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there right and we llswitchon the grill and then
grill and then m1096: ayeswitchon the grill f1095: [inaudible]
a nurse to i justswitchon the telly and she
here with me we couldswitchon the telly if we
u1028: [inaudible] m865: do youswitchdepending on who you talk
you talk to wow f951: switchyeah depending on who i
be helpful if members couldswitchoff their mobile phones and
mobile phone switched on pleaseswitchyour mobile phones off kate
wi the screen kin itswitchoff the screen kin it
so we wouldn t codeswitchas such m608: uh huh
sociolinguistics code mixing that youswitchbetween urdu and english in
hearin him kind of codeswitchbetween using english words and
people are able to codeswitcheffectively between the scots an
taped it and i couldswitchher off and on you
like the sound of thatswitchit off at the wall
long for her not toswitchit off but she leaves
there s nobody watching itswitchit off f1112: ah f1111:
of course you always knowswitchit off i heard her
tummy full up [censored: forename] weswitchit off m1092: no don
a shetlander then i justswitchit off m865: mm mm
hear it right m1048: toswitchit off so that you
unique to this parliament toswitchmembers off the president ended
to be able to justswitchoff and just read books
the wall radio doesn tswitchoff at all you just
red portable tv says вниманиеswitchoff but the wires lead
ken if we could jistswitchoff like the new iron
head and they won tswitchoff not that i think
squaller round the studio andswitchoff our various spotlights etc
then i may tell youswitchoff that bloody machine first
she exits she reaches toswitchoff the light and stops
thousands just words ignore themswitchoff walk away aunt pol
tall m1106 : [noise from toy] f1105: okayswitchthat off now m1106 : [noise from toy]
got up at nine toswitchthe alarm clock off there
think we ll hae toswitchthe cooker off noo i
m1090: it s yuck iswitchthis off f1089: no it
f1121: mmhm right we llswitchthis off okay and we
switch the tap on f1122: switchthe tap on f1121: [running water]
fairy liquid f1121: okay rightswitchthe tap on f1122: switch
place in scotland so theswitchfrom demand for tobacco would
who loses because people willswitchtheir consumption demand from one
saliva into saccharine sludge iswitchon the radio but can
fur nae reason an theyswitchaff again if the fitba
reason sadie my eye theyswitchit oan fur nae reason
s from glen buchat theyswitcha lot between english and
hunting do not see aswitchbetween fox and drag hunting
gaelic and i sc- iswitchbetween gaelic and english a
and that many of usswitchbetween scots and standard english
indian creole etc and alsoswitchbetween standard english with a
television and they learn toswitchbetween that and the home
it s not easy toswitchback and fore it makes
you find it easy toswitchfrom scots to english not
nae watch bit ye cannaswitchaff aa the same sae
he hid lairnt hou taeswitchhis lugs aff an at
tae unscrew the terminal answitchit aff maist mornins it
the moon wi aa amplificationswitcht aff noo that s
possess the communicative competence toswitchfrom scots to english according
may break down and theswitchfrom scots to english may
this very often precipitated aswitchtowards more formal english she
were able to sort ofswitcher you know into the
and i m able toswitchon my reading lamp for
it och helps if youswitchthe cooker on mum doesn
you up to the lightswitchwould that be easiest m1092:
with one flick of theswitchhis own decision darkness at
the decision was taken toswitchthe search to the irish
hame knitted maybe you llswitchon some time and hear
there was a sort ofswitchin attitude and it became
lindsay and gilmour chemists aswitchof resources away from community
got polished and ready taeswitchon they re nae use
oh it s stopped againswitchit back on oh no
out by salmon farmers whoswitchpart of their production to
crofters next march where theswitchfrom headage to area payments
to a useful diversion andswitchof focus back to bessie
chainge t v rises toswitchit on must be somethin
the paragraph with a commandswitchon the lights and the
to press a button toswitchthe thing on so [laugh]
thunder on enforcement i willswitchto costs and fees as
in its cradle threw theswitchi think she was glad
wasn t she let sswitchthis to s- spin or
that there will be aswitchbecause of the loss of
implications whether or not peopleswitchbrands that is clear and
bag so i had toswitchbags with my friend cause
the country syne ma thochtsswitchtae ma early days o
to get current smokers toswitchbrands that is an insult
of that will be aswitchto imported tobacco i want
catches should white fish vesselsswitchto nephrops fishing what assessment
policy which includes vaccination aswitchto organic farming local slaughter
probable that the person willswitchto that brand in the
at the flick of aswitchhappened yesterday and are straightforward

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