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bessie attacking gladys on anothertackye ve never brocht me
tether let s chynge thistacklet s check this blether
mr mcmahon i shall changetacka little on numerous occasions
wi silver butcher on thetackhe casts all day to
stand as tightly by yourtackne er claw your lug
what his head contains changedtackin its sudden way i
seein we re on thistackthere s e tale o
somebody s funeral its tintackeyes are wide but sightless
me aff on a wrangtackagain an me spickin aboot
is on a slightly differenttackbecause i know that the
registrar general does not changetackduring the working party meetings
brain had another change oftackkin ye no pit a
i have decided to changetackthe convener please make questions
aa winter minnie tried anithertackmeg fit d ye ken
she ll mebbe try anithertacknou that west soun s
thought i d try thattackand he said to me
in me brian quickly cheengedtacki m sure they re

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