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wir a bottle o finesweetmylk a muckle tick brünnie
o rømegrut ta mark midsimmersweetmylk an bleddick cookit tae
an quilkit doon da finesweetmylk an showed awa upo
an quilkit doon da finesweetmylk an showed upo a
treat made with sour creamsweetmylk fresh milk bleddick buttermilk
tae wir ain gairden thesweetpeas are in an looking
o seed trays an thesweetpeas are oot tae harden
bye the hoose wi thesweetpeas ere wis a new
said div you see mysweetpeas ere wis een or
she hid some show osweetpeas he said oot loud
wander yon mannie wi thesweetpeas hid jolted his mind
started tae work at thesweetpeas jonsar eck stopped the
he hid deen for yearssweetpeas need something tae support
beach hats flop like hotsweetpeas oh archers emmerdale eastenders
best apart from his wonderfulsweetpeas regularly dosed with diluted
aff o the neest doorssweetpeas they were a affa
help bit notice that thesweetpeas were nae gruwin jonsar
shar t his love osweetpeas wi s ana afore
again ah haena haird thesweetburds lilt this monie a
throu the brainches syne thesweetburds liltit ti cheer the
the siller forelands an thesweetburds sang the haill day
ma naig ti whaur thesweetburds sing basho ir the
a must what memories theirsweetkernels would hold during short
its sell by date sweetsweetmemories and all because the
past its sell by datesweetsweet memories and all because
think on aa the memoriessweetwe ve shared thae saxteen
greit lat hir ma dearsweetmasha ye r ma wyfe
guidman she haes sic asweetnaitur haes masha sic a
haes masha sic a verrasweetnaitur vershinin ah think ah
koolyghin ma darlin masha masweetprecious masha irena she s
m1110: yes i like asweetsweets f1109: a sweet treat
snack would you like asweettreat m1110: yes i like
a sweet sweets f1109: asweettreat would you like a
co operative which supplies goodsweetcoffee slim bars of dark
creamy his dark kebabs hissweetstrong turkish coffee made secretaries
and facile we had strongsweetturkish coffee in the bar
pasta tubes washed down withsweetwhite coffee that you pour
jenkins who has been mysweetand dear adversary or perhaps
three tae yoke their dearsweetherts tae aa that wark
hou wunnerfu yung ma dearsweetlass dinna fash yeirsell believe
o yeirsell chebutykin ma dearsweetlassie ah hae naebodie in
let her gang ma ellensweetma dearest dear it wrung
i think of a dearsweetnorwegian friend who has devoted
to irena ma dear masweetwee lass hae ah no
an ate em fresh answeetbit noo at ey ve
but cheerful sunshine the freshsweetsmell of the awakening earth
fresh whit ah need pausesweetsmellin blossoms uh ll be
ingins an rhubarb e fitesweetsmell o e flooerin boortree
in church with the strongsweetsmell of himalayan cowslips that
stane gress see for itssweetsmell theikit wi angelica ay
foo is yer milk saesweetfin ye glugger doon sic
in the birk mistress osweetminstrelsie even sic a sang
lad wis sic a pleisuresweetsheila is a lass tae
braes o bonnie doon answeetafton aa thon singin aboot
derk foon o the yirdsweetan clear an bonnie the
bonnie flooer ye are answeetbut och ye re like
a boortrees wi eir bonniesweetfloories at e loons likit
so sharp and strong andsweetit threatened to unseat me
mopping them up like yoghurtsweetand creamy his dark kebabs
bright furrow bamboo flute soundssweetunder the moon s dark
which should be short andsweeti hope and the introduction
it was short it wassweet[laugh] f631: [laugh] f634: and
too short lulled by thesweetperfume of flowering currant and
with hibiscus mint tea smallsweetcakes a plump veiled chewing
torn plastic tablecloth hibiscus teasweetcakes the plaint of the
in making myself cups ofsweettea and managed to wash
rice or potatoes and asweettea flowed from strategically placed
beildin young an auld masweetane alane worthie ay ti
wi spykarie ay locks wuishensweetclaes o monie colours see
flouers ay fillin the haasweetoams skailin see in througang
smile sae janty kiss saesweetand words sae tender gentle
respondit tae his sang saesweetfor me wha had nae
gairden here that smells saesweetgies on tae marshes fu
mim moued southron ode saesweetmy hert it rung sae
haa bit ne er saesweetor strang i wis a
tree ruit that s hamesweethame tae a wee broun
o auld abeurdeen mean hamesweethame ti me robby aw
it dis bide fair thesweetpea jonsar eck wis up
fair annet child 73e wheresweetwille and fair annie sat
favourite is the opening ofsweetwillie and fair annie lord
his hand to stroke thesweetcrease of her face their
my face deeper in thesweetpunk scented warmth experiencing pain
face against the denim thesweetsmelling motherly tenderness of the
straight at him with asweetsmile on her face andy
breasts upon ma chest yersweethead s one o them
on hir knees pleadin ochsweetmadam mistress spare ma anelie
state is like ma ainsweetsangs that ask for nae
dentist dentist ma tooth ssweetwill i need a fillin
door peat wis a finesweetcrummly heat on a winter
voice jock bit nae asweetane the frost it bein
crabbit or soor bit keepsweetas the peat heather hinney
level oan the marble coontersweetbit flat ah guzzlet it
hae wirms minnie suppit hersweetcocoa bit it didna shift
m815: it s a bitsweethere if you get it
i m tethered noo bitsweets the hire that brings
wee bit extra from hersweettalking him and always having
peace there wis something byordnarsweetayont aa wirds in thon
an ll cry you hersweetbut for aa that i
by the arm she issweetcompared wi him maister there
be fillin wi buttercups answeetpink clover the dykes wad
tempt him tae eat wisweetsaps or drog him wi
come winter aw shod wisweetsmellin birch bark pause winter
wi yin o mah sugarysweetsmiles robby della krista did
a drappie warm ale wisweetspirits o nitre an a
wis drookt wi dyew richtsweetthe blackie wheeplit an ilkie
pause wi aw need thatsweetvoice tip toeing through oor
thay daunced wi an whitsweetvyces thay haed the wee
parks wad be thick answeetwi simmer girse in the
it disna need tae besweetthough it often would be
the grave of her ownsweetbiddable boy he s smiling
at miss wood with asweetexpression and returns to her
old photograph of her asweetfaced lady whose image is
here coo ing over hersweetgrandson jaime whom i meet
me every part of hersweetjesus said mitchel he was
screams and screams waving hersweetlittle limbs as if in
first set my eyes onsweetmolly malone she wheeled her
aw stuck tae her bumsweetnothings jimmy s language fouls
fill his lungs from hersweetslipstream he d take his
s in your handbag honeysweetthing eye candy doctors her
me o lemonade sticky answeetan soor fit a day
was kin o musty butsweetat the same time an
touers an gairdens fou osweetflouers airtin this wey an
get a taste o esweethoney fit though it wis
cams back day or thesweetincam o gloam or morn
lis brocht ower frae francesweetmaid o new saxteen the
the air wes fou osweetmuisic that seemed ti cum
to tell saw chance osweetretaliation to rid them o
she s mair o asweetsherry wifie i think she
the wins o peace aresweettaxi driver s buddha taxi
pass aff a heed osweetwilliams nearly made up be
that meal wis pitten intillsweetfye an the scum at
spent mony a year insweetcontent happy eneuch tae be
fits it feels like gidsweetsherry works bamboozlin tae the
tae some fowk juist hadsweetstuff black bun cherry cake
hae mair adee than spennsweetoors on lanely poetry fierce
the seas weemen an warsslessweetfermented wine he needs nae
cushion on chair an thesweetsmall of bakin is nae
pioneers in this area henrysweet1845 1912 his successors included
led them his voice assweetan low as a cushie
him soundit as clear answeetas his fairie freins whan
and skelped the kings cowpedsweetjesus ooto his staa connor
about beardie jean s stickysweettoffee then his fingers start
are saucy an women aresweetan some they will charm
ugh champagne cheap but verysweetand vodka including an extra
the burn in the springtimesweetbut smeek an stour an
chess sets rich pastry answeetclementines weel hanselled by the
usherettes selt ices cauld answeetcould melt the steeny hairt
buddhist scorpions buffalo rabies demonssweetmango misty bens an cweelin
years we trampt the langsweetmiles ower muir an hill
abuin the mey flouers answeetscentit violets keikit oot frae
i made it rare answeetshe sips that s better
finds spear an sword assweetwinds riffle owre the blackadder
myne thon lowpin burn farsweetyoams raise an trimmlit an
him love you too byesweetbye she holds the dead
i ve never never madesweetand sour in the house
take their natural course asweetand sensible plan but here
here far the shade issweetthe verra girse cries gandhi
and er she was sosweetand friendly but i couldn
said she d make mesweetand sour chicken and i
see she wad be assweetas hinnie afore they war
bile they wur tess nohsweetlike the wild strawberry berna
phrase out like a nippysweetso jennifer didn t dare
are smeeth gracefu its thrapplesweetits string it s willin
think there is nothing sosweetand just as we read
can do so much homesweethome key in the lock
the tomb so cool sosweeti will enfold you at
dosed with diluted not sosweetpee from under bed chamber
young flesh so ripe sosweetswelling with juice cherry mouth
taste be t soor orsweetbe t cauld or hetter
is perplexed stupified douce issweetdindill or dinnle is a
salad or occasionally a vilesweetvanilla flavoured cheese topped with
air is filled with incensesweetpearls to my gold umbrella
50 which takes in mysweetyoung man alex neil more
t have a lot ofsweetthings erm but yeah i
t have a lot ofsweetthings erm didn t have
and as if those honeysweettunes weren t enough every
their embers as warm andsweetin memory as they were
sacrifice of praise when thesweetaroma of our thanksgiving reaches
helper the companion of oursweetautumnal re flowering i wax
and our sepulchre expell thesweetimaginings profound humanities and golden
f632: really f646: i meanssweetf632: hm f646: as as
of a line up ofsweetadelines a present i decided
breakfast was a glass ofsweetapple juice and a boots
a bield fin storms blawsweetare the ties that bind
that has achieved frankly absolutesweetf a for that area
m1128: angeli- it s asweetf1127: a fruit shoot m1128:
and also a set ofsweetfoods chocolate and all the
he d fusper a pucklesweetlees weemin likit things trickit
dessert arrives a cornucopia ofsweetmelon grapes mandarins and persimmons
p p s if asweetpea did gruw aside yon
rocks a thing worth knowingsweetrot that cradles the earth
do you have a namesweetseraphim robby tess ur names
mabel s grannie had asweettooth and liked to sup
wiooten onie wannecessar trauchle norsweetwhan a wur ae callant
and ye didna it wassweetand it was spicy but
that noona dungarees turned intaesweetreid jelly ilka october but
howling out the chorus tosweetcaroline from the bottom of
cousin neil at new deersweetmauve neeps from uncle dod
the toffee is nice thoughsweetand sharp and greasy in
love is both bitter andsweetdelight and painful the rhymes
plump green beans pinkish greensweetgrapes locally grown spinach and
leaf it feeds upon faintsweethopes and perishing dreams and
to prick erect and thesweetmilk to flow the good
knuckle crackers nudgers and whispererssweetsucking crisp crunching visitors sit
it all to be wonderfulsweetwords and soft music hollywood
hard whose notes were eversweetagain however we notice how
the haive eel guid fatsweeteatin hou s it wersh
in the showers even thesweetechoes of the hair gel
it turns out dulcie meanssweetf632: oh right f646: [swallow]
well m1106: [humming] f1105: nosweetgirl going to marry you
pronunciations gaen instead of geensweetinstead of swyte reflecting the
roll three old men singingsweetlittle sixteen none of it
siller speen the rocher brewsweetnatur s dew will aywis
eck landed back at thesweetpea wifie he coodnae help
uncle s favourite tune wassweetrothesay bay there s still
stud ahhh parting is suchsweetsorrow the bus pulled in
dimps fuckin great now wursweettalking the psycho silence cammy
nails beetroot reid braith sicklysweetwhit scaffie s bin forgot

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