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regular exercise the physical activitytaskforce aims to improve fitness
is more cost effective thetaskforce and puk have presumably
now to 2012 again thetaskforce and the bill propose
and involvement with the homelessnesstaskforce and the homelessness monitoring
officer involved through the homelessnesstaskforce and the homelessness monitoring
the announcement of the homelessnesstaskforce and the report of
scotland the tourism and environmenttaskforce and the seasonality working
discussed by the housing improvementtaskforce backing up what alan
summarised as follows poverty inclusiontaskforce chair minister for communities
to douglas blair the homelessnesstaskforce considered that in detail
sub group c of thetaskforce considered the issue and
recommendations of the housing improvementtaskforce contain a package of
will be staged reviews thetaskforce envisaged that the first
the members are of thetaskforce established to examine sectarianism
further action 2 housing improvementtaskforce first report issues in
is crucial the sooner thetaskforce gets started and is
set aside for the motorolataskforce has been spent and
know that the housing improvementtaskforce has considered regular accreditation
quality issues however as thetaskforce has not yet been
but i think that thattaskforce has reported the convener
final report of the homelessnesstaskforce helping homeless people an
final report of the homelessnesstaskforce helping homeless people an
final report of the homelessnesstaskforce helping homeless people an
the report of the urbantaskforce in 1999 towards an
emerge from the housing improvementtaskforce in relation to the
highlighting the importance of thetaskforce in suggesting areas for
executive debate on the homelessnesstaskforce insert followed by scottish
recommendations of the housing improvementtaskforce introduce a log book
the setting up of ataskforce involving the local authority
long time a uk widetaskforce is looking at that
uk level through the treasurytaskforce it is important not
the recommendations of the homelessnesstaskforce it places new duties
done by the physical activitytaskforce it showed clearly what
inaction as with the homelessnesstaskforce it would be possible
future secondly the housing improvementtaskforce may have a role
my introduction the housing improvementtaskforce may have a role
work of the physical activitytaskforce measures that have been
omission from the digital scotlandtaskforce of someone from the
joint executive food standards agencytaskforce on e coli 0157
the work of the treasurytaskforce on ppp projects has
had any evidence from thetaskforce or anybody else on
this policy with the homelessnesstaskforce over two years and
this fact mentioned before thetaskforce produced a first report
the bill mark turley thetaskforce recommendations and as i
which is the biggie thetaskforce recommendations and the bill
implementation of the digital scotlandtaskforce report s1f 355 3
wildlife trust fiona newcombe agriculturaltaskforce rspb scotland at approximately
understand the impacts of thetaskforce s other recommendations because
view if we consider thetaskforce s recommendations as a
s decision to accept thetaskforce s recommendations in full
committed itself to implementing thetaskforce s recommendations it is
instruction to deliver the homelessnesstaskforce s recommendations mr davidson
this was taken from thetaskforce s recommendations should not
broader context of the homelessnesstaskforce s recommendations we expect
manson the bill implements thetaskforce s recommendations which looked
ian jenkins the physical activitytaskforce s targets have a
considered as part of thetaskforce s work if in
and the report of thattaskforce s1o 432 22 mr
uk oil and gas industrytaskforce s1w 197 alex neil
report of the housing improvementtaskforce s1w 24804 pauline mcneill
report of the housing improvementtaskforce s1w 24805 pauline mcneill
report of the housing improvementtaskforce s1w 24806 pauline mcneill
report of the housing improvementtaskforce s1w 24807 pauline mcneill
will discover what the gaelictaskforce says about that the
of the scottish salmon strategytaskforce scottish office 1997 40
limited lisa schneidau convener agriculturaltaskforce scottish wildlife trust fiona
10 year period that thetaskforce set as its target
s communities and the homelessnesstaskforce set out a robust
government and the fifa uefataskforce set up to look
all speed to establish ataskforce similar to that proposed
firth the scottish salmon strategytaskforce ssstf gaps in the
33 the scottish salmon strategytaskforce ssstf the ssstf was
considers any information that thetaskforce supplies a time scale
that was published by thetaskforce that has examined the
have taken such as thetaskforce that is working in
and the house and improvementtaskforce the difficulty with properly
junior scottish ministers 5 homelessnesstaskforce the minister for social
was suggested by the homelessnesstaskforce the power is in
the recommendations of the homelessnesstaskforce there are 59 recommendations
some statutory backing and thetaskforce thinks that the requirement
whether it will establish ataskforce to consider any difficulties
establishment of a housing improvementtaskforce to consider quality issues
scotland and the digital scotlandtaskforce to create a partnership
by the scottish salmon strategytaskforce to give scottish ministers
made by the housing improvementtaskforce to improve quality in
will set up an economictaskforce to investigate fully the
executive to establish a bsltaskforce to review policy and
a matter of urgency ataskforce to support and co
establishment of an executive ledtaskforce to tackle the current
establishment of an executive ledtaskforce to tackle the current
urban centres set up ataskforce to work with smaller
its report last year thetaskforce was clear that there
report of the disability rightstaskforce was published in december
inclusion process the social policytaskforce was set up to
is on the digital scotlandtaskforce we are excluding the
the work of the treasurytaskforce which has been of
schools project from the treasurytaskforce which is the body
younger people the physical activitytaskforce which reported recently produced
bill now the housing improvementtaskforce which the minister recently
the full work of thetaskforce which we expect to
hope that the housing improvementtaskforce will discuss the issues
and details of how thetaskforce will operate however we
to date and when thetaskforce will publish its report
intend to indicate how thetaskforce will work when it
the work of the disciplinetaskforce with a particular emphasis
consultation the members of thetaskforce worked very hard to
active as the physical activitytaskforce would like but sport
be poorly designed and unworkabletaskc task d remained as
designed and unworkable task ctaskd remained as in the
task task d written stimulitaskd was composed of 15
were taped in this tasktaskd written stimuli task d
responses were taped in thistasktask d written stimuli task
on to working groups andtaskforces and to increase participation
allow direct access to thetaskforces by local bodies like
legal routes encourage urban environmentaltaskforces to tackle eyesores litter
give details of any additionaltaskforces working groups review groups
envelopes she then introduced thetaskas a jigsaw activity for
years it is no easytaskto establish the foundations of
[laugh] f1073: is no easytaskand you ve made this
will not be an easytaskanyone who thinks that if
problems hers is no easytaskdespite a 5 5 billion
this was not an easytaskfor subjects the act of
am asking the national qualificationstaskand steering groups to carry
with the sqa and thetaskand steering groups to develop
reviewed by the national qualificationstaskand steering groups which include
involved in two local authoritytaskgroups on the visually impaired
concentrate fully on the editorialtaskthe quality and size of
of writing is an appropriatetaskan optional paper in writing
assessment of the internal writingtaskand for any subsequent reassessment
use of an internal writingtaskas a focus for the
suitable for use with thetaskof writing a factual recount
s class a discussion oftaskbased learning i set off
work i set myself thetaskof collecting examples of words
have set ourselves the ambitioustaskof completing our work on
as they set about thetaskof social economic cultural and
report the convener our nexttaskis to consider the draft
from the final study thistaskhad greatly increased the length
the adjective described both poemstaskc a visual stimulus this
c a visual stimulus thistaskwas based on the hendry
errors occurring in the writtentaskand encourages the students to
drew edward chair of capitaltaskgroup norie williamson director of
produced by cosla s fireworkstaskgroup s1o 5787 12 rhona
up of the national qualificationstaskgroup to oversee the implementation
the scottish executive in ataskgroup which will review the
follow up on a focusedtaskor diversified project group talk
second group from completing thetasksuccessfully joint construction returning to
committee members available for thistaskand offers of help are
some help to get thetaskfinished by the spring so
kind sancts the wale whasetaskis tae help tae fin
help materially to lighten thetaskof the university of chicago
is going to take thistaskon board and help ian
realise what a singularly importanttaskis taken forward by and
mulligan had taken on thetaskof considering possible options for
when councils get taken totaskshould ombudsmen be able to
they work independently on ataskin fact the most difficult
be required to undertake thattaskhowever concern has been expressed
to commit themselves to thetaskhowever i must be firm
of the organisation and itstaskhowever it is an arm
the subordinate legislation committee yourtaskis broadly to consider whether
those rates the convener thattaskcould continue throughout the year
convener we now have thetaskof appointing a deputy convener
each subject were as followstaska short reading passage this
b attitudinal study in thistaskeach child was handed a
and girls could talk abouttaskf when each of the
and i enjoyed this mesmerisingtaskperformed for an hour each
national standards expected in eachtaskthe sqa packs in french
brigadier was given the unenviabletaskof informing the minister of
has occasionally wrestled with thattaskthe first minister referred to
the children would be familiartaskb which consisted of the
do it but the realtasknow in which ross finnie
means the undertaking of anytaskor function which a member
it was quite a challengingtaskto prove conclusively which were
funding that is a skilledtaskwhich often requires the expertise
is wholly irrelevant to yourtaskfor the first time simon
chief nursing officer undertook thetaskof considering for the first
her with this or thattaskasked his opinion and acted
as they read the paragraphtaskb attitudinal study in this
a [censored: surname] volunteered for thistaskmrs [censored: surname] also inquired about
this morning s meeting ataskthat she performed very ably
and instead of gratitude thistaskwould appear to have provoked
accuracy are required indeed thetaskhas been selected to provide
the executive has approached thetaskof deciding what priority topics
it will not do itstaskin concluding my speech in
protection committee spc its keytaskis to monitor the development
of the difficulty of thetaskahead of her and the
the huge complexity of thetaskand how much information was
performance was in terms oftaskcompletion with communication achieved in
of the complexity of thetaskin front of us i
around than big properties thetaskis bigger the volume of
within ourselves and the realtaskis the completion of selves
in the discharge of thattaskit is essential that in
wee lad had the pleasanttaskof carrying a large lump
booth very kindly accepted thetaskof editing the novella and
have succeeded partly in yourtaskof getting some executive action
student from the relatively simpletaskof identifying parts of speech
do not envy you thetaskof putting together the agendas
were asked to complete thetaskof setting the table with
s unofficial librarian with thetaskof sorting out and cataloguing
still performed the accepted femaletaskof typing her husband s
and in 1982 the complicatedtaskof unravelling the scheme took
of individuals to the sametaskor by the creation of
take ownership of a particulartaskthat you may be interested
of that will be ataskto clean from the hair
nineteenth century not a difficulttaskin the soller region take
arundel should take up thetaskthat jack greig had previously
north east scots revised booklettask1 the researcher allocated a
is a skill in itselftask2 the child was asked
marked on the score sheettask3 here the child was
hit harder warming to thetaskas click clack became thwack
fireflies wing my glory overtaskcomplete the curtains part the
been challenged by the lattertaskduring the past two and
jimmy at concentrating on thetaskin hand that way he
request it the president staskis always made easier by
award at higher level thetaskis to write three sections
entire being concentrated on thetaskit was imperative to get
together on a single overarchingtaskmaking the games a success
renewable energy to be exploitedtaskscottish enterprise to assist the
suitable elephants to perform thetaskseven young elephants have been
that it was a continuoustaskthat the churches were having
is just one last weetaskto be completed what the
golden days hard was thetaskto gain the bays but
inclined to hand on thetaskto him he believes that
recent times to perform thetaskwas raja who carried the
was the bowling pavilion theirtaskwas to prepare the way
was a real education thetaskwas to see an exhibition
grant the regulator s primarytaskwill be to look at
encouraged me to return thetaskwith vigour and i never
me fresh inspiration for thetaskyou sent me i just
scotland will have an oneroustaskin coming up with a
find alternative employment our immediatetaskis to ensure that they
requests is a purely administrativetaskit is unnecessary for those
leave that be tess staskthat is krista it s
legislation that is an importanttaskwe must strive to improve
management plan although such ataskcan be devolved to an
applying himself to his rhythmicaltaski have to say something
extraordinary to entrust such ataskto a complete stranger i
it s become a thanklesstaskto manage olive carob and
agencies to do a simpletaskwe must address that issue
65s should be a continuingtaskfor general practitioners if not
would be a much longertaskwe would then recommend changes
fa fit fin or fantaske a short taped interview
jim also took football ataskthrust upon him against all

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