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tommy you re sitting onsunnydaze f1103: hey tommy f1104:
and oh erm erm ermsunnydaze f1103: sunny daze f1104:
erm erm sunny daze f1103: sunnydaze f1104: and erm rainbow
f1103: aye cause that ssunnydaze isn t it f1104:
aye f1104: he was squashingsunnydaze wasn t he f1103:
ouch f1103: that maybe issunnyaye it s sunny days
f1103: no f1104: that issunnydays but sunny days isna
that is sunny days butsunnydays isna blue is she
is sunny aye it ssunnydays it s nae rainbow
s nae rainbow dash f1104: sunnydays sunny rainbow dash is
s dark m1110: it ssunnyf1109: sunny it s sunny
m1110: it s sunny f1109: sunnyit s sunny today m1110:
rainbow dash f1104: sunny dayssunnyrainbow dash is it [inaudible]
sunny f1109: sunny it ssunnytoday m1110: what s that
rainbow dash is it [inaudible]sunnythat s f1103: no f1104:
today is gorgeous blue skiessunnyand not too cold i
too is gorgeous very hotsunnyi ll probably have to
afternoon weather very mild andsunny12 sunday to 10 mass
josephs a good day mildsunny19 sunday 9 comm a
two is still warm andsunnybut the lighting colour should
too unpleasant it is brightsunnyand hot the hottest day
day is as bright andsunnyas it was on saturday
home on this bright andsunnynovember s day i was
the weather is warm andsunnyagain what they expected what
in warmth and especially warmsunnydays however both statistics and
a lovely week warm andsunnyi m told it won
it was aye warm ansunnythere an bein a film
ice today is lovely andsunnythough even warm work is
here the weather is beautifulsunnyand in the 80 s
voe show day is alwayssunnyi ve compared the weather
our school activity days thesunnyday before the island games
face in the garden onsunnydays apparently this was where
s pinky pie and s-sunnydays f1103: aye f1104: mm
right come and sit doonsunnydays f1104: mm it s
ve got a bit ofsunnydays i ve got [inaudible]
we re goin to maksunnydays she s smiling see
the cheery company and onsunnydays there was a fine
f806: well we ve hadsunnydays though this morning f807:
grand here when it ssunnyan the hills aw blue
was again sky blue andsunnybut there is an increasing
yeah then it could besunnyall the time f809: yeah
it was it was quitesunnyyesterday it was nice f809:
s true f806: it wassunnyf807: but don t expect
morning an it was reallysunnyin a cold kind of
other 6 sections on thesunnyday of sunday 24th of
work we ll mak asunnyborder here an ower there
40 am to a glorioussunnyday breakfast was a glass
no it s not asunnyday f1121: it s not
f1121: it s not asunnyday that s right what
a day like this reallysunnythey were at the hairst
too bad a time insunnyitaly but ah d raither
clock face the climate issunnypleasant and cool like a
robert reading to me fromsunnystories shafting shadow and light
malta the canary islands anywheresunnyi asked michelle of shetland
about 150 miles from thesunnymediterranean you can really get
summer time and it ssunnythen i ll quite enjoy
was bri- it was likesunnyand f814: aye before i
re housed we went taesunnybarlanark which was f606: aye
1 30 and then verysunnyand windy with frequent sandstorms
little welcome it s neversunnyin that dismal place but
june wis as bonnie asunnyevenin as onybody could wint
description of her and hersunnylocks hang on her temples

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