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tailer tool for taking thetailsoff turnips see tapner taings
ye d knack aff etailswi e tailer or e
wisk the kye wisk theirtailstae haad e flees awa
spyin out the taps antailso aa ma gear wad
spyin out the taps antailso his gear an here
the back of the beaststailsthe strang ran along the
aa you beasts needin neepstailsup an there wis nae
slump over branches toes andtailsdown dangling their leader topples
to carolanne ye furgot thitailsoff as she sees beth
five meenutes but her voicetailsoff as she sees the
a word structures tops andtailsthe teacher chooses a category
like a dog wi twatailsan efter anither pint or
like a dog wi twatailsjonsar eck wis workin awa
like a slow foreplay theirtailssplay out flash harry s
hatching soup newts swivel theirtailslike curved propellers a tiny
wife who chopped off theirtailswith a carving knife m1106 :
jock s pleated the horsestailsin braids sae they ll
you ll grow her voicetailsoff into silence and i
ll come home bringing theirtailsbehind them f1111: oh that
they ll come home theirtailsbehind them f1121: very good
me an ma garlic hightailsit awa roon the park
it snod for tyin etailso e ban roon t
like a cat o ninetailsflailed the land set roofs
room boyter in evening dresstailsand white tie with white
the back f1112: clapping histailsf1111: it s his hands
o haddies flashin their abstracttailsa wirthy trawl mair nur
tea i ett their fuskerstailsan heid an wash them
okay f1104: yeah and theirtailsf1103: aye f1104: their ponytails
there they go see theirtailswiggling they re going wag
weel tae bin in etailsit didna dee for yer
sae weel that heids antailso three score troot are
a swing of her pigtailsand makes a horrible face
get something for me shetailsaway unable to think of
and put in water withtailshanging out simmer for at
m642: aye the old steamtailswent past john and they
o loons wi gallus sarktailsflappin a hackin hoast a
up an there wis naetailsgied up so i just
a mate as it sitstailsa waggin fur you at
with a bobbing of revoltingtailsas for you you d
abune the cloods war meerstailswheeped bi the snell win

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