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sattled an still he istakkina voyage grey oceans tae
sattled an still he istakkina voyage grey oceans tae
we aye semed ti betakkinthe gate ti the kirk
tae gie her somethin furtakkinme in as a littlin
the lug o the nichttakkintent o the littlin s
shelt s lugs cockit forrittakkinaa this in then she
the dyeuks are ye naetakkinthe shelt ooto the barn
tae perth fur genteel holidaystakkinthe air wi bankers grocers
o the famed irish bandtakkintent o aa that wis
growin tree i hope yertakkintent o aa the particulars
simmer lawn ma left istakkintent o the blackboord s
derk a weill mynd maseltakkintent o the fleysum leuk
gweed eese o her talentstakkintent o the teachin o
problemreddin memorisation mindin makkin connectionstakkintent tae detail an pragmatic
said tell on ah imtakkintent til yeir wurds sae
een war blaik an sherptakkinaathin in an her skin
teetin ahin yer lug istakkinaathin in is giein naethin
snoot bit he hid atakkinwye wi him wi littlins
back outside yid still manifestlietakkinabak sayed til uz that
dem richt awa fur notakkinher wi dem on holiday
fit s e eese otakkina picter o nithin worth
no in the habit otakkindrink whan i m fishin
ordnar for the fishin eftirtakkinleave o his wyfe an
ti mairrie hir he westakkinhir awa for ti mairrie
ti the felnie onkent intakkinawaw a vehikil at bene
spider i d eence seentakkinower e fleer it wid
warm a see the darknesstakkinform the windae looms a
batter teetle the windae peentakkinstock o the dreichness o
his roch heid back antakkina richt moofu o the
has gane some road taetakkinforrit the ongaun debate aboot
ah canna imagine yeir faithertakkintil a wumman that wesna
r naething wrang mynd witakkinyeir gless but nou ah
seen him an his dogtakkinaff frae hame fur ae
e edge o e parktakkinaff ma sansheen an pittin
hoose estate bi the afftakkinlocals the hen hoose luikit
bein oor clivver an afftakkinthe neist fyew wikks in
syne the horse troddit afftakkinwi him the roke an
mair humble surroondins the loontakkinpiana lessons cam hame ae
hale day awa frae hametakkinthe lang wye there as
tae see foo she wistakkinthis excheege sally bruce s
for finndin ma needle antakkinit back til hir pompitie
twise i wid see himtakkina look oot ower da
be sure she d beentakkinit that he wid mairry
fyre throwe hir teeth ithoottakkinthe pipe ooten hir mooth
wis gaan ben e linetakkina note o ilky een
o this ceevic duty wistakkinpride in yer ain muneecipal
near at haan ither thingstakkinup yer attintion es fowk
fine blue clods wirna langtakkinup an dey shün hed
saicont day she thinks otakkina dander i the wuid
guidelines maks specific reference taetakkinaccoont o diversity o language
deef education this will meantakkinin the leid o the
spennin a rowth o yearstakkinmedicine tae timmer up antibodies
wi thoosans o faithfu supporterstakkintae the streets o milan
sanny cruikshank frae kilrogie mainstakkinup the rear pitten blindfolds
finn an his freins wartakkinthair meinits on a green
wirkit wi auld joe wistakkinbets on fa cud first
mrs ngobo quaetly backit oottakkinthe bairns wi her nae
gait ti the gret sietakkinwi him the nettil threid
fiona said something fierce abouttakkinma troosers awaa i don
nancy his sweethairt couldna gyangtakkinshottie aboot tae spreid the
the day a ll betakkina rest a ll try
i micht hae bin merlintakkina bare bittie paper an
on the orra lane teachertakkinan interest in scots 2
s postal address an hevintakkinthe rue an on cumin
lobby an ontae the stairstakkinthe steps twa at a
they say the grandson stakkinit real ill she meant
like some puir weather cocktakkina tirrivee na he jist
on and he s notakkinony siller for it he
dumped it in the kitchietakkina quick snack afore gyaun
to me as a chieltakkinnotes that there was often

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