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glasgow called the burns iqbalsupperiqbal being the premier poet
burns iqbal f963: right m762: supperwhich is great you know
smiley faces for supper forsupperf1115: fitt you wantin f1116:
wantin f1116: smiley faces forsupperf1115: smiley faces no fitt
supper do you want yoursupperf1116: smiley faces for supper
supper f1116: smiley faces forsupperfor supper f1115: fitt you
the ither guests whan thesupperwes richt feinisht the cumpanie
war thay weill feinisht thairsupperwhan wha soud cum breingin
s gey near feinisht hissupperwhatfor hae ye left the
burns supper the peeblesshire burnssupperafter i had accepted i
we go and cook thesupperdo you want your supper
memory at a formal burnssupperthe peeblesshire burns supper after
a do it yourself burnssuppera search for the name
to address an edinburgh burnssuppera striking figure wearing a
it came to the burnssupperand eh just before it
primary sevens do a burnssupperand ehm it s a
sang it at their burnssupperand it went down well
fact it was a burnssupperand they were sellin bottles
brightest was probably the burnssupperat the british embassy club
the lasses at a burnssupperat the weekend i got
experience some elements of burnssupperhaggis etc might involve singing
there should be a burnssupperin ayrshire every night of
i met at a burnssupperin luxembourg he got an
scots speaking at a burnssupperin luxembourg he told a
nothing wrong with a burnssupperit is good to get
club held an annual burnssupperit is remembered that at
2942 world s biggest burnssupperlodged on 26 march 2002
do we have the burnssupperphenomenon i suggest that it
went through the whole burnssupperprocedure with tremendous energy and
and never had another burnssupperrobert burns is indeed one
higher or csys perhaps burnssupperschool burns club writers club
the biggest labour movement burnssuppertakes place in dumfries every
gorbals for the first burnssupperthat they had ever organised
the day o the burnssupperthe kids all met me
to attend [note: photo: 'newspaper notice about a girls club outing to edzell castle from the early 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'girls social club outing.'] burnssupperthe social club held an
immortal memory the last burnssupperwas held in 1972 mrs
of whisky at this burnssupperyou just didn t buy
to have a mince piesupperin a chippie you expect
a in a mince piesupperthey ve got there not
m819: it s the piesupperwi salt an sauce an
soud hae it for masupperah haena tasted roast chicken
ve ordert soor milk forsupperthe doctor says ye soud
bob f1109: listen fitt abootsupperfitt cbeebies bob is that
bob then m1110: fitt abootsupperwould you like fish fingers
aa your dinner and yoursupperm1096: [inaudible] that s a
made tea at dinner timesupperon ordinary nights was often
were made quite often forsupperor for dinner to end
of sowens for dinner orsupperwas common at the time
calfie s cheese tae wirsupperdeen in a dish in
go doon and get wirsupperf1102: no one- f1101: fitt
orientation day we hid wirsupperin e wee hotel an
at we d hae wirsupperit s winnerfae fit young
an escape from the clinicsupperat eduardo s fish restaurant
when you get a fishsupperhere because they have this
like fish fingers for yersupperm1110: that was the end
four quid for a fishsupperor somethin like that m819:
ll have a em fishsupperplease and the woman was
or pez in a fishsupperthey ve got in a
there were clootie dumplins forsupperat six o clock it
pipe ticktickticktick went the clocksuppers reidee cum yoo said
sax o clock an mysupperthat s aa they lookit
something to eat for yoursupperf1102: no i ll just
get some chips for yoursupperfae the chip shop f1102:
s awa to get hissupperfitt s he getting tae
s he getting tae hissupperfitt s on his plate
i held in for masupperaa weel it wis een
this there was the wintersupperheld after all the corn
o clockses and tea withsupperbefore you went to bed
accompaniment at tea and aftersuppertheir position at table not
so that tea that meanssupperye ken had to be
erll of crawford and eftersupperat sevyne houris the king
bother ava efter a cosiesupperfur twa miss vining left
efter he d etten hissupperhe cried in his guidnichts
sitting in his armchair aftersuppera whilie back had learned
we d done this aftersupperbrazilian music alternated with disco
a lot like scotland aftersupperby the light of a
for you for after yoursupperf1142: no f1141: especially just
the coast and later aftersupperi sewed up the fallen
full in the sky aftersupperthree or four of us
hame frae mercat sikkin hersupperfin pranny gied her the
fin they were at theirsupperneest nicht she asks fit
tells pranny tae hae thesupperon fin she got hame
i entertain the leaders tosupperlast night a splendid evening
and night flying bats forsuppernext morning the heavy atmosphere
he arrived hame for hissupperhe hid been tae the
neest mornin we got oorsupperfae the fermers wife an
is fan we hae oorsuppernae half past nae seven
an that wis aften oorsupperwhen the smith family was
tree she d hid naesuppermyn an the puir lassie
the houss but whan thsupperwe set he wes rael
and left to boil tillsuppertime this was a thrifty
cause i m makkin thesupperand i ll hae to
in tae sing fur hissupperat the antrin soiree the
an etten it fur theirsupperwithout thinkin the rice wis
an buy some stuff fursupperye need tae stert gaun
ll have to get oursupperan eh get your jamas
can have mates round forsuppercook something for your mum
boys and get your wintersupperfor ye deserve it it
intil the gairden whaur asupperwis aa set out shi
an jamie set aitin theirsupperjamie telt jane fit jake
am concocting goulash for oursupperoh get a hold of
ill they got saps forsuppergey aften the source o
men got the hennie atsuppertime this same sister wis
stalks cut at harvest clyacksupperend of harvest meal cocker
house had a fabulous lobstersupperat new glasgow overpage last
noo i m at mysupperi ll come over as
see i m at mysupperronald bricky shuffled his feet
we only had it atsuppertime and i think it
it could be taken atsuppertime just to finish my
jonsar sat doon for hissupperhe said oot loud i
tatties an pint for hissupperi e as he ate
himself out of his fullsuppermabel spoke a lot about
and eaten with oatcakes hissupperwas oatcakes and black coffee
around home for a latesupper3 thursday a good day
a het drink for thairsupperan hap thaim up for
be arranged by appointment asuppermenu for groups is available
kye an cuddie for asuppero congratulations but we ll
hours in agony recover forsupperought to have known better
ti the mains for theirsupperquarto wang tuik the gate
haein roast turkey for thesupperthe nicht syne aipil tairt
used each year for thesupperto the grassic gibbon centre
eat up the wolf forsupperwill they m1108: no whe-
[censored: surname] the international advisors forsupperwith some other overseas students
the femily were haein theirsupperjonsar s mither says the
s brought down a seafoodsupperand invited me round to
just cool down on mysupperf1125: mmhm f1126: [inaudible] [?]i can dae it[/?]
denner an wis ravenous orsuppertime in the spring there
mean ti haud a spaicialsuppera d be byordnar gled
surprisingly good too lunch andsupperstarted with soup of various
he ett a richt guidsupperan drank a ful stowp
wee houss an thay haedsupperan drank whuskie thegither an
an gaed inby an haedsupperan dryit huis claes juist
licht atwein the nou ansupperbinna ma horse gangs weill
the dynere and to thesupperand he come and dynit
condemned hen ate a broodysuppershe bequeathed to her sister
followed by a slap upsupperthursday 6 rbc bingo call
l haud masell apairt tillsuppertyme sae a can walcum
now disappeared to make thesupperso i will close now
on helen who gave ussuppershe s doing well and
bittie farrer sooth the clyacksupperwid be the maiden feast

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