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jist the pickturs smells antastesunaw bluebells honey berna smells
unaw bluebells honey berna smellstastesya slaverin bissim babby s
day that s rerr thattastesgood i m feelin rerr
adapting it to their owntastesthe fact that douglas saw
to deal in concrete elementstastessmells sounds and textures its
hadn t for the crayontastesdusty and nasty miss wood
the icing s good icingtasteso strawberry sure m1128: aye
m so afraid the cigarettetastesfoul but nothing is pleasant
wearing its thin livery ittastesof wood and tin those
it an see if ittastesany good f631: mmhm f689:
mmhm f689: cause it justtasteslike chicken to me anyway
it tea perhaps even teatastestoo strong to stomach water
nae aabody his e sametastessae i tried tae cater
chocolate ower your hair f1122: tastesgood f1121: [inaudible] f1122: can
good it is cool ittastesgood it makes them feel
and munching no wonder jamontastesso good here here on
m959: made to suit alltastes[cough] f958: i don t
tae fin oot aboot histasteshis needs his likins fur
a hard bilet egg ayetastesbetter in e open air
her eyes rolled in horrortastesall the same she said
a corp in the snaatastesbest ava wirm quo the
see how the man stastescould condition the kind of
make maple syrup candy whichtastessomething like barley sugar we
there s no accounting fortastespots were scoured with sand

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