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rock which was from thesydbarrett era she hated the
that when roger barrett wassydbarrett he was one of
old when i first heardsydbarrett on a compilation album
the world waxing lyrical aboutsydbarrett right now the thing
other for six months andsydbarrett s music was the
i was on fire andsydbarrett s plaintive whimsical poetic
was a magical act andsydwho was born roger barrett
floyd were recording this albumsydturned up out of the
gae back tae see auldsydmasel withoot the academy withoot
which was a tribute tosydlegend has it that when
safe an i likit auldsydcause he listened ye see
till time tae listen auldsyddidna ken me fae the
takk efter yer mither auldsydgrunted i showed him a
mebbe i should speir auldsyds the first auld body
tae glesga it wisna auldsyds wyte that my da
da wis fostered oot auldsydsaid he niver merriet again
hae a hett scone auldsydsaid naebody here s gaun
paterson s my da auldsydwisna tae ken that granny
an me findin oot thatsydpaterson their newest pensioner wis
had the nous to letsyddo his bit who knows
back in 1984 i guesssydreally died along time ago
iver hae ony faimly hereabootssydshe speired ay ay i
hometown his memories of beingsydwere painful ones which he
cuppie o tea wi oorsydas if the baith o
i didn t come acrosssydat his shiny best until
what might have happened forsydmaybe he could have been
magic i m listening tosydright now as i write
a bairn creepin t dsydo dis saam loch t

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