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languages in the world willsurviveunless there is deliberate language
leids in the world willsurviveunless there some deliberate language
will enable the pupil tosurvivein real situations which the
to enable the pupils tosurvivein the real situations they
the way around the worldsurvivea plane crash live on
that indigenous languages tend tosurvivein other places we will
kind of written prose didsurvivethe norman conquest of 1066
accent the language seemed tosurvivethe accent i mean you
broad dialects of scots willsurviveonly in communities that have
who for various reasons cannotsurvivein the wild mahouts speak
the reasons why hibs cansurvivewithout the euro revenue that
members and they cannot possiblysurvivein a union of 25
can t imagine how yousurvivethat climate coffee my secretary
the selected few who cansurvive11 rls enjoyed only the
the wish to see itsurviveis a strong motivation behind
hud a strong will taesurvivelike me an even though
language is strongest languages cannotsurvivein the modern world if
justice systems in the worldsurviveon some sort of plea
why are they expected tosurviveon bursaries which despite increases
and line fishermen would otherwisesurviveto spawn rod and line
but do not seem tosurviveinto the modern period eit
of yours i hoping isurvivewish me luck weil all
out they were playing tosurviveer f718: uh huh m734:
ay god s love didsurvivean ah cannae help but
s love miscarried did notsurvivethe labour the afterbirth is
am clever too lady isurviveby catching and selling fish
the river as smolts whichsurviveto return as adult fish
born with the will tosurviveand the young turned their
different story in order tosurvivepero has had to take
cinema too so i llsurvivemy jet lag s getting
which is too young tosurviveon its own owner of
bins just to help yousurvivemy ma and my pa
me foo did da wirldsurviveafore dey cam alang a
of my life would isurviveif i did would i
outlined above although they didsurvivewithin o level examinations in
said but nowadays they onlysurviveby picking the bones of
pair the only one tosurvivemy onslaught suffered many false
dominates the ancient terraces whichsurviveon either side of the
d roast pork i llsurvivei may even get fat
ah would dae anythin taesurvivean it would be an
would not be able tosurviveand wishes the newspaper every
propitiated would allow them tosurviveby hunting and harvesting some
for for all thesedialects thatsurvivef948: yeah i would say
many of us would notsurviveif its people were not
yet which often struggle tosurvivelet alone excite or innovate
government support it will notsurvivebeyond the mid point of
a microphone sings i willsurvivei should ve changed that
market if they want tosurviveaccording to the national federation
if we re going tosurvivewe must get people to
resorted to petty thieving tosurvivehard times at first they
do what they do tosurviveto move on to heal
for those of you whosurvivethe obstacle course f806: [laugh]
hauns o mine gin yesurvivethe mass attack a ll
but i think i cansurviveon the money i m
turning to e commerce tosurvivehowever we were disconcerted when
fuel an ye could naesurviveon yon watery gruel but
generosity in helping their familysurviveand [censored: forename] has been on
tir nan og whilst wesurvivebairns o the mist the

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