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her boggin features git aswatchat yon hae ye ever
bot supponed ti skair theswatcho twa shankitrie whae wuid
frae their silky manes aswatcho drumdelgie throwin his roch
kaleidoscope to fiona have aswatchfiona looked into the tube
ilka coat mysie cut aswatcho claith an stappit thaim
s claes ah cut aswatcho claith frae ilka coat
diet means fry it aswatcho hairt disease floatin in
strae raip she wis aswatcho the auld kintra tae
re there minnie mindit aswatcho sang she d heard
o venus tae read aswatchfrae she lies ablow my
ilka goun she cut aswatchan pat thaim inti a
in to demands for aswatchat la bird s gear

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