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toasting the bard at burnssuppersthat we attend this year
say that there are burnssuppersall over the world like
m865: yeah yeah f951: burnssuppersan haggis an m865: [laugh]
voluntary activities such as burnssuppersand burns federation award preparations
place cheese was mentioned burnssuppersare about food and fellowship
been to some amazing burnssuppersaround the world some in
when we have tv burnssuppersbeing eaten all year round
years many people criticise burnssuppersbut i have always found
of the support the burnssuppersenjoyed over the years [note: newspaper article from february 1907]
is by the people burnssuppershave lived on as an
oil rigs and suchlike burnssuppershave taken off in my
that we welcome all burnssuppersin ayrshire at this time
not be only about burnssuppersin january the point has
is particularly good about burnssuppersis that they are about
remembered that at early burnssupperslemonade or tea was served
morrison was a child burnssupperstook place but not to
sit and chat two informalsupperswill be held there on
his edinburgh residence of learnedsuppersin the manner of roman
pointed out that be thesuppersin a village hall or
candy floss grease rowed fishsuppersan ice cream skitterin gulls
a turn there s fishsuppersfrae dess tae cromar the
last night we bought puddingsupperssadly the family considered their
porridge for the men ssupperswas put on at the
bluidie knyfes frae feasts andsupperspey leal respek we dwyne
fergus there are no shakespearesupperswhy do we have the

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