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primary schuil the follaein schuilstaena pairt in the exercise
ii while gaelic should betaenin unner pairt iii citizens
they wad liked tae hivtaenpairt but haedna been gien
tae aw the schuils thattaenpairt but the r still
ower the 45 countries thattaenpairt durin 2001 the three
gang wi thaim an hetaenpairt in thair wark an
bi giein the teachers thattaenpairt in the exercise a
gaelic feis that i vetaenpairt in the gaels ken
for hir pairt wes fairtaenup wi murdo sae afore
the gruppar an the gruppartaena haud o the haund
o saft rose silk hetaenhir haund an spierit at
he wes richt deid hetaenhis club frae his haund
wis daein for as hetaenhis haund awa fae geordie
ettin s luif the ettintaenit in his ither haund
chebutykin ay ye soud haetaenme in haund ye micht
neir whar a stuid ataenup the haund an brocht
pit a haund forrit antaenyin o the pints monie
ticht agin the gliff antaenguid tent gaun doon the
been a selkie wumman ayetaentent never ti fash or
a wee whyle the fairiestaentent o him but insteid
ah sat bebbin an nevertaentent o the gloamin ah
thair hingin nests a haetaentent that whaur they breed
his maet yit he ayetaentent ti kill swyth an
hir hir freedom the saumontaentent til hir an syne
isnae thare his speirit haestaenflicht bedein an left me
an gaed oot he haestaenhis pleisir an nou ah
that dochter o yours haestaenit an murdert it but
that dochter o yours haestaenit awa an murdert it
sae nou ma wyfe haestaenit intil hir heid ti
koolyghin ay the conference haestaenit oot o me tae
sae ah wul whaever haestaenma needle a l kill
wyfe awa nou it haestaenma son anaw ma een
ti cum yeir skreives haestaenme sae ferr ootby masell
low voice the wyfe haestaenpuzzin again ah maun awa
shilfie s nest whan ahtaentil ma bed haes breirdit
ross yeir castle haes beentaenyeir wyfe an bairns is
nou ah m thinkin ahtaena wyfe naebodie pleises me
1060 a sair hert heivintaenma wyfe awa nou it
fergal an his bonnie princesstaenguid care o thaim sae
o hir the broun princesstaenhir faither s sword an
lyin thare the auldest princesstaenthe gowden kie frae hir
wes aw that for shetaenthe princess in asyde the
as ye lyke the princesstaenthe stapper oot the flesk
this tyme the princess haedtaentil the puddok in a
a bit taiblet pepper yetaena bit taiblet frae hir
year but richt awa shetaenaff hir mortal s claes
no ti wauken hir mithertaendoun ane o the blek
feint o a queen shetaenhir ain lyfe a hear
hir heid mysie wad haetaenhir for a wee bit
dee lest wunter an ahtaenhir hame wi me ma
hir front feet sae hetaenhir til a smiddie near
s mittilt bodie hir tungtaenlangir ti sort but she
sterved orphant gin mither hednataenm unner hir weing nou
ti hear hir skraichin ittaenma mynd aff ma sair
patter halie watter syne shetaenoot hir poutch wi sumthing
the kinrik an thay awtaenpryde in hir bewtie an
taen a gullie knyfe antaenthe lyfe awa frae hir
at aince the auldest lassietaenthe roke frae hir spinnin
queen gaed strecht hame antaentil hir bed in a
ma faither wad never haetaentil hir eilidh men never
the slaiverie keing an shetaentil hir heels and stertit
s inclyned ti be owertaenup wi hir ain thochts
speak the knicht wes fairtaenup wi hir bewtie an
hir but he wes thattaenup wi hir bewtie he
buird nou the thriesome hedtaena wheen drams an wir
lord clerk s men hedtaenawa the sedan chairs they
or the sheriff principal hedtaenhis seat in the haa
it the hale exerceise hedtaenmair siller out ma pouch
in haun shi jin hedtaenout a fauldin bed an
mappies at the dugs hedtaentammas wes nou wi a
a lilly leaf it hedtaenthe haill mornin gey near
aa the drams hed beentaenthe thriesome gied shi jin
an thae neibours here wistaenwhan the sheriff principal hed
the road fan brian hidtaena fit at the skweel
an business warlock neil hidtaenaa his freens frae business
d say the loon hidtaenanither o s fits an
be rypit neil duguid hidtaendr bandara s induction course
that his unkent mither hidtaenfin he wis in the
an common gull hid bintaenfrae the heid scientist dr
toun o meikleburgh hid bintaenfrae yon quarry s intimmers
twa young corpses hid bintaenfur beerial yet the polis
thon day his mither hidtaenhim an his wee brither
towerin rage winnerin fit hidtaenhis bailie s loon tae
haunlit an tarry mcphail hidtaenhis pipe ooto his mou
a medical conference an hidtaenhis quinie tae bide wi
aa the crap had beentaenin an the fairmer hid
frae proverbs fur he hidtaenit as a personal affront
that same wikk i hidtaenmasel aff tae the art
quines quate the maid hidtaenoot the braisse fur them
tae spare went in antaenthair sates an hid thair
new fand frien it hidtaenthe priests a while tae
an efter the elders hidtaenthe wee velvet baggies o
wis fine the hairsters hidtaentheir denner oot in the
hid stown the emeralds antaenthem back tae her new
an wobblie an waebegaen hetaena wee green leaf frae
tae the clachan quines wartaenbi the warlock frae the
s causeway da wis middlintaenbi this ferlie coontin frae
ane o his mates hadtaenfive oot frae ahint yon
an wobblie an waebegaen shetaenfrae a drawer a tottie
near as guid as eenstaenfrae a leevin donor it
a twal man transportation comateetaenfrae aw the best academic
gat the ettin s guidwyfetaenfrae him the string o
fairlie wantin awthing we haetaenfrae him this verra meinit
waste my bonny love staenfrae me powerful too is
this macduff ye see westaenfrae oot his mither s
depone deponents excambion seisin aataenfrae scots law judges prophets
him the ane thay haedtaenfrae tam s back an
birk syne cormac an alasdairtaenfrae the deid kettrens aw
donor the cross match teststaenfrae the health profiles o
asyde him the divots yetaenfrae the ruif o ma
bairns an aw the thingstaenfrae the sleepin ettin finn
the beginin pouert bi waittertaenfrae the ti iot an
ye telt me about megtaenhim thare the fowk frae
nichts the duik o norrowaytaennae drink frae the bryde
swallowed prey nae a morseltaenoot frae flesh or bane
thaim frae tornes tammas mauntaenthe rang hurl hame oniegates
as ye lyke the reivartaenthe satein cuiverins frae ablo
awa sae quick big rabtaena gliff oot tae the
ken koolyghin yesterday eftirnuin ahtaenawa a fauss baird an
the verra day arthur wistaenawa ane comes tither gyangs
auld brugh the hallan wastaenawa guid fowk ah jalouse
itsell oot gunlöd ye haetaenawa ma peace o mynd
life nivver mind his reputationtaenawa still gin the return
aye m822: but they theytaenawa the big stanes that
kirks conveent the hallan wastaenawa the trance rebiggit the
roond the schuil playgrunds wistaenawa they war aw cut
the limestone oot to betaenawa to mak the furnaces
o scotland man ye vetaenawa what howp wes left
curtains wul hae ti betaendoun an pitten awa wi
shona the letter an shetaenit awa ti read bi
ran awa the queen wistaenprisoner on the island o
thay war weill awa shetaenup the deid wumman s
mary queen o scots heidtaenaff in fotheringay anither it
she wes hungirie sae shetaenanither pudden syne anither or
caurs no cages had fortunetaenanither sklent he micht hae
o their ain flesh beintaenbi anither she telt brian
speak til him she westaentil anither chaumer whar she
for they war faur owertaenwi the thocht o anither
luath says caermoulis an hetaena sherp gullie cut aff
that wey it d betaenaff him he d never
colonel juist arrived he staenaff his tapcoat an he
dunna tink onyeen wid betaenaff if dey fan demsells
in the baby ward antaenaff tae safety in the
an she wan hame antaenaff the coat o fethers
is hei sat doun heitaenhis hat aff an geordie
athout mair adae the knichttaenhis sword dang aff his
lyin thare fest asleep hetaenout his shears cut aff
shurers she cam and hasnataenthe wecht aff her fit
onie mair aweill she haedtaena fair skunner at this
the selkies kis he haedtaena selkie wumman ti be
richt fleg for she haedtaenan awfie skunner at the
as tho ma saul haedtaenflicht ah felt mair blyth
aboot cause liberal politeetians haedtaenit on thirsels tae pass
that lang eftir murdo haedtaenmeg back til his ain
competeetion the secondary gree wistaenbi [censored: forename] [censored: surname] s2 [censored: placename]
wad ye no hae beentaenbi the governmenters juist the
can jalouse that psychoanalysis wistaengey seriouslie bi buchan an
speech yesterday afternoon uncle robtaenher gently bi the elbae
he dandert alang his roadtaenhim bi the fuit o
bi a wye they dtaenhunners o times afore far
the dawin cam the fairiestaentam bi the haunds intil
thae days gane bye wistaenup bi thair monarch an
that step sae the sairvanttaenhis maister doucelyke til the
the prince fand it antaenit til the court an
wes kent aw ower ahtaenma sword til the desert
whan faither wes be intaentil the ceimeterie the war
jaeluss o thair bewtie antaenill out at oniebodie bonnier
an the three laddies awtaentae thair heels an rin
thair bits o wuid antaenup thair places at the
wyce an glib gabbit thaytaena cage wi mukkil bars
healthy fallaes whan thay wartaenon but eftir a wee
ken an whitever airt hetaenthay follaed him rinkin him
southron capital ma mither wistaenbad i the guesten hous
cawed murdo an the mithertaenhim an meg aw throu
mither cam intae the roomtaenyin leuk at thaim an
an me nou a vetaena dram an a d
lest the ill guidmither westaenan thrawn intil a dungeon
ilk kinkeind wes stawn antaenawaw ti lononburgh thai ein
ti daith sae beatrix westaenferr inti the wuids an
wes hauden but puir megtaenit ti be sum auld
the neist day she westaenon as a sairvant ti
as she wes bidden shetaenthrie o the seivin strang
an its tyme wes maistlietaenup wi fechtin wi campaigns
forritsum but ah wes thattaenup wi yeir bewtie ah
tellt him whan a wistaenbad a whylie syne a
s richt tho a wistaenbad an a m no
ti say he d beentaenbad an wisna better an
tellt him at ye wirtaenbad at hame wi a
at him gin ye wirtaenbad hou cam ye here
wi the saiddle she wistaenbad last nicht wi the
shi jin s faither wistaenthat bad wi seikness at
lippenin on a teacher haeintaenan interest in scots syne
heid wi it syne hetaenthe heid an corp an
v rinse syne adv thentaenv took taken taigil v
sonsie an ugsum ah fairtaena skunner at him the
hissel braw seein him fairtaenon wi them marischal wang
they say soliony s fairtaenup wi irena an that
telt me i wis fairtaenwi aa the things he
an the like war fairtaenwi scots fit we aften
the laddies wis aw fairtaenwi this an steyed tae
size o his heid antaena gassie oot yin o
sultan o a desert countrytaenit intae his heid tae
ae mornin thare when hetaenit intae his heid tae
war happit owre him antaenthaim oot anaw an never
parteeclar on a seturday ittaenthe twa o thaim nae
ah mynd richt ye wartaenon aboot the tyme they
the wey we war eddicatittaenplace in later years efter
an in thon dwaum wartaenthe sea that washes thailan
the fairies war delichtit antaenthis up bedein an dauncin
war speeritual craiturs wha weretaenup wi the yird fowk
s dochter the new queentaenill at this the mair
the naipkin we ve awtaena solemn pledge tae here
for ye ah dout ittaenaw ma smeddum ti git
an they got them awtaendoon m941: no [censored: forename] a
the lan the leid awtaenfae within a sleekit kinna
crisp an fresh but pompitietaenit for aw an stuck
at tyme wi wur awtaenon wi yasin elestic bands
kent just hoo much ittaentae keep him freendly aw
edinburgh 34 note should betaenthat no aw folk wi
an houchin aw the fairiestaenturns ti waucht out it
ae academic wisnae aw thattaenwi the cuddy s feet
new english bible ah haetaena keek at the authorised
said by masel ah haetaenan aith quo the lord
a brither fa sud haetaenchairge o the kistin in
o eleiven when he wastaenhe couldna hae been a
d left she micht haetaenher spite oot on you
an hair ye coud haetaenhim for auld neptune himsell
guilty one i should haetaenit jack no in this
birstle an it wadna haetaenmuch tae sen me skelpin
warld o cheenge i haetaentheir waa i hae smeethed
hae mulled up wyne antaenup ma poems from the
or something agnes the gravetaena guid loup furrit there
a guid hert an hetaenma fancie nanse ye d
efter the neist exams ittaenme a guid nummer o
an chappit the door ittaena wee while afore geordie
sandy said if a gittaenafore you an the r
i said naething dey weretaenda boat as aften afore
befaw but that the horsetaenjuist twa thrie steps afore
t gunlöd gunlöd ye nevertaenme in yeir airms afore
gordon no sadie but youtaenextra this mornin oot ma
he widnae see she hadtaenher gless ee oot whenever
try the walnut plug hetaenhis pipe oot his mooth
owre midders makkin therteen loopstaenin dan löt oot slowly
agnes course it hus maggietaenit oot carolanne took what
mukkil aipil wi the runttaenoot mysie kent this stane
inbiggit intil mainstream education antaenoot o special educational needs
wi that the wabbitie guidwyfetaenthe lest neivefu oot the
for a chynge an ittaenhim past some hooses wi
wi nae aunser the ladtaenhis huntin horn an gied
dinna richtlie ken whae staenit wi runkled brou he
watt kent thit yid wisnaetaenon wi his days darg
upon tynne bot wisna owretaenon wi the job an
aunsert the lassie waelyke antaenon wi the leddie s
think sae ah m thattaenup wi him eilidh ah
wunter nicht ah im thattaenup wi ma buik ah
the keing wesna than mukkiltaenup wi siller tree but
a docken she s thattaenup wi that bairn o
muisic micht be is mukkiltaenup wi the muisic played
owre thrawart ma lassie seemstaenup wi this cormac an
than he left moscow antaenus wi him ah mynd
she s lyke a wummantaenwi an ill speirit she
her hoose an wis thattaenwi foo kind an gweed
1658 onywye i wis thattaenwi rob roy fin i
bit the auld wummin wisnaetaenwi t nava gaed on
gallery an says a dtaenane gless or twa an
ah im sae the sklimmartaenthe reivar on his braid
a fether sae ilka burdtaenup a pea an pit
because ma ain faith hadtaena dunt ye d been
time canna weill see betaenmair as yince a ll
paip ance mair he dtaennae mair as fifty steps
that an the horse nicherttaennae mair nor twa thrie
flees the puir sowl staenup knittin whit s mair
an gaird marischal zhao hestaenthe throne whan he heard
an sairest cut whan wetaenup the ruits we fand
charlie cheetah charlie cheetah staenthe chukkenpox they sent him
him marischal gao hes eenoutaenup his fee an he
marischal gao at s newtaenup his fee him at
him a sent ye geordietaenup his fish thankit uncle
t rely on a wistaenricht in coortit cossetit noo
come ti the hill antaenhaud o a strenth they
out their tale they wirtaenin ti the strenth ti
ay she s deid shetaenlangir langir ti dee nor
it ll be naither weilltaennor bonnie ti see nae
marischal an ye ve newtaenup yir fee leifer ti
fiction his table an cheerstaeneftir charles rennie macintosh faith
staws in the gret staibiltaenhis hawk an his hound
pet anna cleaned up antaenin tae sing fur his
nae breeks my husband hastaentae walkin in his sleep
kin it is uncle robtaenthe laddie an his fish
o england an his coorttaenup speakin english insteid o
multilingual world 23 the reporttaennote that scotland has twa
fowk at north gellan hidnataena drap o fusky an
sleepin athout a care shetaena gullie knyfe an taen
youngest neither bit i vetaena likin tae ye an
oh had he paused antaena thocht an pondered on
lipper hale we were betraisittaenan riven apairt throu the
at ongaun attitudes an approachestaenanent language in scotland specifically
scotland specifically the approach beintaenanent the awnin uiss an
inconsistent antrin an should betaenas a braw addition no
cooncil an the chute gottaenaway two days later [laugh]
bairn in its luif antaenit back up the lum
do agnes noo look yetaenmine tae an i m
said never a wurd antaennaither byte not sowp an
scots an community leids getstaenthegither as leids o scotland
aathing wis redd up antaenup the stair thrie quaichs
wis drappit mony ither chyngestaenplace in the english language
seiven year aal she wistaentae france for safety alang
biggest gamble he d ivertaenwis merryin jenny ten year
example here s a questiontaenfae da glasgow university literary
attitudes tae modern foreign leidstaenfae scottish cilt http www
1 5 the implementation actiontaenfae the annual review states
auld destroyer depot ship thattaenower the flag o cinc
s fowk had bin owertaenup reddin up her granfaither
aa the washin was stilltaenup tae my mother even
submissions he remembers perfectly beingtaenup when a child at
aa the time it staenm1042: but ye but ye
nae tea or snuff istaenben there gin nae gill
cracks in the reef nithintaennithin plottit nithin pooshent nae
taen the stu- they vetaenthe sturdies i have nae
nae faurer action can betaenye can tryst tae meet
it did the quine widtaena tig o gaun inno
o affairs i got myseltaeninto the firm but that
aumous whitna risk you vetaenon behauf o the community
in scotland note should betaenthat mony o the submissions
french coort oniewey it staentri be the hicht o
tae answer for he staena scunner noo tae weeds
aye certainly visitors eh weretaenben tae the parlour aye
the wud wagon tae beitaenintil the sawmill i the
aye mhmm m642: aye ittaenme hail a year tae
ye m642: four hoors ittaenus tae load [inaudible] taken
in mid roar hiv youtaenleave of your senses she
seiven days efter she dtaenthe feesick wang jin thocht
t- m642: so i dtaenthe pump doon and i
bocht or raither ye vetaena strunt at them andy
a shelt bit ye vetaenefter me in luiks the
gaudeamus igitur the kilt staenooto mothbaas fur pride maun
in the huff they vetaenthe stu- they ve taen
cried andrew davidson that staenthe case on and he
it aye is it staenwaur dunts nor that he
the follaein sib developments hastaenplace a byordinar literary efflorescence
the paper balzac s mairriagetaenplace at berdichev irena sings
notebook writes balzac s mairriagetaenplace at berdichev reads on
times fivers is what ittaenme a hail year m608:
two hundred m642: well ittaenme m608: and forty aye
geordie s turn a mantaena gliff at the size
on the indian girl hadtaena byornar loup forrit thon
canna weill see be twicetaena m gaun raikin a
graund mornin pompitie it staena turn for the better
vibrating clogs gaffin laughing arlestaenhaving made a commitment to
vyces are low few picterstaennearhaun a watter fillt hollow
that kinda things have beentaenthrough hand and eh i
for awbodie sax weeks ittaenthe catalonians lat s see
this wid no necessarily betaenin by the act 114
has gaen aathing rypit aathingtaenkneel doon by the burn
is belly reef is rooftaenis taken pooshent is poisoned

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