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by lord archer of westonsupermare in the house of
westminster 10 brian cotter westonsupermare may i again ask
of lord archer of westonsupermare s bill in 1998
psyche into id ego andsuperego rapidly became common linguistic
rabelais is extravagant urquhart issuperextravagant when rabelais uses three
whether we believe that thesuperaffirmative procedure should be pushed
about the helpfulness of thesuperaffirmative procedure to the parliamentary
2 with regard to thesuperaffirmative procedure we have debated
main reasons for having asuperaffirmative procedure without that right
my position remains that thesuperaffirmative procedure would be appropriate
executive on the issue ofsuperaffirmative procedures and on whether
the pulling together of strategiessuperaffirmative procedures are probably unnecessary
satisfied with the position onsuperaffirmative procedures i am not
to possess such powers thesuperaffirmative procedures should apply as
which is f606: mmhm f209: superf606: [inhale] f209: and eh
doon m1098: oh that mysuperain f1097: that your super
super ain f1097: that yoursuperain m1098: aye f1097: wow
pregnant yeah f1024: [cough] f1054: superehm attractive words for attractive
look at me i msuper[music from toy] wow f1103: [inhale] f1104:
f960: oh hit s absolutelysuperan you look right doon
f960: yeah dat ll besuperf961: bit o wir hoose
another mall there s asuperexpensive store which has moved
estacca now the home ofsuperstar michael douglas owls frogs
eh matthew fitt whose asuperlanguage guy eh came on
old punter passes and shoutssupersex and the old guy
happening here m1106: mum [inaudible]superthings f1105: woops m1106: mum
mean i don t followsuperbike m642: he had a
right f1054: er all friendssuperehm right first of all
f1054: ehm we had asuperblast o o o of
ninian s primary f1054: greatsupernow you were spikkin earlier
to the hills is issuperthe space f606: mmhm m845:
f1089: fitt aboot this onesupergiant colouring book m1090: mm
oh well i mean thesuperfurry animals have you seen
eddie mcginn heroin od thesuperstrength batch that took out
that is a good onesuperf1143: mm mm how re
think it must be jollysuperoutlook bleak ma auld auntie
very merry christmas and asuperdooper new year but don
even in their caur thesupersays we ve no tae
more mud into the poolsuperyou spluttered and ducked your
nose the sheriff inquired withsuperglue perhaps my client and
the quality o life issuperan ye know ye ye
magnificent lounges with finnish furnituresuperdining room and smorgasbord shops
sounds the round trip asupersaver is costing me 266
d too foetid is asuperword but not as apt
fittit efter mony years thesupercuddy wis feinisht an presentit
salinger otherwise the shower wassuperhot and plentiful and i
the alba centre was asuperplace and our visit was
pioneer palace a kind ofsuperscouts hall for 9 14
ascending the steps sucking asuperstrong mint the bus disgorged

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