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mr derrick thomson controller grampiantelevision3 standards in scotland s
mr derrick thomson controller grampiantelevision3 standards in scotland s
donald emslie managing director oftelevisionscottish media group mr derrick
donald emslie managing director oftelevisionscottish media group mr derrick
set supplied by the cabletelevisioncompany they may be able
and broadcast on chilean cabletelevisionit was an oddly out
american and european on ertelevisionon cable channels i don
for the top of thetelevisionset supplied by the cable
come across one for cabletelevisionwhich on the front page
today because of t- cabletelevisionyou can see this process
and it was with grampiantelevisionand m608: mmhm f643: when
s1m 474 richard lochhead grampiantelevisionfor text of motion see
s1m 474 richard lochhead grampiantelevisionfor text of motion see
844 itc report on grampiantelevisionlodged on 11 may 2000
844 itc report on grampiantelevisionlodged on 11 may 2000
alex neil s1m 474 grampiantelevisionlodged on 27 january 2000
way it worked was grampiantelevisionproduce a number of programmes
secretary bbc scotland 2 grampiantelevisions regional cultural contribution the
secretary bbc scotland 2 grampiantelevisions regional cultural contribution the
her occasional appearances on grampiantelevisiontalking about life as it
proper place in radio andtelevision9 the indigenous scots names
a standart orthography provide mairtelevisionan radio programmes in scots
significant national coverage on radiotelevisionand in the newspapers the
a standardised orthography provide moretelevisionand radio programmes in scots
since boosted by striking radiotelevisionand stage dramatisations his importance
been so many tales ontelevisionand the radio about how
equipped for digital radio andtelevisionbroadcasting webcasting and interactive teaching
expansion of gaelic radio andtelevisioncompared to the service as
it on on radio andtelevisionf948: yes but yes and
the same in radio andtelevisionin radio in scotland there
incidentally at home through radiotelevisionnewspapers and books they use
it s more prominent ontelevisionor i- in the radio
could use scots more ontelevisionor on the radio eh
people when being interviewed ontelevisionor radio often are less
scots in fact scots ontelevisionor radio was often met
poet critic illustrator radio ortelevisionpersonality who has done most
enough through the media oftelevisionradio newspapers and advertisements as
television this evening f810: [inhale]televisioni was gonna tidy up
always television s television stelevisionm741: yeah m605: ehm so
s a television s atelevisionm741: yeah rather than m605:
m605: a television s atelevisions a television m741: yeah
vocabulary m741: mmhm m605: atelevisions a television s a
attitude is always television stelevisions television m741: yeah m605:
but my attitude is alwaystelevisions television s television m741:
m gonna rediscover friday nighttelevisionthis evening f810: [inhale] television
regard to ensuring that digitaltelevisioncoverage extends to all parts
the use of interactive digitaltelevisionpublic kiosks personal digital assistants
this diary watch bbc worldtelevisionand wait for [censored: forename] the
taking part in the bbctelevisionseries ninewells which is following
hospital s participation in bbctelevisionseries that the parliament congratulates
the newspapers and on thetelevisionas they saw it they
almost entirely london centred fewtelevisionprogrammes are produced outside the
the scots dialect featured ontelevisionprogrammes mainly emanates from central
things like you know totelevisionprogrammes or maybe it was
or of watching the afternoontelevisionand all that sort of
techniques are watching us ontelevisionand will have difficulty following
canna jist sit here watchingtelevisionfor the rest o my
enjoy watching their teams ontelevisionsupported by brian adam lodged
scotland i believe that thetelevisionadvertising ban has been in
effect of the ban ontelevisionadvertising from all the other
promote an advertising campaign ontelevisionor somewhere else that deals
when we brought in atelevisiontobacco advertising ban in 1967
1965 when tobacco advertising ontelevisionwas banned in the uk
m741: yeah m605: right sotelevisionin gaelic is telebhisean because
but it s just phoneticallytelevisionin gaelic m741: right m605:
because if you think abouttelevisionlike a far seer m741:
m605: whereas they decided thattelevisionthey would keep i don
of uk scottish and regionaltelevisionprogramming and production believes that
of uk scottish and regionaltelevisionprogramming and production believes that
of the pervasive influence oftelevisionand the passive neglect and
was aware of certain influencestelevisions a major influence and
explained eh the influence oftelevisionthe second and i ve
evening we watched some soviettelevisiona historical soap opera featuring
in the evening we watchedtelevisionlargely unpalatable stuff which made
to publicise it people watchtelevisionand youngsters go to places
like to go swimming watchtelevisionevery saturday with my friends
to sit doon an watchtelevisionhe disappeared for three hours
can watch on on thetelevisionyou can rent it from
o clock national and internationaltelevisionnews programme to be in
my glass of wine mytelevisionprogramme and er f1038: yeah
wish to comment on anytelevisionprogramme if i started doing
about the euro on atelevisionprogramme she might remember it
what s the gaelic fortelevisionand d r m1055: [laugh]
me a good gaelic fortelevisionbut ah this is another
to comataid telebhisein gaidhlig gaelictelevisioncommittee is 8 7 million
comfortable also a second handtelevisionbut don t expect it
suite cheap a second handtelevisionwe found a kitchen table
well i tried to rediscovertelevisionehm on wednesday night f810:
be seen on late nighttelevisionin relation to the state
read in scots however scottishtelevisionis almost entirely london centred
an opposite a big newtelevisionset at wir hosts jan
appeared to be a largetelevisionset on which one could
because like everywhere you knowtelevisionand eh the way that
was english because we hadtelevisionand er the situation was
we use now cause oftelevisionf1006: yes f1054: because o
aye because it s thetelevisionthe soaps have actually if
this was shown on nationaltelevisionm642: yeah oh no you
i actually did the nationaltelevisionstuff m608: mmhm m642: and
i don t know whattelevisionfootballers pop stars you name
i don t have atelevisionin ma lounge [laugh] so
don t want a freetelevisionlicence i want my cataracts
sort of thing but thetelevisionwas in the kitchen yes
sound system perhaps certainly atelevisionyes these were in evidence
can be heard frequently ontelevisionand also the growth of
murdoch will have on europeantelevisionand i wouldn t like
watched the opening ceremony ontelevisionand then i cont- i
i hear men on thetelevisionannouncers and broadcastin and that
see all this thing ontelevisionat the moment about this
fanever it came on thetelevisionhe used to say addy
of things like subtitles ontelevisionicelandic is moving towards an
advertise their products on thetelevisionin cinemas on public bill
at belyaevo the каскад 230televisionis on showing yet another
them have ye on thetelevisionm1012: francie an josie were
at all levels especially ontelevisionmust be improved for example
and is modelled on thetelevisionquiz show family fortunes the
that i heard on scottishtelevisionsome time ago the reporter
as public meetings or ontelevisiontherefore although it is not
obviously without anything on thetelevisionto break down the local
and [censored: forename] has been ontelevisionto talk about the effects
used tae be on thetelevisionused tae used tae come
with very little on thetelevisionwhen i was a child
by the local press andtelevisionwhen we appealed on his
things that they hear ontelevisionwhether they re catchphrases or
tomorrow morning on good morningtelevisionwith fiona s answer to
scorned those members of thetelevisionpublic whose feeble mindedness frustrated
a living room with thetelevisionf1027: [?]aye that's true.[/?] yeah f1023: and
early age are influenced bytelevisionthat there s not yeah
didn t even have atelevisioni mean i was about
remove concerns about the chargestelevisionis nothing to do with
own elinor [censored: surname] graced ourtelevisionscreen talking about and providing
and the most accessible throughtelevisionwas signed i ask that
host one was in atelevisionseries from way back in
mair for an by theatretelevisionliterature or poetry syne reference
produced for and by theatretelevisionliterature or poetry then reference
nhs trusts regarding car parkingtelevisionor telephone charges for ppp
that i could see thetelevisiona quarter of suicides occur
saw my picture in atelevisionshop i could not believe
into the subject that thetelevisionpayment rate of 3 50
not [laugh] f978: you knowtelevisionan all that it became
year being welcomed in thetelevisionhas put all this out
ancillary facilities such as parkingtelevisionand telephones s1o 6013 the
they need from exposure totelevisionand to books in such
confined to pantomime coamics andtelevisioncharacters such as rab c
mair point tae life thantelevisionand bingo loretta i dinna
than any of the moderntelevisiondramas from which we are
already be familiar with fromtelevisionand they learn to switch
playing a version of thetelevisiongame pupils will gain from
scotland from payment of thetelevisionlicence fee s1w 388 fergus
john young except for thetelevisioncompanies the convener they apply
translation of subtitles onto theirtelevisionscreens and they re beginning
any plans to organise atelevisiondebate featuring politicians including the
electricity so we had notelevisionf606: no [laugh] f828: so
what s the english fortelevision[laugh] m1007: [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
fit the bottom of thetelevisionscreen so it s unidiomatic
british academy of film andtelevisionarts awards last month to
much improved pensions and freetelevisionlicences for those who are
a fellow of the royaltelevisionsociety a film and t
and city centre closed circuittelevisionsystems s1o 223 7 cathie
days of the wireless andtelevisionthe accordion the melodeon the
the over 75s receive freetelevisionlicences which are currently worth
he said that s yourtelevisionfor you whit happened tae
it s the the ehmtelevisionplayin its part there but
have tae remember now thattelevisions playin a a great
2 000 additional closed circuittelevisioncameras to help to prevent
one obviously lived in withtelevisionaerials attached to the domes
blades better to be atelevisionamoeba flickering in its slip
bitties o writin withoot etelevisiondirlin in ma lug i
box of teabags m941: thetelevisionlies to you f940: you
concentrate he turned off thetelevisionpoured himself a large scotch

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