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consider the following instruments theteacherssuperannuation additional voluntary contributions scotland
education culture and sport theteacherssuperannuation additional voluntary contributions scotland
until 8 february 2001 theteacherssuperannuation additional voluntary contributions scotland
until 15 february 2001 theteacherssuperannuation additional voluntary contributions scotland
are subject to annulment theteacherssuperannuation additional voluntary contributions scotland
is subject to annulment theteacherssuperannuation pension sharing on divorce
the following negative instrument theteacherssuperannuation pension sharing on divorce
april 2001 justice 2 theteacherssuperannuation pension sharing on divorce
to any parliamentary procedure scottishteacherssuperannuation scheme resource account 1999
365 18 october 2000 theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2000
365 18 october 2000 theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2000
2000 ssi 2000 365 theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2000
health and community care theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2001
health and community care theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2002
health and community care theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2002
health and community care theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2002
health and community care theteacherssuperannuation scotland amendment regulations 2002
especially professional development for languageteachersare recognised and progressed a
and continuing professional development cpdteachersare well prepared to promote
for the professional development ofteachersas a former marker i
continuous professional development to assistteachersin maintaining and improving professional
continuous professional development to assistteachersin maintaining and improving professional
professional conditions of service forteachersin scotland s schools through
professional conditions of service forteachersin scotland s schools through
initial trainin an professional oncometeachersis weel able tae promote
and language training for primaryteachersour work on continuing professional
into the professional conditions ofteacherss1o 1790 18 mr andrew
accept the professional judgment ofteachersthat the programme was not
an multilingualism provide trainin forteachersthrou professional oncome an initial
how many primary and secondaryteachersa of gaelic and b
teachers the secunt attracted secondaryteachersan hauf o thon boorich
scotland david eaglesham scottish secondaryteachersassociation alex easton headteachers association
hear david eaglesham scottish secondaryteachersassociation i echo what john
ld in the scottish secondaryteachersassociation submission one statement seems
mr brian bishop scottish secondaryteachersassociation unison borders equality in
child protection legislation use specialistteachersbased in secondary schools to
pupils and their future secondaryteachersby allowing teachers to move
the use of secondary schoolteachersgive every child the opportunity
inital teacher education preparing secondaryteachersi also work for the
see that we have moreteachersin primary and secondary schools
think has resulted in ermteachersin the upper secondary certainly
in highland who require 46teachersover the period in secondary
day fur teachers attracted primaryteachersthe secunt attracted secondary teachers
future secondary teachers by allowingteachersto move between primary and
schools enable secondary school sportsteachersto take their expertise into
from interviews with pupils andteachers1 8 the north east
with primary seven pupils andteachersaboyne aboyne lies 30 miles
the opinions of pupils parentsteachersand employers in developing future
secure future for the pupilsteachersand parents in the scottish
the technical terms by whichteachersand pupils discuss such matters
will listen in person toteachersand pupils in their response
the burden of assessment onteachersand pupils the work in
feeling among pupils that ifteachersare unhappy with the situation
may be drawn upon byteachersas they discuss with pupils
a variety of strategies whichteacherscan use for involving pupils
gled that baith pupils anteachersenjoyed takin pairt in the
been vigorously excluded upper deesideteachersexpose pupils to the rich
parents rhoda grant do theteachershand out to pupils the
the language by pupils andteachershendry s methods are easily
of pupils their parents andteachersinto its use amongs 900
pupils whilst recognising that additionalteachersmay be more effectively deployed
pupils to parents and toteachersof other subject areas particularly
for the pupils parents andteachersof stane primary school the
in respect of allegations againstteachersof violence against pupils no
is effective and easier forteachersparents and pupils to understand
it is taught pupils andteachersperceptions of the examination as
committee machinery has failed scottishteacherspupils and parents and calls
committee machinery has failed scottishteacherspupils and parents and calls
his expertise all head teachersteacherspupils and subjects who agreed
lending his expertise all headteachersteachers pupils and subjects who
some of the pupils andteachersthat are involved in that
for pupils but particularly forteachersthat reduction will be crucial
can tell parents pupils andteachersthat there will be no
the tests he asked theteachersto code their pupils on
features operate in texts enablesteachersto help pupils focus clearly
as are the pupils andteacherswe feel that the results
concerns of pupils parents andteacherswe have taken views from
staff to reduce bureaucracy forteachersa significant increase in teachers
burden i think that allteachersand in particular english teachers
are for the convenience ofteachersand teachers are under pressure
asked that question of headteachersand teachers in my area
addressed properly we also expectteachersand teachers organisations to input
the convenience of teachers andteachersare under pressure if there
first in service day furteachersattracted primary teachers the secunt
and teachers i ask thatteachersbe listened to and kept
teachers i can remember theteachersforcin ye m1015: mmhm m1014:
view that the sqa blamedteachershead teachers or schools although
teachers a significant increase inteachershours and new flexibility in
communication between the sqa andteachersi ask that teachers be
the school you know theteachersi can remember the teachers
many teachers today although someteachersin britain america and australia
question of head teachers andteachersin my area i heard
the sqa blamed teachers headteachersor schools although a few
we also expect teachers andteachersorganisations to input into that
even the approaches of manyteacherstoday although some teachers in
we re not slaggin offteacherswe re f833: teachers yeah
had well you d haveteacherswho were particular teachers who
have teachers who were particularteacherswho who you know went
teachers and in particular englishteacherswould agree that the burden
off teachers we re f833: teachersyeah [laugh] f835: just speakin
readable for candidates parents classteachersand lawyers some trust must
partnership with education authorities schoolsteachersand parents in raising attainment
partnership with education authorities schoolsteachersand parents in raising attainment
devolution of decision making toteachersand parents should be the
to local councils school boardsteachersand parents to check the
we making sure that parentsteachersand young people are fully
disappointing their parents and theirteachersare concerned and regardless of
services school children parents andteachersbeing called to put up
breadth into the abyssal seateachersdoctors shopkeepers parents grandparents people
have very good communication withteachersmy parents as i said
are god bless them headteachersparents know us have worked
offers teacher training to gaelicteachersalong with lews castle college
more in service training forteachersand emphasis on scots through
examine thoroughly ite for languageteachersand language training for primary
ensure that sen training forteachersin mainstream education is available
training is currently available forteachersin the light of the
of the training programme forteachersmr monteith i have no
more in service training forteacherson the languages of scotland
information technology training for allteacherss1w 1938 mike watson to
all the teacher trainers trainingteachersthat came into our place
and multilingualism provide training forteachersthrough cpd training and initial
probationary and training system forteachersthroughout their lives new standards
on additional training for primaryteacherswith little facility to fund
in primary schools whereas primaryteachersappear generally to have welcomed
suggest that when primary schoolteachersare preparing to teach sex
around 110 gaelic medium primaryteachersare required over the next
kensaleyre [inhale] both my primaryteachersehm would have had gaelic
total number of primary schoolteachersemployed in each of the
be familiar to all primaryteachersin developing the aural oral
we would think the primaryteachersparticularly well placed to do
of the total number ofteachersregistered to teach in primary
the number of primary schoolteacherss1o 2763 13 mr jamie
mean you idolised your primaryteachersthey were just like you
how many special educational needsteacherswere employed in state primary
but particularly to the primaryteacherswho are currently having to
the terms and conditions forteachersas agreed under the mccrone
to reaching a settlement forteacherspay and conditions and calls
to reaching a settlement forteacherspay and conditions and calls
the committee of inquiry intoteacherspay and conditions of service
settlement in the dispute overteacherspay and conditions s1o 267
inquiry into the future ofteacherspay and conditions will consider
pay and conditions will considerteachersworkload subject by subject so
that were identified by individualteachersand schools i presume that
were much more conducive toteachersand schools we would not
years in the basque countryteachersare taken out of schools
the sqa blamed schools andteachersfor failures the second view
to blame the schools andteachersfor weaknesses in the sqa
was an important factor manyteachersin schools and members of
would not impact on manyteachersin schools because they would
that there was pressure onteachersin scottish schools to implement
pro forma to all headteachersof the schools selected for
internal assessment on young peopleteachersschools and as it turned
the balance between schools andteachersthe matters require to be
to discover whether or notteacherswere promoting scots in schools
meet the demand for additionalteachersis that what the minister
haud o enough eh gaelicteachersto provide adequate eh additional
area and how many additionalteacherswill be required in each
for higher still modern languagesteachersand lecturers are encouraged to
pay tribute to modern languagesteachersand people in twinning associations
both english and modern languagesteachersemploy similar techniques here the
in this paper modern languagesteachersmay find sections 3 4
about them in modern languagesteachersmight contrast the use in
building english and modern languagesteachersmight usefully consider the similarities
in the class modern languagesteachersmight usefully use authentic writing
s something that always worriesteachersof modern languages am i
tension that has existed withinteachersof modern languages when faced
that modern languages and englishteachersoften use of course these
enable modern languages and englishteachersto discuss the strategies and
review of the pay ofteachersand academics in further and
least to the level ofteacherspay and to provide stable
fund the mccrone recommendations forteacherspay in each year for
year was never only aboutteacherspay it also involved significant
of course exceptions for theteacherswe have the pay review
to cut class sizes respectteachersand improve educational facilities ensuring
for class i met theteacherscoming out of mti and
a thousand students and theirteachersin earlier years when class
have to check with classteacherson the exact status of
and there were difficulties withteachersshifting from one class to
life recruit 3 000 extrateachersto reduce class sizes abolish
or dialect or accents shouldteachersuse in class and encourage
community middle class people includingteacherswho have grown up in
soon every readin class theteacherswould get that fed up
science as requiring gaelic mediumteachers5 gaelic is a priority
the supply of gaelic mediumteachersand current scottish executive policy
to start looking for gaelicteachersand sometimes there aren t
that around 40 gaelic mediumteachersare needed over the next
also specified that gaelic mediumteachersare required for geography history
increase the number of gaelicteachersby 140 over a seven
the number of gaelic mediumteachersby 150 in the next
the current shortage of gaelicteachersfurther notes the continuing shortage
in having two gaelic speakingteachersin day school which i
of obtaining a qualification asteachersof gaelic or through the
shortage of fully qualified gaelicteacherss1w 9161 fergus ewing to
ye know because the gaelicteachersthat there s available in
future requirement for gaelic mediumteachersthe executive asked education authorities
the requirement for gaelic mediumteachersthe minister for gaelic has
when we had gaelic speakingteacherswho would be in as
from talking to schoolteachers headteachersand local authorities i am
out to the consenting headteachersappendix iii 8 thanking them
prospect of doing so someteacherscouncillors education officials and head
more budgetary control for headteachersgive headteachers a place on
in the north east headteachershave defended the occasional introduction
councillors education officials and headteachershave said that they would
cycle the limited supply ofteachersfor all community languages and
lesser used languages supply ofteachersin an exercise to establish
education well the guide forteachersand managers has the scottish
guidelines health education guide forteachersand managers i believe that
education standards by recruiting moreteachersand reducing bureaucracy nicol stephen
and dental checks education moreteachersand smaller classes a transition
the sqa and not theteachersand the education profession that
groups which include representatives fromteachersassociations further education education authorities
the issues of dispute betweenteacherseducation authorities and the scottish
sex education at university surelyteachersmust be provided with more
increase the complement of specialistteachersof physical education and music
and delivery of education byteachersthroughout the education system ian
cent lower than that ofteacherswhen nurses are in education
for education authorities and busyteacherswho are under pressure the
education but we know thatteacherswill take differing approaches to
how many of their englishteachersadhered to that scottish rhetorical
in writing now most englishteacherseither introduce the features followed
english two three werdz someteachershave opted out others have
continuous english that led mostteachersin england and rather later
would surely be damaging forteachersin english departments to be
effective learning here but englishteachersmust also bring life to
s aims and practice scottishteachersof english do share a
is puttin a pressure onteachersof english to provide all
of faith to which mostteachersof english will subscribe they
literary emphasis valued by schoolteachersof higher english where depth
provide some information for englishteacherson a sometimes problematic issue
the choice determined by individualteachersor departments when higher english
quintessential english groins railwaymen tradersteacherssquires with faces that king
speaking english because all theteachersthere will speak english when
me i mean all ourteachersweren t english they were
self correct as required englishteacherswill recognise connections here with
m608: [laugh] f638: from theteachersat the school even the
school and two of theteachershad stayed with him for
to date put in byteachersheadteachers and school office staff
to be the sunday schoolteachershere they hae they hae
the amount of bureaucracy confrontingteachersin school scrap the current
scots school dictionary tae theteachersinvolved the certeeficates an stw
services of three sunday schoolteachersmiss betsy johnston dencroft cottage
that i think the schoolteachersshould be able to spaek
the school years b supportingteachersto make sound judgements about
should be negotiated by schoolteachersuniversity academics and representatives from
the local school board manyteacherswere represented they too gave
with links to resources thatteacherscan use during this time
sharpens this process of discussionteacherscan use examples of previous
be of use of courseteachersdo not have to pick
which genre these come fromteachersmay begin to use this
for auxiliary and suggests thatteachersmay wish to use starter
provide support and advice toteacherson how to use those
a very clear introduction forteacherson the use of writing
m865: you could say thatteachersshould use and encourage the
on eh i mean thatteachersshould use the the local
you or you know futureteachersto use dialect u1028: [inaudible]
those resources are for theteachersuse to inform them before
accent i should say thatteachersuse what language should they
5 14 national tests givingteachersand children more time to
guidance of children to otherteachersbut to children i can
package in educating our childrenteachershave a key role in
one genre into another someteachersinvolve children in producing a
intention is to offer allteachersinvolved in children s language
of their ability children andteachersmust have access to the
regarding the number of specialistteachersof deaf children currently employed
or more children and twoteacherspatchy attainment and the hiring
out for the signs asteachersshould know their children but
our own staff and theteacherswho came with the children
engaging the children and theirteacherswith europe and european issues
children can be the bestteachersyoung bilingual learners develop the
the stress levels that manyteachersface what priority is being
99 not only were manyteachersfrom outwith the local area
the scottish executive how manyteachershave been dismissed in scotland
scottish executive how many qualifiedteachersof a latin and b
real dilemma here as manyteachersprefer to have a systematic
discuss such matters yet manyteachersstill prefer the support of
a strong feeling among manyteachersthat they were excluded from
teaching methodology used by manyteachersthis was a criticism also
attitude of many generations ofteachersto local scots speech means
1 march 2001 how manyteacherstook part in the new
the scottish executive how manyteacherswere employed in the north
continue for another year manyteacherswere under a huge amount
creates a tension for manyteacherswho feel obliged to discourage
re not most of theteachersare within glasgow who work
going to steal all ourteachersbut we re not most
case with most subjects mostteachershave access to more information
basis for instruction furthermore mostteachersin scotland are not native
as the norm while mostteachersnowadays may not see the
i think some of theteachersalso take aspects of personal
are useful because they informteachersand give some factual information
has been unacceptable to someteachersbut at least it has
some public forum in whichteacherscan discuss such issues the
in individual classrooms in whichteachershad some autonomy and in
still even within the programmeteachershad some freedom but we
could handle it george macbrideteachershandled it at some cost
in some sense but theteachershas tae ken whit they
i briefly met some otherteachersin the stylistics dept all
some assurance that all probationerteachersincluding last year s probationers
it works very good someteachersintuitively develop excellent techniques through
some of them were retiredteachersm608: mmhm m636: eh or
common themes have allowed someteachersrecently to stretch more able
if you don t giveteacherssome kinna resource then m741:
would be in as reliefteacherssome of them from tiree
has on the minds ofteacherssome of whom are young
at steel and alloys someteacherstania valery boris have been
some kind of resource forteachersthe other thing is that
some very clever er erteachersthere actual artists and er
scotvec provided there are someteacherswho do not think as
i was approached by someteacherswho want me to join
kind and pleasant but someteacherswish to have nothing to
unit assessments and final examsteachersalso carry out assessments to
presentation practice open ended communicationteachersalso consider how the four
half way through the punishmentteachersalso had a long wooden
gives a sufficient detail toteachersbut are al- but also
train inside the desk etcteacherscould also provide further practice
we ve also had erteacherstaking er parent classes in
on the enthusiasm of theteachersthere is also an issue
mix of all the differentteachersaccents or is that more
promote better health recruit moreteachersand cut crime people can
support steps to recruit moreteachersand interpreters of british sign
more classroom assistants to giveteachersextra support in the classroom
not exist for scotvec becauseteachershad much more limited involvement
sqa more than they trustedteachersis important that view arises
you re talkin about makingteachersmore aware of scots that
the next four years giveteachersmore time to teach and
more pressure is put onteachersof that subject than on
pat cairns i think thatteachersare confident in their estimation
be brainstorming sessions in whichteachersare encouraged to share their
their posts so that newteacherscan be brought in during
attitudes to language learning whichteacherscould reinforce in their different
leavers will be inviting theirteachersdate of next meeting tuesday
their ain fowk frae theirteachersfrae aabody ower the age
work that they and theirteachershave done to meet their
confusion to them and theirteachershowever we must be ready
their interests to have stressedteachersi hope that i have
suitable they are not justteachersresources their nature is that
draw upon shared experiences ofteachersstudents and their families or
with fifth year students theirteacherstaking notes at the back
to seek reassurance from theirteachersthat takes us back to
their difficulties in developing calpteacherstherefore need to be particularly
with their colleagues and principalteacherswho then might have to
hours and hours i hadteacherswho worked through their lunch
ehm okay ehm what aboutteacherseh what language or dialect
and a couple of languageteachersfrom rostov on don sasha
a different form of languageteachersmay say things like do
of teaching knowledge about languageteachersoften ask when should this
own language and obviously bilingualteachersor classroom assistants can aid
cycle the limitit supply oteachersfor aw community leids an
community centres an siller forteacherssalaries aroon 500 learners is
community centres and payment forteacherssalaries there are approximately 500
who have disciplinary procedures forteachersand promoted teaching staff that
colleagues here who are practisingteachersand therefore know what is
can make a difference toteacherswho are already in the
as we do not haveteacherswho learn to teach sex
offering a terrible warning toteacherswho pontificate on burns burns
the red wine drinking artteacherswho turned up at the
bring that aboot eh whaurteacherscan speak scots eh quite
gey sma number o charismaticteacherseh like fowk like matthew
seen ye know reaction faeteacherseh quite adverse to the
okay ehm what about theteacherseh which accent i should
and ye started getting differentteachersfor arithmetic and eh different
higher eh there are threeteachersin hillpark er but i
i was eh makin theteacherstea i mean it s
m608: mmhm m636: eh orteachersthat had left the profession
a teachin or eh sixteachersthere s only two shetlanders
because eh all the maleteacherswere away to war m608:
and eh and retired femaleteacherswere drafted in to take
the the bringin through oteacherswi the skills necessar eh
i can remember having femaleteachersall through our schooling aged
and sentences and through whichteacherscan introduce and reinforce the
1 and intermediate 2 asteacherswe knew through resubmission and
still they were not theteachersand the professionals made sure
control we had to recruitteachersand there were copyright issues
told him we were actuallyteachersbet you ll be going
miss gardon they were greatteachersmay and i are keeping
like y- all the youngteachersthat came in they were
mean it s amazin theteachersthat were left handed m608:
of members the fact thatteachersviews were neglected is an
difficulties existed amongst the subjectsteacherswere asked to note rd1
was to be encouraged consequentlyteacherswere careful to avoid attempts
in the late 1980s whenteacherswere coming to grips with
union and other unions thatteacherswere continuing to raise concerns
stayed away and as theteacherswere drifting off like the
and us at mongoldrum theteacherswere miss archibald from cluseburn
can be said that theteacherswere not committed to the
we welcomed the fact thatteacherswere not put under pressure
and the m811: [cracks knuckles] f812: teacherswere really really f814: ah
80 kopecks only last weekteacherswere sceptical about this happening
tables and do mental arithmeticteacherswere very strict and often
were affected every aspect ofteacherswork was affected by the
the you know and theteachersare aw scared to take
my memory as far asteachersare concerned cause she was
the right of every learnerteachersare encouraged to point out
the stagnation period but theteachersare keen to change it
see that maths and physicsteachersare not considered to be
a place in the curriculumteachersare requested to pick the
one day we re goingteachersare that are teaching our
the standard grades or becauseteachersare under pressure to estimate
have not recovered additionally whenteachersare under the administrative pressures
accurately for the revised highersteachersestimates are not as good
must remember that we areteachersfirst and trade union associates
we wanted to clarify forteachershere are the the realistic
decisions are made without involvingteachersin much of the detailed
a probationary year under theteachersinduction scheme are able to
to ensure that allegations againstteachersof physical violence are handled
reasons for this focus byteacherson texts are a to
filled these are not eventeacherssometimes you know they re
to make widespread impact whenteacherstime and energies are already
because two of them areteacherstoo and cannot afford tradesmen
local agreements between management andteachersunions are now in place
mair in service trainin forteachersan emphasis on scots throu
i m aye welcomed biteachersbecause scots can be cross
in scots fit incentives daeteachershae tae promote scots dis
to be atypical among universityteachersinvolved in courses in scots
over the year develop theteachersskills with scots and cathrin
in that fewer and fewerteachersmay be sufficiently familiar with
it may be beneficial forteachersto draw upon grammatical terminology
it because my em myteachersdidn t didn t regard
rely on them strongly becauseteachershave become excellent at estimating
clearly disagreed and argued thatteachersas employees should implement it
advised that the help ofteachersshould be requested in the
resources must be provided forteacherssuch a curriculum should be
respond to the need forteachersable to teach in the
any existing temporary contracts forteachersalready in post s1o 4901
haes been arranged for theteachersan thair faimlies masha ah
s a bittie frae theteachersand carers notes for the
ministers and priests for ourteachersand lawyers for our doctors
was speeded up by lowlandteachersand ministers for example and
as that causes problems forteachersand young people a considerable
pe 233 by the technologyteachersassociation calling for the scottish
sccc 1988 and the nlsteachersbooklet reading and writing for
three i think including oneteachersbuffet one small buffet for
as a starting point forteachersdiscussions the rest of the
we we started getting realteachersfor the first time m608:
for the institute however theteachersfrom the stylistics dept numbered
the scottish negotiating committee forteachersgive opportunities for greater innovation
is as a resource forteachershowever it is clear when
extended grc for speaking assistteachersin allocating the performance to
end existing temporary contracts forteachersin order to finance one
alang wi siller for traininteachersin the leid three the
dark for hoors wi theteachersmakin us sing ten green
for him to lip readteachersof the deaf require no
out to make room forteacherson the induction scheme it
qualify for the computers forteachersscheme s1w 3433 mr brian
this bit here for yourteachersso the book i chose
various recently published materials forteacherssuch as the sccc booklet
to this dilemma is forteachersto develop a bidialectal approach
will be up there forteachersto look at to comment
s deferment for certain subjectsteachersunions asked for the same
t we lucky with ourteachersat [censored: placename] such an interest
and ehm one of ourteachersthe a science teacher was
signs of abuse and warningteachersabout what to look out
it seemed to suit theteachersaccent you know aye and
against young people and protectsteachersagainst unjustified complaint s1w 28532
and erm one of myteachersah was a lady called
delibarately provocative to scotland steachersand calls upon the scottish
reach a point at whichteachersand candidates cannot cope with
sport or academic pursuits respectteachersand cut bureaucracy the mccrone
yeah mmhm f965: trained asteachersand i am absolutely filled
teacher one of my oldteachersand i remember speaking to
in the satisfactory category encouragesteachersand lecturers to assess performances
hear and consider grievances againstteachersand promoted staff and where
getting so much thinner bothteachersand students spend a lot
vocabulary games exercises to theteachersand then wandered along to
blue black ink and ironteachersand thick leather belts it
scottish accents to the stylisticsteachersand we actually got them
that it was not goodteachersand whole departments have stressed
really suggesting that with theteachersand with sutherland that is
really suggesting that with theteachersand with the sutherland report
that i will listen toteachersand young people he knows
data in various formats andteachersat all levels would have
and dad [watering running] wi theteachersat playschool you baked m1108:
collection of students and orteachersaveraging about 30 but on
the milk f812: and theteachersbuggered off and f813: machine
that at all f813: andteachersbut i mean like one
purpose of motivating youngsters andteachersbut it has transpired that
opinion that the views ofteacherscould be neglected and discounted
of assessment on candidates andteacherscould be sufficiently reduced without
say in your submission thatteacherscould handle it and that
the teaching unions and theteachersdelivered of course the fact
you say that to yourteachersdo you remember and say
standards and dedication of scottishteachersendorses the executive s commitment
standards and dedication of scottishteachersendorses the executive s commitment
enjoy learning and th- theteachersenjoy delivering and i think
and i tell tell theteachersf1095: fa did you tell
schoolmasters and union of womenteachersgeorge macbride educational institute of
work load on candidates andteachersi am determined to ensure
schoolmasters and union of womenteachersi do not disagree with
staff and questionnaires returned byteachersin post show that upper
and luived awreadie maistlie byteachersin scotlan as a succinct
disruptive behaviour and bullying supportingteachersin tackling discipline problems protecting
will continue to listen toteacherslecturers and the management in
page it was suggested thatteachersmight discuss different cultures and
and a further decline inteachersmorale considers that the defects
this is backit up witeachersnotes and reference material on
so on and from theteacherspoint of view assessment bank
appendix iii 9 enclosed theteachersquestionnaire was brief and straightforward
the professionalism and commitment ofteachersrecognises the high standards and
the professionalism and commitment ofteachersrecognises the high standards and
and i remember s- knowteacherssaying there s almost a
and i have and otherteacherstell us but there s
prepared today to allow theteachersto ask questions and after
and support materials to helpteachersto minimise the work that
inquiry established by cosla andteachersunions in 1997 to look
sitting up the side theteachersup the side and he
like like one of myteacherswas ill or somethin and
attainment and the hiring ofteacherswithout proper qualifications to meet
not fit all however whenteachershave said that we have
see we had loads ofteacherslike that like y- all
like all these f814: reteacherstend to be a bit
mccrone settlement which guaranteed newteachersa probationary year s work
retain high quality staff enableteachersto work to maximum effect
up tea- the words theteachershave got yes uh huh
closely at the senior stagesteachershave of course used a
family we ve got artteachersin an the kids have
on the commitment of individualteachersin the west there have
f1095: you div cause yourteacherstell you you have to
investigation 11 00 cathy peattieteachersthat i have spoken to
representations have been received fromteachersunions urging the ending of
committed members have been scottishteacherswhom christopher north speaking of
in britain before considering whatteacherscan do about this problem
can do that with anyteachersi don t think age
each classroom biggit wide farteacherson supply can hide echo
lanie way f1095: did yourteachersask if your nose was
carefully did you tell yourteachersat the playgroup that you
together well i think yourteachersll like that drawing that
take this back to yourteachersm1096: that f1095: [inaudible] it
m1096: [child noise] f1095: did yourteachersnae tell you to take
i m gonna tell yourteachersthe morning at playgroup that
mm f965: remember your childhoodteachersvery clearly f963: oh very
mrs [censored: surname] they re niceteachersaren t they i think
like f812: do you thinkteachersdo get embarrassed though cause
mmhm f1023: i think theteacherslong ago def- well f1025:
good see when you seeteachersnow like i was at
is another issue about whenteacherswanted the material in relation
although often later than whenteacherswanted them however there is
tea with one of herteachersbut there was a misunderstanding
further notes that warnings fromteachersearlier this year with regard
getting a raw deal withteachersgoing on strike not the
was he baking with theteachersthe other day aye m1108:
to reaching a settlement withteachersto abandon its proposals to
is not the fault ofteachersbut a fault of curriculum
ll manage to unthaw theseteachersbut not today i hung
had a fair input fromteachersif we had not had
it is up to individualteachersso he is not in
i talked to the phoneticsteachersabout discourse intonation yesterday they
of these exercises to theteachersafterwards i worked my way
is in place to raiseteachersawareness of epilepsy s1o 3200
then the m608: mmhm m635: teachersbegan to drift back from
f812: yeah a lot ofteachersdidn t go to f813:
guidance is being given toteachersdorothy grace elder glasgow snp
kind of stuff which theteachershate to teach you know
unsolicited scripts being sent toteachersi am interested in exploring
key thing is to haeteachersi mean even if it
i m going to showteachersmy penny f1095: well but
attainment provides interesting feedback toteacherson the standards of reading
deployed in support of otherteachersrather than exclusively to reduce
but in upper deeside localteachersseem to be trying to
will be handled knowledgeably byteachersso as to meet individual
operation those arrangements would allowteachersto ease out of full
to be done to influenceteachersto get them to encourage
8 point questionnaire to participatingteachersto pinpoint the resources available
the first time it encouragesteachersto undertake a substantial study
prevalent pessimism at the momentteacherswant scripts to be returned
the sorts of things thatteacherswould like to make up
date to one of theteachersyesterday it was a really
reach a point at whichteacherscannot cope cathy jamieson i
successfully from informational texts involvesteachersin providing strategies which enable
skills m741: mmhm m605: whichteachersof m- almost any humanities
is about the influence onteachersof such material which is
a lot of the timeteachersdidn t know stuff they
was no business of theteachersf963: right f965: you know
scottish executive the supply ofteachersjune 2001 6 shefc circ
frae then on the scottishteachersthat cuidna ban burns cause
standard grade systems among scottishteachersthere is very strong loyalty
will increase the number ofteachersby 3 000 above existing
like sixteen one of theteachersdid you f814: yeah he
the new exams was thatteachersfears about a range of
ending of automatic suspension ofteachersfollowing misconduct allegations s1o 6364
of improving the expertise ofteachersfrom the first it insisted
what the age profile ofteachersin scotland is by a
enshrined in the pronouncements ofteachersor written in books or
attended his analysis of theteachersquestionnaire showed a disappointing lack
despite the claims of theteachersrather they teach an institutionally
august 1999 by scotland steachersrecognises the validity of the
there was talk of delayteacherssaid that they would do
by the association of universityteachersthat a system of independent
by an amateur company ofteachersthis took place in a
one o my home economicsteachersno but she had ehm
thae prizes bi giein theteachersthat taen pairt in the
hmi in the sqml reportteacherstoo often relied on the
you get erm n-n- nomadicteacherswhat s the other word
will be wycely haunled byteacherssae as tae meet individual
no f1095: no m1096: theteachershelp me f1095: do they
be actively seekin feedback fraeteacherson the yissfaeness o this
aimed fur gin it steachersthey ll be sikkin information
translation awa fae the bairnsteachersreference only div they get
programme says they want universityteachersthere i wish i could
despite d claims o dteachersbut reider we wir bein
ve got good reputations asteachersm741: mmhm m605: but that
age reenges ay an theteachersas weel mebbe ye ll
as the doctor an histeachershud used it the scuil
f1049: [laugh] that was theteachers[laugh] m1048: [laugh] f1049: what
smart arsed wee bastard youteachersnever appreciated that oh believe
dailt wi the local schuilteachersanenst the teachin o thair
bit maybe it s theteachersat need the translation sic
got on jist fine theteachersgot on wi teachin us
tricked yin o the maleteachersintae it it the christmas
ah m wi the itherteachersma man s freins it
the biddies on the staffteachersoch beyond the rest the
mrs greig s house againteachersover the years [note: list of teachers' names] [note: photo: 'the earliest arbuthnott school photograph we have; taken in 1909. the only pupils recognised are leslie mitchell (fourth from the left in the back row) and chris queen (sixth girl from the left in middle row).']
fae e university ere eirteachersan half a dizzen fowk
olga s aye at sumteachersconference an irena is at
wye bookies doctors bus driversteachersi dinna ken fa a
efter me jist fine especiallyteachersyou ve nae idea fit

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