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of s1m 3612 trish godmantacklingunder age drinking for text
dr winnie ewing s1m 3612tacklingunder age drinking lodged on
of s1m 3612 trish godmantacklingunder age drinking that the
of the united kingdom intacklingdrug trafficking and drug dealers
scotland s drug dealers andtacklingdrugs in scotland such as
serious action being taken ontacklingscotland s drug dealers and
2000 the policy framework fortacklingpoverty and social exclusion in
approach of the eu totacklingpoverty and social exclusion is
eu s current approach intacklingpoverty and social exclusion is
of disadvantaged communities and intacklingproblems of social exclusion more
the various organisations involved intacklingsocial exclusion in scotland 9
considerable role to play intacklingsocial exclusion in the uk
and sports can make totacklingsocial exclusion s1o 1509 6
of the voluntary sector intacklingsocial exclusion s1w 196 alex
take a tough stance intacklingdrug dealing within our communities
a difference for example intacklingdrug misuse the level of
and its integrated strategy totacklingdrug related crime and reducing
and its integrated strategy totacklingdrug related crime and reducing
to measure police success intacklingall hate crime s1w 34196
operation across the eu intacklingcrime and terrorism as the
of uk police forces intacklingcrime in the uk lord
approaching international co operation intacklingcrime in the way set
agenda is linked intrinsically totacklingcrime poorer communities suffer disproportionately
pauline mcneill s sentiments abouttacklinginternational crime the scottish national
speed up the process oftacklinginternational organised crime and by
strong and fight crime bytacklingit at its roots concentrating
only realistic means of successfullytacklingserious crime the regulation of
scottish executive how it istacklingthe fear of crime ╬┤amongst
commit any additional funding totacklingyouth crime s1o 4866 9
at the front line intacklingdebt and poverty issues in
is not especially effective intacklingfuel poverty it has been
terms of energy efficiency andtacklingfuel poverty the bill does
comprehensive childcare is important intacklinginequality and poverty and equipping
action in this area fortacklingpoverty and social inclusion in
the easy option of onlytacklingpoverty in clearly identified deprived
the minister agree that intacklingpoverty it is not enough
for those appointments susan deacontacklingand reducing waiting times at
the resources currently devoted totacklingalcohol abuse and the costs
major problem of alcohol abusetacklingalcohol problems reduces the serious
a code of conduct ontacklingsectarian behaviour lodged 12 june
a code of conduct ontacklingsectarian behaviour lodged 12 june
domestic abuse in scotland intacklingthis unacceptable behaviour roseanna cunningham
to jobs improving the environmenttacklingcongestion and related pollution and
made about the importance oftacklingthe number of smoking related
health and social care statedtacklingage discrimination is too low
a much bigger focus ontacklinglow pay across the health
in the national health servicetacklinglow pay and delivering flexible
to recruit and retain nursestacklinglow pay in the nursing
than rhetoric it must meantacklinglow pay in the profession
take a corporate approach totacklingmany of the estate management
take a corporate approach totacklingmany of the estate management
and bullying supporting teachers intacklingdiscipline problems protecting the education
all experienced the frustration oftacklingproblems or issues in our
problems are no substitute fortacklingthe root causes of truancy
that we should not betacklingthose problems in this bill
age adults and older peopletacklingfailing communities and the needs
progress is being made intacklinghomelessness s1o 3276 6 des
progress it is making intacklinghousebreaking s1o 3781 16 mr
scottish executive how it istacklingsuicide amongst young males s1o
scottish executive how it istacklingtruancy in schools s1o 4675
that is currently available fortacklingdeprivation the successors to social
to advancing the strategy ontacklingviolence against women s1w 34858
make a real difference intacklingdeprivation in aberdeen and elsewhere
any ways and means oftacklingsectarianism within the nhs and
number of different ways oftacklingthat we will probably discuss
progress has been made intacklinggp recruitment in rural areas
progress is being made intacklingindiscipline in schools and in
ministerial group has made intacklingthe drugs problem in scotland
royal commission to set abouttacklingthe problem v the statute
priority that is placed ontacklingthe issues greatest priority has
scottish executive has made intacklinglong term unemployment in farming
without there being barriers totacklingit the intention is to
cross party working group ontacklingreligious hatred improve building standards
plunk on the piano beforetacklingthe mount everest of dishes
cove where i stopped beforetacklingthe return i dreaded many
to come off anyway beforetacklingthe steep brae there were
go a long way totacklingthose difficulties this morning i
and junior scottish ministers 7tacklingrough sleeping in glasgow and
in edinburgh and glasgow aretacklingthe issue with street survey
learned from their experience oftacklingsectarianism bigotry and prejudice s1w
local government ngos business sectortacklingdiscrimination in all its forms
scots a natural one intacklingcatullus scots is particularly useful
increasing investors in people andtacklingrecruitment and retention and improving
in the project work ontacklingstereotype images with primary six
more than 8 000 whiletacklinga budget deficit of at
editorial director marace dareau wastacklingthe entry for stane and
a decent standard of livingtacklingeducational disadvantage preserving family solidarity
train pulled out of cuzcotacklingthe gradient by zigzagging backwards
the best of intentions oftacklingthe report early on i
week so we have beentacklingthe jigsaw you gave him

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