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existence lived besides in atangleof dogma that wrapped in
deep in massacred kelp antanglethe ither far awa beyond
of flame fankle is atanglewaverand is wavering tremulous hine
raw cheeked boy with atangleof thick dark hair reaching
apo on shooder shoulder reffeltanglesmora clover banks flooers sea
girl raip rope raivel totangleran dan on the having
into the world amid itstangleof cord and blood the
graves here in the raxxintangletree the heron the lang
they can become a confusingtangleof names even the battle
which in daylight is atangleof scrub olive thorn bushes
last spotted lay in atanglein the box beneath the
leather settee covered in atangleof blankets and waved us
i didn t want totanglewith him ever again he

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