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the smell o fish chorussungby the four soloists aye
the smell o fish chorussungby the four soloists plus
cradle balloo balloo it hassungfor a thousand years dreams
plaint agin generals ts aosung830 910 46 boundless pyne
the chinese of ts aosungca 830 910 plaint agin
when a gaelic psalm wassungmiddleton 1888 18 some local
announce the psalm to besungwhen a man stood up
the smell o fish chorussungby all aye the smell
the smell o fish chorussungby all aye the smell
adapted to the air whensungby pagan it is noticeable
gaed in an sangs warsungan tales war telt or
a sweetie as sangs warsungthis luvers day an aa
of armistice a song wassungcalled poppies gaily waved to
sung it was [laugh] theysungeh opera ye know pretend
never forget the song theysungit was [laugh] they sung
pleisunt lan tune can besungto a variation of to
scotch fair by john phillipsungto the tune fa saw
song which had once beensungto the tune for example
the lion and the eaglesungto the tune sleepytoon written
now but maybe if bertsungpawkie paiterson it s a
that when the line issungthe singer can rest after
round we heard a beautifullysungsong from fergus ewing although
yi fine the song yisungti mi silence berna aye
no more than common songsungup and down the streets
be borne oh i haesungin boose an haa bit
the land hearin songs beensungfi yin generation ti anithir
that that songs is bettersungin gaelic than they are
an in praisin the acousticssungfly me to the moon
m forgetting now oh wesunghappy birthday to [censored: forename] wi
extracted and enjoyed and evensungfor example the wintry west
in dumfries in 1795 wassungat the official opening of
pentangle renamed cruel sister andsungby a young female voice
were in the bath yousungthem mary mary quite contrary
this sonnet should not besungin a strong scottish accent
blether turned confessional fa dsungher aince a lullaby o
my parents would never havesungit to me scots equals
another of them may besungby a pretty girl to
which it is most familiarlysungare usually striking but plaintive
mind that most operas aresungin foreign languages therefore will
can quite easily imagine thissungthere is little here that
we have done before wassungby everyone one person danced
eh f1111: we haven tsungthat one before have we
the bends after they dsungabout the tenth verse and
tendency to look down onsunglyrics because they do not
heaven if only they hadsungit often enough for her
up as a mermaid allsungwith great gusto and lots
as abide wi me issungtae end the nicht i
well as mclennan would havesungrobertson smith s praises loudly
chanted as opposed to beingsungto a tuneful melody as
burns s poems are notsungfor weak aesthetic greeks nor
hereabouts kens that she hassungfor money ower there in
the creed and in thesungresponses to the prayers their
jumbo of hymns and psalmssungjumping and twirling like dervishes

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