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thrie times the abbeymaister hummlietellthim an five times mair
demons thrie times the abbeymaistertellthim hummlie an five times
hummlie an five times hetellthim mair this haa mauna
king o demons the abbeymaistertellthim marischal hong we mauna
keep howkin awa the abbeymaistertellthim sairlie it mauna be
the marischal sae the abbeymaistertellthim ye dinna ken marischal
the marischal cries wang jintellthim ance mair an fell
leet the felt marischal stellthim at ye wir taen
the road hame marischal hongtellthis menyie niver ti let
addy comfortably nae till itellthim but it wasna him
but it wasna him thattelltme he was ayont speakin
mm f1116: oh f1115: itelltyou it wasna good that
the hill bit tony ayewaystellthim he used yin aye
vet ower fae dunfermline tonytellthim thir wis a few
it furst whun tony hudtelltthaim he wis gay in
mair forbye if truth betellti hae some fun mysel
truth o it caird stelltme the real cause ye
said lauder i believe shetelltthe truth mitchel was silent
their wives if truth betelltwe re on the spot
jin cried gairdsman zhang antellthim tak ye a bit
jin waukent gairdsman li antellthim tak ye this siller
ti see shi jin antellthim the r meikle an
quo zhang an wang jintellthim whan a wis taen
warder at peterheid an hetellther chrissie an she tellt
hoo did ronnie quickly violettelltme chrissie ye were actually
deen it my cousin beltelltme chrissie you hinna got
tellt her chrissie an shetelltyou churchill will be fine
him that teenie interrupting itelltyou no chrissie fiercely then
mary farquhar ye ve justtelltme she s deid bessie
auld either gladys you justtelltme she was deid bessie
bessie it s nae shetelltme the name o t
she s deid bessie itelltye gladys i never realised
re nae bessie i vetelltyou st nicholas street has
mary farquhar bessie i nevertelltyou that hoo could i
speak confidentially violet s jisttelltme that teenie s in
questions an ye ll gettelltnae lees far s teenie
cloister efter whit the doormantellthim the procurator cried up
pony is a sheltie shetelltme she had cried it
mooth we seen him itellteck giein a wee shrug
speirit at them an theytellthim aa about the yokin
queen s lady in waitintellthim his wife hid gien
an laich laich doun hetellthim honest brither frae this
the product jean so itellthim i wis past carin
my dear jean so itellthim i wisnae his dear
he s awfy greedy ahtellthim no tae lose the
that wye i ve ayetellthim straight oot fit i
ian ah phoned eck antellthim tae meet us at
adam tae his senses antellthim thank yer lucky star
plan is but i vetellthim that an he s
ways aboot bit she stilltellthim the facts in the
whit for an the maistertellthim the warld ll be
s skailt them ance atellthim tho it s nae
afore the throne the cantortellthim ti tak aff his
was getting on so itellthim weel they shouldna ask
d lost by then itellthim ye d be better
ken onything aboot him swintontelltme his name but i
heidit cuddies sae the eldertelltthe servitors ti caiiry him
it made him lowp itelltye i wis watchin ye
s rest elder winna betelltthe morn s morn efter
o t says the eldertelltus the fruits an evidents
word but somebody did somebodytelltsomebody the next evenin it
an mony a story stelltaboot mishanters there one farmer
jeely did as he wistellthe wis a man aboot
ah like that word ahtelltma daddy aboot it that
brew guid beer my grandpatelltme aa he kent aboot
an it wis jock thattelltme aboot it for he
aboot the things ma mithertellts first of all there
roon aboot the toon hetelltthem aw a didnae ken
colour supplements wifies papers attelltye aa aboot charles an
toonser foxes nooadays i vetelltye aboot e een at
as they should i vetelltye aboot e fanners in
minin fit a fairmer eencetellts stook aye tae bennachie
pursed that s fit theytellttheir ma it s my
spikk bit fit yon buikstelltwis a fair meesterie aa
o that min fit itelltye nae an inch unless
fit s wrang angelica itelltye nice and simple so
s a something as itelltyou afore ronnie worried fit
you dae whit they retelltby the justices and the
back end an he nivvertelltme that shows ye whit
done that s whit hetelltthe bailies when they cam
whit us three has jisttelltthe polis in wir statements
wis by the tree atelltye o whit did she
mair sae noo a vetelltye whit we re wantin
a secret i ve naetelltafore i cuid hae been
lang afore then if shetelltye i was there she
got up at five antellttae mak his piece but
its sudden way i vetelltye mair than i ve
another letter february 1995 hetelltme a true story faiver
grubs for the keeper hadtelltme ae day that there
club and runciman the paintertelltme frae being the life
he was hoppin mad shetelltme hersel in a letter
mmhm m605: an ma wifetelltme it goes down down
for the war effort naebodytelltme it was to pey
up agin his he dtelltme some tales ootby o
aa about it an hetelltme the paip hed muntit
s a ken macduff hetelltme ti be shuir an
gone twelve an you nevertelltme toots she opens the
ma bike ma faither onlytelltme weel ye shouldnae be
freen i replied whan hetelltme whaur his brither steyd
wisna me bit gin itelltye syne ere d be
tell me angelica sharply itelltye there s naething wrang
fly for seatrout i vetelltye before replied hughie with
nae in yet i vetelltye i m aye speirin
did ye dae i vetelltye naethin happened i m
if i am i vetelltye what it means for
fur two ah ve alreadytelltyou that we don t
laing naturally i ve onlytelltyou this so that you
hauns an the admonition atelltye ane takna nae life
georgie to audience ye seetelltye dod hello ma georgie
noo adam man she stelltye richt sae bite an
that was it she nivertelltye stories or sang or
when i visited her itelltye that she was a
ower lang bit as atelltye whiles we get it
hid a broken wing itellte ithers an for eence
worth the veesit specially fintelltthat carole baxter hid been
wecht in e cornyard antellte grieve at he wisna
there wis is time etellte men tae gang an
iver aifter e men ayetellter tae slap em up
does a thing toby stellther she ll ha e
press i won oot itelltnaebody at hame e wye
lady at ran e shoptellts at in e aal
day in spring tam wistellttae gang till e shim
you know [inaudible] ma weanstelltm741: mmhm m605: an ma
bus came he leapt aboardtelltthe driver ma team just
wey o t sae hetellthis fowk ti wale out
todd caper whan the grapevinetelltus again that the mcgintys
they are noo mabel smithtelltsome stories about snaavy wither
teacher for uisin scots gettintelltthat this wis slang an
uh huh f1039: then shetellteach yin when tae come
his mither much since shetelltthe children s panel ach
aye she is but itelltyou it s the way
practise safer sex as yirtellttae dae an aways hud
the river the grapevine hadtelltus o a hunner seatroot
cheerfu loon an aince hetellthe d seen her i
wid gae aff then hetelltjock tae get awa up
prawns an siclike things hetellto these an ither tales
all i did that itelltyou f1129: ah but tell
went in it one astelltan reported intae the reception
mckie clappit her hauns antelltthe cless they were gaun
back up the brae antelltthe lads ah ll juist
fair pleased the auld maistertelltthe laddie ti chynge his
en a thing else itellther to clear oot the
yard daek da midder sootelltdem ta be wary o
fae the slrc gavin macdougaltelltthe group o a initiative
peggy amused that s youtelltmy loon neil wondering what
be very good eh fatelltyou that silly nonsense f1130:

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