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mr jones has made billswanni shall respond on behalf
of the bill from billswannmike jones qc gordon nardell
therefore not be needed billswannmr jones indicates that we
it apply to foxes billswannagain fox hunting tends to
we proceed to questions billswannscottish campaign against hunting with
wildlife liaison co ordinator billswannscottish campaign against hunting with
wright in graddol leith andswann1996 270 273 grant delineated
1996 in mercer n andswannj ed learning english development
fox were above ground billswannthat is indeed the case
you move on please billswannto move on to fox
licensing in its entirety billswannmike watson s proposed amendments
right in saying that mrswannsuggested that mike watson intended
another group is not billswanni will ask mike flynn
to recover lost ground billswannconvener before i pass that
secure under the echr billswannwould it be helpful to
have given those people billswannin my opening statement i
to commit an offence billswanni do not think that
activities are going on billswanni may be able to
that we have requested billswannon behalf of us all
dog homes keep them billswannone must consider the best
have already been lodged billswannthank you for that correction
the landowner or farmer billswannthe intent of such travelling
policeman would know that billswannthere is confusion over what
the bill i invite billswannto introduce himself and the
the statement is brief billswannwe thank you for the
respect of this bill billswannwe will undertake to do
of circumstances the convener mrswanni do not want a

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