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mm mam i like [?]syfit[/?]syrupf1107: syrup seerup m1108: aye
i like [?]syfit[/?] syrup f1107: syrupseerup m1108: aye f1107: like
sounds quite nice f1077: rosehipsyrupf718: mm f1077: and i
and i liked the rosehipsyrupso i used to have
eck s mishap wi thesyrupo figs fin the femily
efterneen wi sin sae brawsyrupo figs jonsar eck wis
you think the label saidsyrupo figs och he thocht
draw out the poison constipationsyrupof figs was used as
coat with mixture of maplesyrupand coarse mustard sloe gin
the snow to make maplesyrupcandy which tastes something like
cup treacle ½ cup goldensyrup¼ cup cooking sherry 3
were mixed with treacle orsyrupi e the liquid and
chopped apple 1 dess spsyrupor treacle 1 or 2
along to be filled withsyrupor treacle from large containers
children ate bread and jamsyrupor treacle syrup pieces could
and jam syrup or treaclesyruppieces could be bought from
breakfast cup milk 1 tblspsyrup1 oz marge melt sugar
marge 4 tblsp cocoa 2syrup1 sugar melt pour over
1 tablesp icing sugar 1syrup1 cocoa 2 cocoanut 7
2 oz butter 2 tblspssyrupcocoa ice with chocolate coq
1 dessertsp cocoa 2 tspsyrupdissolved in 2 tsp boiling
c flakes melt marg sugarsyrupslowly add cocoa do not
why s it got s-syrupf1107: syrup m1108: aye f1107:
one gallon of syrup thesyrupis taken out and simply
it got s- syrup f1107: syrupm1108: aye f1107: cause you
to produce one gallon ofsyrupthe syrup is taken out
lb b sugar 1 tablespsyrup2 ozs shredded suet 2
slice of loaf spread withsyrupor trycle but very seldom
slice of bread spread withsyrupwhich i have heard called
to- shake shake f1105: thesyrupcan- give it another shake
hot jam but she preferredsyrupon her piece there s
milk porridge with sugar orsyrupor milk brose but her
sugar add dry ingred andsyrupput in balls on greased
their spoons and then spreadsyrupover them so iver aifter
fitt it just smells osyrup[censored: forename] m1108: pooey f1107: now
s- can i eat mysyrupf1107: no nae jist noo
t- is it is issyrupfor eating f1107: n- aye
ve been licking up thatsyrupm1108: mm f1107: oh are
fries chips followed by pancakessyrupone glass of milk one
them at once or thesyrupdried in during the 2nd
sticky it s still gotsyrupon it m1108: why s
peasemeal it was eaten withsyrupand creamy milk another thing
nearly always rice pudding withsyrupbecause her father liked it
sechs sighs seik sick seiropsyrupseivin seven seivint seventh sensyne
ah guzzlet it doon grittysyrupan a whaur ah sat
help my hands mm [?]like that[/?]syrupthis could take all day
then f814: so you putsyrupin f812: [laugh] m811: mix
whip and some kind ofsyrupmade from a dark berry

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