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tess taste whit wis thetasteberna pause soor as bile
poo can i have atastecan i have a taste
taste can i have atastef1107: oh poo aye you
does it taste good f1122: tastef1121: good f1122: uh huh
i don t want totastef1125: oh fine a taste
taste f1125: oh fine atastef1126: i don t no
it is fine does ittastegood f1122: taste f1121: good
darlin you want a tastetastenope f1126: no no i
whisk darlin you want atastetaste nope f1126: no no
hard oan the cherry tesstastewhit wis the taste berna
be sipped tae wyle thetastebe t soor or sweet
heard o mixture that didnatastesoor fur maist o the
it seemed to suit theirtastean his onybody ivver telt
find nothing to suit theirtastein such folk poems they
tae suit the maist fastidioustastejist pick an eat yer
sell any pet for anytasteto suit all pockets the
you would salt it totastein earlier days porridge for
half an hour season totastelittle salt pepper top with
mens faces even their tearstastesalt a car with its
the sway under my feettastesalt not soil pause i
tuna mix add seasoning totastegood served with some peppery
instead we had our firsttasteof russian tea served in
their nets whit kin otastethae saumon had whan served
add remaining lemon juice totasteand mix thoroughly fresh pasta
stir add vinegar slowly totastechill will thicken rinse shredded
suet saat and spice totasteheat a skillet add fat
along the lines of totastein orbit simply add moisture
add to jam sweeten totastepeanut soup 2ΒΌ pts stock
be to mrs swanson stastebecause she s ta en
da tap steep enyoch tatasteda aedge o danger lang
fell ahint ta draa breathtastewir first smoorikin but aa
finger in to have atastef1121: are ye [laugh] noo
f1122: do you want totastef1121: mm that s fine
mm mine f1121: do theytastegood f1122: mmhm [child noises] mm
them f1121: mm does ittastegood [laugh] f1122: mmhm f1121:
div ye think does ittastegood then f1122: aye f1121:
f1121: mm f1122: can itasteit f1121: nae yet f1122:
f1121: do you want totasteone f1122: no i just
f1121: [inaudible] f1122: can itastethe [?]mallows[/?] f1121: [laugh] is
mm are you want totastethem f1121: oh that s
not going to gie atasteto granny f1122: aye f1121:
mm i canna wait totasteit [censored: forename] f1122: me too
f639: [laugh] f640: can stilltastef641: [?]eat so much[/?] f640: that piece
had a wee bit taetasteit f640: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
m1108: can i have atastef1107: wait wait wait nae
f1126: no f1125: mm sprinklestastegood well done f1126: gaun
get me a cake f1125: tastewho else have we got
an jist mebbe get atastean if they got the
guff s jist ribbish matastebuds they re aye dry
sighed i can jist aboottasteit she was halfway down
ye nae jist tae yertasteno i suppose it s
as weel jist hae atasteor it will only gang
an jist forget aboot thetasteye cannae let it gang
frozen minse will make ittastebad dolly shrugged the odd
else knew about your badtastebeaumont lilian ye re no
look i was okay badtastebut a tray fur god
crewsy fixers that was badtastebut there was no amusing
times ah thoucht ah couldtastethey cherries pause hae you
a crumbly kind of freshtastethat was fine by itself
yuck f1113: aye it doesnaetastegood does it f1114: no
the tub urgh does ittastegood m1128: aye i put
no i wan- f1111: nowtastewill it be good will
canada an gie thaim atasteo the soond o hame
ah l gie ye atasteo this shona remains silent
mummy does it doesn ttastenice maybe the smoke will
afore an ey hid atastelike half made candy maybe
nice maybe the smoke willtastenicer if i have a
and then you can maybetastethem later okay how many
just aboot it want atastelike it mm m1108: mm
so do you want totastethat we ll take that
s no in verra guidtasteye want sumthing mair genteel
their sowens i hid aetasteand that wis eneuch lizzie
bit the loon hid naetasteava fur ony o t
make even the simplest dishestastebetter she would get a
the gaels ken that peelstastebetter sugaret finally a simmer
butcher soup was said totastebetter the second day and
think it s better totastechocolate melting i like to
quines afore jenny haein atastemair fur the sexual safety
the drink fur me thetastesurpassin nectar ay an mind
melancholic father who possessed littletastefor learning in itself in
s too little she cantastethe chocolate melt can she
and adding little extras totastethem but her two daughters
animal is more to yourtasteis the lawn getting too
milk we did manage totastethe luxuries too caviare i
you kin gee you atasteo the same makes to
in argumentative nood it musttastethe same if it s
that gladys well it doesnatastethe same nae tae me
they sae but it doesnatastethe same neil still in
and i were made totastea bit of this crow
bit neen e waar taetastefor aa at ye cd
it a wee bit oftasteit disna need tae be
a bit of an acquiredtastesitting in a hot wooden
took another wee bit taetasteso when ye got home
preserves tess bit did yitastethe cherries berna awa coorse
ills unmix d can mortalstastebelow all human fate by
tell you all he cantasteit an tell you where
aye you can get atastem1108: can i have a
end the nicht i cantastethe mug o cocoa juist
gey licht wi nae muchtasteata the battery charger broon
sharn that gies it thetastediv ye nae think we
ll dee i ve naetastethese days onywye gladys beaten
ye d hardly get atastea bluebottle maks me a
ask yeah f1077: get hertasteback for it after she
ha e to thole thetasteget it doon ye she
o kaim an get atasteo e sweet honey fit
oot lood tae get thetasteo them in wir moo
i was wee m941: welltasteit again m942: try it
classes first and as itstastedeveloped moved upwards this was
an they got thair firsttasteo sacchareens in thair tea
soller proclaiming the prosperity andtasteof their owners at first
russia to have his firsttasteof western luxury the hotels
quite a lot of aftertastedon t they m827: ah
don t boil season totastevinaigrettee 3 4 tablesp olive
that when you got atastefor snowboarding and stuff f1148:
huh f1149: he got atastefor the sort of city
onions tomatoes all has notasteafter the performance we went
eftir aw he haes sumtasteah think he s juist
f963: was it just entirelytastef965: i think if you
tomorrow and let mrs [censored: surname]tasteit what do you think
thaim in ma naitur matasteis for the fyner pynts
again an ah hud taetastethe shame for ma wanton
they really make my brothtastevery special dad was pleased
steady eddie s gittin atasteo fear ih ih pushes
a ve nearlie forgotten thetasteo fear the war a
they ken it s atasteo the life doun here
gi e me a realtastefor the stuff it s
to underpin it whether yourtasteis for franz ferdinand or
it then we have totasteit when- i m smelling
purity the girl could almosttastethat word it was like
psychology report or for mytastei didn t i struggled
well into pd james atastefor death gifted to us
the moniker was in appallingtastewhat if they re from
boddam wi her ain smairttasteshe sae luved her darg
last een you ll evertastean here tak twa for
unb to give you thetasteof the place my you
which to give labour atasteof its own medicine mr
an thocht fit a queertastefin he took a look
ploum n plum prie vtastepurpie a purple quyne n
craitur pranny gied him atastesyne he socht anither an
i canna say that itastethe difference a decent cup
someone who was very poortastein clothes and everything f1054:
i yearned for life mytastewas returning for cavernous alleys
to town to talk oftasteand brew of blends of
much to change german poetictasteand to promote interest in
rum and or sugar totastechill angy s cake pkt
of mixed herbs pepper totastesprinkle in oats and bring
pans inviting the traveller totastethe spring water and the
improvement there s differences intasteand differences in the ways
images of colour sound andtasteand through the flow of
which cleopatra lay and lastlytastein what is arguably the

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