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now everyone s copying histellytechnique almost as enthusiastically as
staggering genius in response totellyi don t and i
i ever fall asleep watchintellyor something like that erm
wi a can watchin thetellystew steve man steve if
f810: [sniff] i was watchintellythis morning and we had
when she s watching thetellyi speak louder to make
watching the news on thetellyi stopped nearly a month
clever are you watching thetellyso fitt s cracker going
need to put off thattellythere s nobody watching it
i just switch on thetellyand she goggles at it
we could switch on thetellyif we wanted to but
ging hame an watch thetellydan can i hae a
ging hame an watch thetellydannie can i hae thon
f1025: an i watch thetellyand i get up an
to watch something on thetellyand it s like mum
now f1114: i watch sometellyf1113: is that good f1114:
bubble just like on thetellysee now f1114: i watch
can dae is watch thetellyuncooperative yon betty s maw
it looks bad oan thetellygangsta rappers an serial killers
a noise gordon pit thetellyoan sing talk make like
sitting in front of thetellyeither the busy wee elves
f631: yeah yeah or f689: tellyf631: play music videos or
down in front of thetellyalongside morag we are sad
so my date with hogmanaytellycame not with the warm
on films on books ontellyeven on sport and as
anywhere other than on thetellydoesn t mean to say
wedding night i slung mytellya new year rubber ear
right i was flickin thetellyerm the other night er
flew ten times around thetellyfrightening to fits her aunty
what s that on thetellyf1114: it is he s
fling the remote at thetellybollocks i d hear him
that off an put thetellyup so i can hear
seen one even on thetellybut i know i could
ve seen s been ontellydavid niven john wayne kenneth
i m looking at thetellyor my tranny s on
in a crowded corner thetellysells ma car the ane
sort o documentaries on thetellyabout ehm like chickens that
that seein pictures on thetellyabout the tsunami s nae
it was that quiet naetellynae radio on in the
are fed up with thetellywe don t want to
they were both on thetellyand it was him and
e print an maybe etellyon tee weel ye couldna
yankee cop movies on thetellythe fella shakin like a
was briefly reunited with mytellyafter the bells and wur
made me shout at thetellywhenever my flatmate forced me

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