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poland or vice versa thesurroundingvillages contained the summer palaces
areas including kilsyth and itssurroundingvillages supported by dr sylvia
and twenty seven houses itssurroundingcountryside was possessed by wealthy
given freud the fundamental informationsurroundingthese topics as interpreted anthropologically
be influenced by the circumstancessurroundingthe recent bid by her
be influenced by the circumstancessurroundingthe recent bid by her
the light of the circumstancessurroundingthe recent bid by her
industrial into the industrial areasurroundingglasgow the dialect m741: mmhm
independent inquiry into the circumstancessurroundingany losses incurred following the
any investigations into the circumstancessurroundingany of the cases involving
plans to investigate the circumstancessurroundingdelay to the installation of
difficult to achieve with debatesurroundingthe usage of scots it
the neighbours in the trianglesurroundingthe back court tenants of
stranraer and larne and theirsurroundingareas where most of the
what dependence macduff harbour andsurroundingbusinesses have on fishing s1w
referred it is perhaps asurroundingvillage in her constituency members
that if it is asurroundingvillage in karen whitefield s
comes frae glasgow an thisurroundingarea thi caw centre staff
sqa to explore the problemssurroundingthat the sqa informed us
back we glimpsed black domessurroundingone golden dome one of
relationship between buildings and theirsurroundingenvironment such as roads and
research to address current uncertaintiessurroundingthe general relationship between environmental
st andrew s house andsurroundingbuildings on calton hill and
have served to bring issuessurroundingthe revitalisation of gaelic back
the data itself but ideologysurroundingthe data and eh effectively
and contribute significantly to theirsurroundinglocal economies and considers that
is also a technical debatesurroundingthe ability of some of
issues in aberdeen and thesurroundingarea and on petition pe357
known about the health issuessurroundingcigarettes for at least half
to identify and address issuessurroundingpre registration training that will
middleton with mcclure into issuessurroundingscots began by examining the
1975 58 discussing the issuessurroundingthe acquisition of language trudgill
concern the public safety issuessurroundingthe irresponsible use of fireworks
sign language bsl 111 concernssurroundingsocial inclusion which are of
as much as the debatesurroundingthe inclusion of a question
of the old town andsurroundingparish i attended 3 interments
as part of the publicitysurroundingrangers and celtic continuing the
school pupils within glasgow andsurroundingareas at present the project
ardrishaig and lochgilphead and thesurroundingareas in view of the
historic day as the wallsurroundingone of the bin areas
the many questions and concernssurroundingthe languages of scotland and
parliament notes the emerging problemssurroundingthe funding of educational and
there is clearly an issuesurroundingservice provision for that group
mcaveety there is an issuesurroundingthe independence of a separate
order that the full factssurroundingthe issue may be made
it is concluded the gapssurroundingthe issue of odour control
parliament notes the current debatesurroundingproposals to increase the powers
dogs much of the debatesurroundingthe introduction of the protection
knew every particle of mattersurroundingme seemed to resonate gaia
on arbuthnott house and thesurroundingfarms and woodland which were
was really nice the forestssurroundingfredericton are beginning to turn
and end the uncertainty currentlysurroundingits possible relocation s1m 3934
as evidenced by the crisissurroundingthe ratification of the maastricht
record some of the hypothesissurroundinghow such projects would work
tourists the locals lined thesurroundinghills the benches we occupied
pitches with regimented tenement blockssurroundingthem like uninterested viewing galleries

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