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to sweep brush swyte tosweatsye to sieve sye er
hundred percent walrus even hissweatsmelt vaguely fishy every day
at such times the fishysweatstench of him reminded her
his pillow smelt of leathersweatand age i held it
pagh the stench of yoursweatthe fungus of your breath
defeat jonsar sat ere thesweatpoorin aff o him bleed
het as weel poorin osweatwabbit i div feel be
wear ready made garments swytesweatand fite white are commoner
a shake an shiver answeatpours aff me like a
i hear myself shouting assweatpours off me and the
worse than hellfire an thesweatpourin oot ma hair roots
s really really warm thesweats pourin off you you
stank of booze grease andsweatgrey swirls of smoke began
i m meltit dreepin wisweathe ll be alang the
noo brakin in ere ssweaton his broo thursday 13th
oars oot an soon ehsweatwiz lashin off his broo
level doc pause standin wisweatbubblin naw ken drippin off
fat and rich on thesweatand blood o ithers here
phlegm streaked with blood andsweatand salt like a collier
know that it took bloodsweatand tears it has been
in all its forms hairsweatblood and semen was infinitely
bathed in a dreadful slimysweatan ma boadice an skirts
the smell exactly earth andsweatand dirt a boy smell
maks the day feel coolsweatrins aft o me intae
looks a fearsome sight thesweatis runnin aff her brew
hill he broke intae asweatan he started tae tell
spade since he never brokesweatnot even at their most
small you were wearing asweatstained blue shirt which did
his mother began to oozesweatlike a wrung sponge mrs
the scud the barmaid ssweatit caused a flood an
of misery i made emsweatold boy i made em
jobs in call centres beingsweatshop low paid jobs the
spring an stuck tae thesweatoan the watchmaker s nose
for aff o me thesweatdis poor wednesday 12th temp
fi an early morning runsweatsoaked bit glowin pause waiting
wi the sin sae brawsweatlike a burn fae me
puffing in her stephanie bowmansweatit off slimmersuit tc 12
at me he s wipingsweatoff his face half dead
weet in the inside wisweattwa oors it felt like
the evening had brought asweatout on boswell s brow
somebody sweir swear reluctant sweitsweatswerf faint swey swing swick
winder is it worth thesweatfor aw the produce that
jerseys all he knew wassweaton hungry faces saliva stringing
or food generally swite issweatfussle is a whistle saat
pangs of stubborn heresy asweatupon the rack surpassed the

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