oh oh dipsy ssunmum s [inaudible] dipsy has
deil s wark rests forsunnor mune but hell hauds
s is for m1098: asun-pet f1097: t is for
ma chair naith a waeksuns leims ah hae mulled
tae be paiddlit there ssunshinin gowd its clooks claw
wirld turned roond tae dasundan dey slippit aff magnus
in loch an doukt insunkisst puil won campin competitions
lawns rose buss an mellowsunmossy gravesteens tell in hidden
greece beirut or alexandria diffusesuncast oblique shadows onto my
time to take in somesunand a couple of days
dy wise repose da wasterinsunat faas saaftly lays a
little shrub burst into flamesunbleached branches blazing a burning
gien sum maumie winds asunmakin gannets hyter on ledges
and every so often asunor a planet would just
a glede fidders on asunwarmed ridge a shepherd resting
tigers can t be curbedsundrips blood and devils prate
it because white marble insunbecause hilltop because visible because
in one wee glimpse ofsunin april followed by three
mediterranean was blessed with fullsunsymbols and basked in unseasonably
ungainly but comfortably dressed theirsunreddened limbs projecting from shorts
tree of life befuddled bysunand beer gaia mind and
best ever spitting image itvsunfriday night with jonathan ross
one i dragonfly shimmer slimmersunswimmer light skimmer snag rag
freely makk bide true tillsunturns black stoot be yer

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