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that harness information and communicationstechnologyand put citizens at the
benefits of information and communicationstechnologyand put citizens at the
in digital information and communicationstechnologybelieves that scotland must seize
developments in information and communicationstechnologyco ordinate action and help
from young information and communicationstechnologyentrepreneurs who told the committee
inability to introduce new communicationstechnologythe bandwidth is not available
especially in information and communicationstechnologywhich is interesting given the
not invest in new communicationstechnologywho will companies such as
national institute for clinical excellencetechnologyappraisal guidance the health technology
national institute for clinical excellencetechnologyappraisal guidance the health technology
technology appraisal guidance the healthtechnologyboard for scotland has published
technology appraisal guidance the healthtechnologyboard for scotland is currently
exists in relation to gmtechnologyas applied to agriculture and
an external inquiry into gmtechnologyas applied to agriculture charged
sylvia jackson s1m 1141 gmtechnologylodged on 1 september 2000
scotland in relation to gmtechnologysupported by dorothy grace elder
s1m 1141 richard lochhead gmtechnologythat the parliament recognises the
range o domains such astechnologyan science its position is
built environment mathematical science informationtechnologyand computing business and management
to medicine science engineering andtechnologybuilt environment mathematical science information
house of commons science andtechnologycommittee into mobile phones and
in food science and foodtechnologyindustries in europe and calls
effectiveness of aberdeen science andtechnologypark which has an incubator
select committee on science andtechnologyreport chips for everything the
joint initiative using videoconferencing informationtechnologyand other technology it is
health technology board for scotlandtechnologyassessments are currently ongoing s1w
scottish executive how many healthtechnologyassessments the health technology board
health technology assessments the healthtechnologyboard for scotland has completed
scottish executive how many healthtechnologyboard for scotland technology assessments
videoconferencing information technology and othertechnologyit is welcome and allows
clinical excellence guidance on healthtechnologyassessments s1o 5350 27 donald
2002 43 bell college oftechnologyreport of the board of
designation of bell college oftechnologyscotland order 2001 ssi 2001
designation of bell college oftechnologyscotland order 2001 ssi 2001
designation of bell college oftechnologyscotland order 2001 ssi 2001
learning the bell college oftechnologyscotland order of council 2001
learning the bell college oftechnologyscotland order of council 2001
learning the bell college oftechnologyscotland order of council 2001
audit of bell college oftechnologyse 2002 75 report by
was returned 2 such informationtechnologyand other office equipment and
the spcb shall provide informationtechnologyand other office equipment and
scheme 1 provision of informationtechnologyand other office equipment and
the spcb to provide informationtechnologyand other office equipment in
printing glasgow college of foodtechnologyand the glasgow college of
customers eg use of informationtechnology25 what will customers want
behalf particularly in this informationtechnologyage criminals have been quick
high quality access to digitaltechnologyand information in the future
and maintaining quality maximising informationtechnologyboosting tourism in the remoter
it services head of informationtechnologycathy watkins business support manager
the opening of an informationtechnologycentre in burnbank and a
of the opportunities that informationtechnologycould offer to help to
use of information and communicationtechnologyeach further and higher education
intelligence effective use of informationtechnologyfor marketing and skills development
new computers and other informationtechnologyfor primary and secondary schools
a postgraduate course in informationtechnologyhe feels that he could
making in ensuring that informationtechnologyin schools is up to
more information on that buttechnologyis developing so quickly that
master s degree in informationtechnologynot all of whom have
provided by action 2000 informationtechnologyor other technological professional expertise
use of information and communicationtechnologypromoting innovation in tourism business
michael russell from the informationtechnologysection david elliot philip banks
the scottish executive what informationtechnologyseminars were sponsored by scottish
and further investigating with informationtechnologyspecialists how the users and
and further investigating with informationtechnologyspecialists how the users and
states some sectors particularly informationtechnologysuffer from a skills gap
states some sectors particularly informationtechnologysuffer from a skills gap
such as access to informationtechnologysystems iain smith i return
and there were new informationtechnologysystems which in the first
it intends to provide informationtechnologytraining for all teachers s1w
software lay with the informationtechnologyunit but the operations unit
the benefit of new informationtechnologywhich enables them to get
of that referral the healthtechnologyboard did not exist until
the work of the healthtechnologyboard for scotland and that
02 se 2002 149 healthtechnologyboard for scotland annual accounts
the establishment of the healthtechnologyboard for scotland as referred
scottish executive how the healthtechnologyboard for scotland consults with
services agency c the healthtechnologyboard for scotland d the
executive or of the healthtechnologyboard for scotland dorothy grace
5 may 2000 the healthtechnologyboard for scotland order 2000
and audit group the healthtechnologyboard for scotland the scottish
when it expects the healthtechnologyboard for scotland to publish
remit is of the healthtechnologyboard for scotland who its
the near future the healthtechnologyboard for scotland will comment
of that appeal the healthtechnologyboard has said that it
interferon issue to the healthtechnologyboard in december 1999 we
of nice and the healthtechnologyboard is a matter for
comments delivered by the healthtechnologyboard of scotland on national
take advantage of developments intechnologyfor cages in locations that
advocate for example in newtechnologyfuture office systems and services
consequence of any developments intechnologyrelating to publishing or distributing
diversify into marine renewable energytechnologyandrew wilson moved amendment s1m
diversify into marine renewable energytechnologybut notes the liberal democrats
and pavilions dedicated to electrotechnologymetallurgy and atomic energy closed
diversify into marine renewable energytechnologysupported by iain gray s1m
in an age of moderntechnologyand easy access to other
beyond the capabilities of moderntechnologyand would allow for example
the history of modern transporttechnologyoffers several examples from the
harnessing the best of moderntechnologypeople must be able to
bridges rather than the moderntechnologythat they should be emphasising
yes first much of ourtechnologywill be more modern and
possibility of using word processingtechnologyas part of the editorial
be exploited using e mailtechnologyas should the opportunity to
the mark in using computertechnologyto their advantage and as
use of digital hearing aidtechnologyacross scotland and considers that
farmers use the best availabletechnologyfor containment and the best
welcomes the use of newtechnologyin the public and private
promote the use of newtechnologyin the voluntary sector including
notes however that advances intechnologysuch as the use of
have been to use thetechnologyto complement and enhance teaching
with the use of newtechnologyto fulfil the contract plenty
it has to use newtechnologyto improve the delivery of
newly qualified staff and usetechnologyto improve the range of
to reduce class sizes usetechnologyto link all schools to
that the use of newtechnologywould bring the price down
and taken up the newtechnologydo not employ as many
we are considering the newtechnologyit may be worth while
sensing progress report that newtechnologyneeds to be fully exploited
is the role of newtechnologyshould we allow people to
young people are into newtechnologyso we should examine more
lack the investment in newtechnologythat they need the other
the business of selling newtechnologythey were interested in getting
and more they need newtechnologyto do that i was
integrated transport projects applying newtechnologyto public transport ticketing and
d think brillo ruined newtechnologyurgent e mails all have
new ways and facilitating newtechnologywith a view to substantial
aggravated by problems with thetechnologyavailable for establishing the ship
john scott should best availabletechnologybe incorporated into the planning
services are available through broadbandtechnologyin dumfries and galloway by
services are available through broadbandtechnologyin the pathfinder areas of
to apply a best availabletechnologyregime to aquaculture if not
social spectrum has access totechnologythe scottish executive has had
the scottish council for educationaltechnologyto form learning teaching scotland
million to the charis foodtechnologycentre i am pleased to
scottish parliament to advance technicaltechnologyeducation within scottish secondary schools
crawford s1m 1066 helen eadietechnologyand customer services that the
join up services at leasttechnologyis not an obstacle that
a view to taking thetechnologyout of public ownership later
fixed view as to thetechnologythat the public and private
scotland and the uk thetechnologyto meet the growing demand
sustain the development of intermediatetechnologyinstitutes in aberdeen dundee and
because of the development oftechnologymy next point might surprise
carry the automobiles which advancingtechnologyproduced tropical beaches turned into
of solutions such as bluetoothtechnologyare being suggested for different
acquire ever more sophisticated computertechnologyto spend ever lengthening periods
with the committee for economicstechnologyand european affairs state parliament
and to sort out thetechnologyfor the meeting i do
petition pe 233 by thetechnologyteachers association calling for the
as it and video linktechnologyexpand the capability of community
have been greatly improved bytechnologyin the initial stages of
are to roll out broadbandtechnologyin those areas of central
features of landscape architecture andtechnologyof the region are still
school of music and recordingtechnologyproject which is designed to
on 2 november by aeatechnologyquite a lot of the
school of music and recordingtechnologysmart at dam park ayr
tv all that kind oftechnologysort of stuff erm we
from any supported schemes assistedtechnologyto change the lives of
combining the educational commercial andtechnologytransfer functions of the scottish
the cutting edge of environmentaltechnologywhich will be required worldwide
ha- and and therefore thetechnologyand the possibilities are better
to ensure that one trustworthytechnologycould be identified and used
when we used them intechnologyer and i think i
government integrating people processes andtechnologys1w 7170 mr kenneth gibson
do we not invest intechnologyto manage time and appointments
which third generation mobile telephonetechnologywill be deployed s1w 14966
committee room 2 1 intermediarytechnologyinstitutes the committee will take
expect that by then cdtechnologywill have advanced to the
in e days afore liftintechnologyi min on loadin a
are often e enabled buttechnologyis not seen as the
10 march 2003 what thetechnologyproblems are that have led
or clotting recognises that diagnostictechnologyenables these patients to self
also assist in attracting hightechnologyinward investors to broaden the
see ye canna butter uptechnologypreparing to meet the minotaur
s just it s justtechnologyit s just like the
well it s just liketechnologyyou know like ehm i
i visited vestas celtic windtechnologyltd in kintyre the company

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