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t understand have you evertastedthat buckfast m815: buckfast is
résistance but everything he madetastedlike ambrosia not ambrosia creamed
extract was extracted the producttastedputrid but anything that tasted
tasted putrid but anything thattastedso vile must be doing
bad harvest and the mealtastedvile at philorth the smith
cherries pause hae you evertastedcherries berna auld gerda noo
for kylie minogue the stufftastedlike raw cabbage graham had
raw cabbage graham had nevertastedraw cabbage before but he
carlos s two teenage sonstastedwonderful pots of soup a
soup cups my soup nevertastedso good i will need
i know m816: i vetastedbetter medicine m815: [laugh] it
of court and manners salvadortastedfreedom caverns measureless to man
come silence della oo vetastedfreedom noo zeb wi spend
i dinna think i hivtastedonything better said jonsar eck
the best tay i hivtastedthey made gweed time tae
tin shed shop he stastedaffluence and come to like
coarnir o his bannik ittastedlike the best meal he
hated it had you evertasteda christmas pudding before you
best beef she had evertastedthe gamies game keepers were
tae wait till my grandatastedwhatever we were eatin an
och it s true hetastedfine hae a wee snooze
cream and butter and cheesetastedso fine and were in
nae well we ve nevertastedit have we m1128: it
drunk the gin though ittastedlike perfume she d swallowed
chaip fusky he d nivertastedafore that nicht he keeled
for ma supper ah haenatastedroast chicken in a guid
didn t know what ittastedlike m608: mm f638: and
just to see what ittastedlike and it was just
be lovely okay f1112: itastedit f1111: well leave it
than anythin ah e ertastedfae a chookie an ahm
i shrieked i crouched itastedthe bile of terror when

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