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but he will not besurprisedto learn that he does
still i would not besurprisedto learn that not only
place members will not besurprisedto learn that the specific
of the public have beensurprisedto learn that the tabard
the kettle on peggy offsurprisedgood loon i m just
you think of that peggysurprisedis he loretta and he
meant neil i m notsurprisedpeggy weel i understand that
and it wouldn t havesurprisedme to hear someone asking
off school an i msurprisedtae hear colin sayin skive
faither eilidh ah m nosurprisedti hear that wha dis
oxters in fur i wassurprisedto hear she d ended
but he will not besurprisedto hear that i do
ms macdonald members might besurprisedto hear that i lectured
the first minister might besurprisedto hear that i was
fencing cathie craigie i amsurprisedto hear you say that
priority i was a littlesurprisedtherefore to read in the
f606: yeah i was quitesurprisedto read i think the
looking for i was quitesurprisedto read some of it
the work already i wassurprisedto read that it was
yeah but i was quitesurprisedwhen i read in the
scottish executive i am quitesurprisedby the comments that mike
of hospital i am notsurprisedby the sensationalist press coverage
mr ingram i am notsurpriseddes mcnulty we should consider
difficulty ian jenkins i amsurprisedron tuck do you have
making is important i amsurprisedthat no one from the
be done i am notsurprisedthat such a situation arises
executive of that i amsurprisedthat the executive has not
and galloway i am verysurprisedthat the executive went against
of the bill i amsurprisedthat the information regarding the
underinvestment in infrastructure i amsurprisedthat the tories have even
of free masonry i amsurprisedthat there is not more
statutory consultees and i amsurprisedthat they are not it
to the inquiry i amsurprisedthat we have not had
information bill aitken i amsurprisedthat we have not received
whole thing exploded i amsurprisedthat you say that the
villages members will not besurprisedto know that i am
ehm so i was quitesurprisedand then he said that
t move i was quitesurprisedhe s a physical weakling
the bookshop i was quitesurprisedtae get it but it
thought yeah i was quitesurprisedthat they seemed quite far
he turned suddenly and seemedsurprisedto see mitchel there he
himself i must have lookedsurprisedfor he continued i have
speaking in inverness i lookedsurprisedyes i was in scotland
christmas don t be toosurprisedi find it difficult to
neest d fyr ralph wassurprisedto find he could fit
t be f1150: yeah f1151: surprisedto find lots of people
not at school and wassurprisedto find us working the
to understand english and aresurprisedand even indignant if they
that s brilliant f813: reallysurprisedabout sorry callum i m
folk were really really reallysurprisedat what had been goin
actually m1048: i m reallysurprisedpaul didn t come but
returned i was not reallysurprisedto discover that she knew
questions and then were reallysurprisedwhen we knew the answers
went on forever i msurprisedi stayed awake i m
then instinctively i m naesurprisedi went off the rails
aff bessie i m naesurprisedit was affa neil it
it krista ah m nohsurprisedonly allowed ti play it
residences i m not verysurprisedthe place offers little else
t remember anybody i msurprisedyou remember me come aff
which we should not besurprisedat from the executive parties
might not have been sosurprisedbut george galloway the man
with mine i would besurprisedif the parliament were not
and bush through british eyessurprisedsome do not like us
appropriate community councils i wassurprisedthat that requirement does not
boys his fingers and issurprisedthey are not swollen only
says marvel not be notsurprisedto be born of the
not out matter it wassurprisedto be noticed this morning
you should not be sosurprisedto see me anywhere girl
yeah we were actually verysurprisedat the s- the success
at a slow speed fitsurprisedjonsar eck wis that the
nae gan that wouldna vesurprisedme he never kent fit
they both look at hersurpriseddinna leave him fitever ye
join in the family wassurprisedwhen both of them flattened
the keekin poem ah thatsurprisedyou you thought i was
1990 82 this behaviour hassurprisedhistorians ranald nicholson comments even
executive said that it wassurprisedand concerned by the relatively
interested in an i wassurprisedat the f606: yeah f1039:
were doing and i wassurprisedat you a respectable man
if at first i wassurprisedby her directness i was
milngavie i was a bitsurprisedby the executive s blunt
several hundred aussies he wassurprisedhowever when they all turned
m1146: i wouldn t besurprisedif a scud missile was
left of barnsley i wassurprisedmermaids prefer the cricket knapdorlacks
so that i was neithersurprisednor unsurprised when he gave
amendment 34 i was somewhatsurprisedthat it should have been
more serious stuff i wassurprisedto see on the playback
t the only one pleasantlysurprisedby their mutual civility ach
madam i d be verysurprisedif i couldn t here
sent us i ve beensurprisedby the overseas student differential
table aside i got upsurprisedby the weakness in my
maconochie don t look sosurprisedi know lord monboddo better
mind you i widna besurprisedthere s worse than that
t it he had beensurprisedat the bitterness of his
the offer but wasn tsurprisedby the statement next to
laughing delightedly ye micht besurprisedhe gives her a huge
his attitude an his answersurprisedjonsar eck entirely he jist
broon an roost he wissurprisedtae see some o the
ower his books he wissurprisedtae see that his stuff
passion one afternoon though hesurprisedthem on the sofa his
mm mmhm yeah m762: pleasantlysurprisedyou know and so on
at kilconquhar walk rest kidssurprisedto see me home with
calm now although her calmnesssurprisedher yesterday she had been
telling me how delighted andsurprisedthe assembled company had been
echo koolyghin ah wadna besurprisedan ye got yeirsell mairrit
ye needle ye wad besurprisedat whit ah can dae
the mull you wid besurprisedfoo much grain wis bein
is the simultaneous interpretation itsurprisedme that john farquhar munro
georgie looks after him mildlysurprisedat his reluctance to gossip
to peer at the stonesurprisedat how kind the centuries
enjoyable one mrs l hadsurprisedhim by confessing her devotion
it s used you soundsurprisedthat they occasionally use a
dump the register catches thesurprisedamusement of the speaker as

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