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staa ʌi as in chyneswytespyle swyte wyve the research
as in chyne swyte spyleswytewyve the research revealed that
wyve 7 fite 22 andswyte28 recorded the lowest scores
sypit haad awa fae eswytean ye daarna dee t
the fite cotton stukken wiswytetae her thin flat chest
his broo are weet wiswytehis briest been heists and
mainly wear ready made garmentsswytesweat and fite white are
scores children tended to pronounceswyteas swit the central scots
stukk tae her broo wiswytean happt her roon an
rope said ma faither hairseswytedreepin doon eez face anaith
stoor is grey sticky wiswytearcheologists dunt centuries inno trays
fire swype to sweep brushswyteto sweat sye to sieve
of geen sweet instead ofswytereflecting the fact that many
laundry disinfectant an auld bodachsswytebit i likit it i
chest a single treelip oswytetricklit ower her neb an
in yer hauns an theswytegarrin yer sark stick tae
t shirts wuvven in asianswyteshops gin they d bit
fit mair cud ye sikkswytepyochers slivvers aa snochers unkent
in rosemount for gaurin sswyteat the door o the

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