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my wo endure franklin stale1481 1484 thir lines raises
the tale demeth franklin stale1493 1498 insteid o ettlin
of his degree franklin stale744 752 the r monie
mine herte breste franklin stale758 759 the word trouthe
evere i kan franklin stale998 unlike the daemon lover
lippen in the franklin stalea different kind o auctoritee
leitmotif in the franklin stalean is uised again whan
the wife of bath stalean the franklin s tale
the wife of bath stalean the franklin s tale
to see the franklin stalean the wife of bath
dorigen in the franklin staleand for to lede the
that ye han herd thetaledemeth franklin s tale 1493
tale an the franklin stalefeatures mairriage as a foremaist
til in the franklin staleforbye dorigen maks twae different
endin o the franklin staleisnae tragic but comic the
tale an the franklin stalemairriages atween men an weimen
complicatit in the franklin staleou cannae easily haud up
the hindmaist pairt o histalethe franklin seems to remind
stert o the franklin stalewhere dorigen promises to be
an listen tae this epictaleo my jaunts faur ower
the altar it was ataleof epic proportions a tale
tale of epic proportions atalewhich or so i modestly
that ou should juidge histaleas a tale an no
the wife of bath stalehouanever ou hae seen aaready
tell quite different kinds otaleou could argue that the
walled world of golden fairytalecathedrals european palaces and the
sisters explores weel kent fairytalecharacters and stories spinnin a
workers at the barras fairytalecharacters lewis islanders there s
two baby bear s fairytaleending s what happened ti
company rimsky korsikoff the fairytaleof the tsar sultan in
f965: yeah yeah a fairytaleor something f963: it s
it was really a fairytaletranslated into music the grand
mair about him tho ourtalegangs nou ti the strenth
brae ti the strenth ourtaletells nou o shi jin
we winna tell for ourtaleturns nou ti the strenth
demons d ye ken thetalenava my gran telt me
nava gaed on wi hertaleonyroad she wis waukin alang
tae herself jaloused brian thetales nae daen nava telt
above wife of bath stale1038 1040 in thir lines
wille wife of bath stale1041 1042 his uiss o
dedis wife of bath stale1165 1170 the device o
likyng wife of bath stale1254 1256 this echoes the
the wife of bath staleas settin out twae different
the wife of bath stalecan be explained in terms
the wife of bath staleis in fact pit thegither
the wife of bath staleit seems important to mind
the wife of bath stalethe knicht gies up his
the wife of bath staletreats mairriage differently frae the
the wife of bath stalewommen desiren to have sovereynetee
juidge his tale as atalean no by ony ither
the pranny tale within ataleis told by the storyteller
another version of the prannytalewithin a tale is told
spunk but back ti ourtaleefter profunditas gat sae fou
back inti the cloisters ourtaletells o hou profunditas gaed
awa doun the brae ourtaletells o hou profunditas lu
mairches an wan awa ourtaletells naethin o wang jin
it s o him ourtaletells nou gaed straucht back
the courts o miravirtus ourtaletells nou o owrancer lu
the wast mairch crusher ourtaletells nou o shi jin
the wife of baths staledr johnson s dictionary ladefoged
geordie himsel wis telling thetaleaboot this mowdie hei sayed
the telling of this horrifictalehas on his listeners as
pipe ooten hir mooth anithertalema faither enjoyt telling wis
school telling the folk herotaleof the lad born in
of popular fiction and traditionaltaletelling offer the beauty of
jin thenkit him but ourtalewinna wearie ye frae this
in shi s toun ourtalegangs on nou ti tell
lauch and syne telt thistalefifty ears afore she wis
telt uncle jeems a weirdtaleo a bonnie wee hindu
jewels as this is thetaleshe telt near as curious
nae mair it is ataletelt bi an eidiot fou
sum auld wyfe s haiverintaletelt owre a wunter ingil
serpent noo here s atalea ll tell ye pat
tae him tell the sametaleadam tae yersel an sae
an survived tae tell thetalecuid be put in ony
story grows horns and ataleeach time you tell it
clype mean jimmy m1020: telltalef1054: good one that s
stones tracks leave a telltaleflurry in the briers branches
the one in the telltaleheart then on to pizza
yoursel for a lang sadtalei hae tae tell whan
we live to tell thetalejuanita arrived with doctor gonzalez
i keep searching for telltalemuscle bulges but nothing s
o them s in ourtaleonie mair we ll tell
cud tell ye a richttaleor twa i hae a
impossible to ignore the telltalesigns of failure all of
or lilt wad tell atalethe forenicht gaed in an
clansmen wha could tell thetaletho few survived the slaughter
fraudulent traders had yanked telltalewhite hairs from their prisoners
we re brithers aa ourtalewinna wearie ye frae this
sae they re in ourtalenae mair nou whan leirsman
the borders he told thetaleabout a little boy who
luxembourg he told a funnytaleabout teaching scots officially to
jack told me the wholetaleabout the lie i made
but they re in ourtalenae mair aweill on the
an he s in ourtalenae mair efter this king
residence he s in ourtalenae mair weill ance an
dae ti hing about ourtaleturns back ance mair ti
based upon the herd stalean old galloway folk story
sandy thomas ross the folktaleand nursery rhymes collected by
the structural details of rabelaistaleonce the reader is familiar
the structural details of rabelaistaleonce the reader is familiar
for once the old wivestaleworked in a shuddering spasm
warm hearthstane an auld auldtalefrae days lang gane it
the auld historian eusebius thetaleo andros daith andro was
sang wis cruel as thetalewis auld o a bairn
pairts syne they fand anothertalefrae mesopotamia caad the descent
wad stert in wi atalefrae the ceevic records dae
gaither frae the rigs thetalehas a guid aftercast ruth
whan the doc heard thetaleo the stranded sperm whale
different devices to beautify histalea seimilar discrepancy bides in
her friens war cheengin thetalean she wisna lang merriet
weel kent park held atalefur him an the car
as weel tellin abody histaleo woe aiberdeen angus said
m gettin awa fae mataleat s nae ill tae
bi aa that hear oortalenae yuise remains fir tristan
nae wish tae see thattalerepeatit nor ettlt for kingship
bit e pint o matales nae tae boast aboot
said faither warmin tae histaleae games wikk ane o
an the tellin o thetalebit the warlock laird hid
the hindmaist pairt o thetalebut with that word he
ruth itsel whilk pits thetalein the time o the
this tack there s etaleo an elderly crafter his
the braidest o scots thetaleo an ugsome quine fa
trachles we mind o thetaleo king angus at the
time i got aa estaleoot o im i clean
the first hauf o thistalethe lave caused a stooshie
path the lave o thetaleuncle jeems said wis aa
jude anderson fur futtlin hertaledoon tae naethin ava fur
slawed doon fur fear thetalegot raivelled the divil rode
am a moral clear thistalespells oot men maun dae
there hed speirit out theirtalethey wir taen in ti
perdita in the winter staleis one such heroine however
poet in the winter staleleontes can be seen to
night s dream is ataleof transformation under the ambiguous
jaw that s the weetaleof wir class s new
lays out the whole gruesometalein march 1867 two years
manly sniggers she applies ataleof two cities as a
the aberdeen section of thetalewith one or two additions
knicht a character athin thetaleitsel at this stage the
is this no a wunnerfutalema frein he spierit an
k127 28 this is ataleof psychological suffering and murder
reversal in this highly erotictalethe young man adonis is
promise is central to thetalethis motif gey common in
wi the antrin sang antaletae gie him a sma
wisna gn tae spread etaleaboot an jock did naething
the wonderfully lively scots prosetaleof the marriage of robin
withoot a gairden a fishytalea goldfish in the gairden
nicht that i heard ataleby the peat fire licht
the yin dis aw thetalecairrin tess here you robby
wyf in jupartie herkneth thetaleer ye upon hire crie
tremendous they even performed thetaleof goldilocks and the three
topped by interestedest in thetaleof the ganciest birkiest sleekest
on a rather grisly highlandtaleset in the eighth century
in the middle of mytalesuddenly shifted from my face
complex plot wi a strangtalethe narrative vyce employed is
kind of twist in thetalewas erm it just happened
then is a sordid squalidtaleof slum life and a
no less compelling in itstaleof sisterly betrayal in contrast
sandshoe harry apoch- apochrycal apocryphaltalef606: [laugh] who was m691:

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