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shouted after them tinkie tinkietarrybags rotten sheen an aal
lan big issue tinkie tinkietarrybrikks hear the townsfowk cry
s his frien tinkie tinkietarrybrikks seen in ilkie toon
such shout as tinkie tinkietarrywallop more respectable altogether were
man body d haunlit antarrymcphail hid taen his pipe
iver liftit a tawse faithtarrymcphail was say ye widna
awa at the leddrach damtarrymcphail wauked ower the neep
horse in the stable fintarrymcphail wirked the horse he
the cliff aneth rankled theirtarryfeathers like weird weemin yon
in the middle of thetarrywaters she ran a curious
teapot forward to dispense thetarrybrew wavered slightly then continued
a hauf croon gangs otarrybreeks stravaiged throwe the toun
on like miners doon atarrypit nae roman in his
fresh sae the lads didnaetarryawhile tho tired frae their
tent o the guff otarryraip an nets in fack
the wecht o fower sugarstarrybree he raxxes in his
we maun watch ye yetarryfingered vratch in the hen
minnie cudna makk oot fittarrywis sayin like as no
o the hoose wis caadtarrybecause he wis brunt blaik
war dowpit doon quate liketarrythe heid o the hoose
a ower an ye gottarrybubbles an blisters fin e
or offices micht cweel theirtarrytay in their chippit mugs
excitement a sweep wi atarryface set doon his hurly
aathing wis aafa clortit witarrystuff it wis enyeuch tae
s weet flipper skelped ontarryroad biro rowin on fleer

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