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with a rat a tattatf1101: [humming] well done fitt
twa bursts o rat tattatfae the lewis gun an
f1129: eh rat a tattatfitt did you erm get
with a rat a tattathe looked at the dolly
the rat tat tat tattato the lewis gun thay
morning with a rat atattat f1101: [humming] well done
for twa bursts o rattattat fae the lewis gun
[?]rat-a-tat-tat[/?] f1129: eh rat atattat fitt did you erm
door with a rat atattat he looked at the
wi the rat tat tattattat o the lewis gun
alang wi the rat tattattat tat o the lewis
bam alang wi the rattattat tat tat o the
wis jyned wi a rattattat tat tat this wis
jyned wi a rat tattattat tat this wis suin
wi a rat tat tattattat this wis suin tae
a rat tat tat tattatthis wis suin tae be
tither for the paddy istatyew victor scowls an irish
royal blue cheap piece oftatcalled a fashion suit in
got a name poor weetatm1132: hello f1131: eh you

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