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for mair the pile issunediminished it disnae tak ower
strangers in london toon bitsunethe strangers cam yer freens
sicht an roses fade owersunethe simmer s past an
save us birds or verysunewe ll fade awa afore
in twa meenits near assuneas the drap o bluid
they re fit elephants drapsuneefter they ve hid meat
simmer days pass by saesunean autumn spates cam rummlin
are slippin past we llsunehae autumn s wind an
twenty fags a day butsunea learnt tobacco lords were
again it michtna be assuneas thon he wis playin
playin until it grew darksunetwa teams o laddies wir
retire but sittin birds aresunegey stawin ye ll grow
be whinneyin fur his meatsunejock wad feenish his piece
feres is ti by yirditsunenane sall gang pairt o
leaf seemed adequately big ansunethey wir weel partly dressed
tap nae a meenit owersunefur the twa demon sisters
yince jagged twice shy hesunecuid tell the difference atween
impressionable man wis hooked assuneas tears began he said
watter at eleyven o clocksuneefter minnie s mither sally
speired minnie ye ll kensuneeneuch it s jist that
a wee tin an hesunefitted them up wi keps
somethin in the feed butsuneit wullnae matter yer speugs
get wullie stoppit and isunesaw whit the trouble wis
think that a didnae existsunethey ll be haein their
wid hit her hsard saesuneefter the daith o her
whan i hit him isunekenned whit i wis intae
free nichts till martinmas ansunethey ll wear away trad
jin wis on him owresunehe liftit his blade an
he isnae a minitt owresunemuch later a m shair
troot could be expeckit butsuneor late life s cup
frae first tae last throwsuneor late their hinmaist cast
as warm as toast bitsunea ll hae a raspin
friens fower o them wadsunecome by she pit doon
fur a wee token feesunemy lan will be your
lance in rest we llsunesee wha comes second best
be the orra loon butsunea wis a laughin stock
dee d an it wissunethe mids o the saxt
the schule the worsit wissuneweety an stervin wi the
pharoah has tae tell ussunehe chapped on the door
tae reprieve it a dsunehae nae gairden at aw
the brae tae meet hersuneisie scrammlit up an catched

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