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keing o the ootlin kinrikteltfinn his storie sayin til
spak ti the saumon antelthim the haill storie she
the haill storie sae fergaltelthir aw that haed befawn
sent for jennie peiticoat antelthir the same storie as
toastit a whein crumpets pompitietelthis sad an waesum storie
me jek maister she steltme the haill storie malcolm
a graund storie as yeteltus on thon nicht as
truith richt aneuch moula haesteltus the haill storie ye
brithers syne cam forrit anteltawthing that haed befawn the
the huntin the yungest lassietelthim awthing the littil kittlin
ti serr mortals an thaytelthim thay kent awthing that
fair meltit sae that hetelthir awthing an sent hir
think ower awthing ye haeteltme ah l hae ti
he spak wi thaim anteltthaim awthing that haed befawn
thay war mairrit an sheteltthe prince awthing that haed
murderer ay yeir hieness yeteltus awthing macbeth an sae
ma dear sisters ah veteltye awthing an nou ah
pistils an the lest twateltat shae wes ti be
havin shae sattilt doun anteltgrant o hir sairie anterkest
cum ti veisit ye shaetelthim he cuidna think o
hyne awaw antecestors shae alstelthim o hiz ain fauts
fur a wie than shaetelthim the taill o the
collogue wi hir mither shaetelthir aw about the douglas
en o hir tedder shaeteltmirren at shae maun rist
europaen courts tho ingland westeltti stap the onfaw shae
ti embro at shae westeltwes gubernt bi the unyt
shae jaloused as a awreddiesteltye ma ain mither wes
ti hir maidin nem shaeteltz at hir guidman wes
here dimps ah telt yitelthim he s in denial
the coffee cammy me yiteltmi ti stew asked yi
aw richt when yi wurteltti lie wi him tell
telt yi yin she firstteltti yi when yi wur
back at yi cause yiteltum where ti get off
um where ti get offteltum yi wanted nuthin ti
pairt o the story wisteltwhen yi cam greetin an
given robby mind what ateltyi aboot tess tess an
noh got aw night jillyteltyi awready ah forgive yi
the voice o authority cammyteltyi awready dinnae make a
dey ken what she steltyi bit see silence bj
s name she d haeteltyi in a letter an
cammy cammy remember what ahteltyi it s only pretend
at the side pat ahteltyi jilly aw he s
hospital an here dimps ahteltyi telt him he s
yi jilly pat nothing leeteltyi ti say is gonnae
jilly holds pat bj leeteltyi what pause she telt
telt yi what pause sheteltyi yi wur weak pause
gee us the yin bernateltyi yin she first telt
mair it is a taleteltbi an eidiot fou o
tale s nae daen navatelthim pranny gyangs back hame
the tale nava my granteltme it jist last wikk
this is the tale sheteltnear as curious as the
auld wyfe s haiverin taleteltowre a wunter ingil think
started tae lauch and syneteltthis tale fifty ears afore
said tho the tea pickersteltuncle jeems a weird tale
whuspert in his lug antelthim aboot hir skame an
him mair at eise juniperetelthim at hir faither bene
dirdum wes cummin frae mhairitelthim strecht o hir ill
face at the en hetelthir at he hed a
better ma luiv the puddoktelthir at least ah can
whit the wyce man haedtelthir but the wee fowk
kent o it an shetelthir dochter whaur it micht
wad dae better syne murdotelthir he haed a pikkil
o aw syne the princetelthir he wes aff til
aerlie this mornin the neibortelthir iain s freins huntit
juist that ay the puddoktelthir mairrie me juist that
me for shuir the puddoktelthir mairrie you juist that
the muin wes ful mysietelthir man she wad lyke
o z ain sae ruthtelthir mither o hir thochts
inti the chaumer he haedtelthir no ti enter richt
stein incam wi tay antelthir no ti fash hirsell
chaumer that the prince haedtelthir no ti gang intil
spiered whit ailed hir shetelthir she haed been bairned
anither leddie an this anetelthir she haed haen twa
mair fly nor the lavetelthir that he wes whyles
s innerlie face she suintelthir the haill thrain weill
been aucht his mither antelthir the morn guidwyfe ah
i the eftirnuin an caermoulistelthir the richt gait ti
weill whit ah say hetelthir this pig is ti
veesitit the haugh an hedtelthir thit is bairns thay
as the littil kittlin haetelthir ti dae an syne
thrang wi the denner antelthir ti pit on hir
the fairie cam again antelthir ti pit on the
cam til hir again antelthir ti pit on the
haed lyin ti spin antelthir ti spin it aw
fornyawed an hairse sae johntelthir whan scotland wes aye
been sae blyth sae mysietelthir whit wes fashin hir
back at hir houss yetelthir ye haedna seen me
saw malcolm winces malcolm moulateltme that naebodie but hir
ye did til hir sheteltme ye wad hae a
it an gaed but whanteltswith mirren gied hir lass
mither s ill wurds anteltthe haill thing ti cormac
o the haill warld cormacteltthe knicht that he haed
abuser phoned mi oan thursdayteltmi ah d ti git
s quite simple stew steltmi aw aboot the group
though ih dimps andrea steltmi hur or the drink
be a happy day kristateltmi this wid be a
mi stand ower there pauseteltmi ti be still pause
ti shut mah een pauseteltmi ti feel the purity
mi ti be still pauseteltmi ti shut mah een
whilk thay haed never beenteltafore sax year syne this
whit the cailleach haed juisttelthim his haund trummelt but
the field whaur tam haedtelthim the elf ring wes
that mornin but whan megtelthim whit haed happent he
kynd o ye the wutchteltme hou kynd ye haed
back again binna ye haedteltme that a d be
the page haed been weillteltno ti daidil on the
faither afore um a mteltat him an jean flitted
tryin ti phone us stewteltum the rule aboot nae
auntie berna berna cause ahteltum ti wrote him ah
bites his nails stew nohteltum yit dimps aboot that
draa up ma will heteltbrian i hinna telt yer
telt you f1097: oh youteltme did you m1098: aye
famely pause they d beteltthat telt ti hand it
they d be telt thatteltti hand it oan krista
he telt brian i hinnateltyer mither she d anely
paupers grave stew telt yisteltyis he d git angry
away place paupers grave stewteltyis telt yis he d
your ain m1098: no iteltyou f1097: oh you telt
quo minnie nae bit isietelther it s natur natur
loons war aroon minnie hidtelther ma an meg ramsay
grun wheesht minnie her faithertelther nae unkindly yer brither
care fit she dis sheteltminnie as miss mcfarlan gaed
warld intae the neist naebodyteltminnie brucre that her faither
o the spring lammies isieteltminnie fa hid nae dealins
september win meg ramsay hidteltminnie that fin the hairst
an arpeggios granny hid alreadyteltminnie that she wis tae
i maist instancies a wurteltat hei retourt tae embro
dugs him an peg heiteltmei wur bidin in ae
iot heid teviot a wurteltmonnie ae yeir sin at
you spoutin keech they wurteltthey wur commanded pause what
that wis what they wereteltthey wur only sayin what
tae geordie wur a mteltthit ee ir ae expert
his mither jenny hid binteltbi the doctors that efter
ony leddrach stories her mithertelther haud yer hauns oot
mither didna ain it isietelther it happens wi yowes
him as his greitin bairnstelthim hou thair mither said
as ma mither an skuilteltme bot it wes anerlie
hair ma mither says sheteltme that aince ah gat
said he ma mither ayeteltme ti try ti finnd
o thair chowks thair mitherteltthaim tae git the gassies
ill he is the doctorteltwir mither he wis jist
yit nanse mither ah veteltye mair nor aince ah
deil gie thaim joy thatteltit aweill ye maun ken
in his castel syne heteltthaim a yairn the lykes
out sicna threit sae ebenezerteltthaim at thai maun skail
an finnd tammas an heteltthaim aw about the puir
yin leuk at thaim anteltthaim tae git thair gas
word wi the builders ateltthaim that it wis maistlie
gumptious offisher cam doun anteltthaim ti follae him up
the tithers sae the faitherteltthaim ti gae but fur
the ling ti burntisland heteltthaim ti pit him mair
advisers thegither an got thaimteltthat he wantit his country
said ti thaim dochters ahteltye strecht that onlie a
efter aa her faither hidtelthe d gaen tae makk
prayers like her faither hidtelther the big prayer noo
faither hid raged matty antelthim tae haud his wheesht
faither intil z traist anteltm at thai wes aw
whit s wrang moula sheteltma faither it wes me
wis born there lassie faitherteltme an on that very
ower the shenbhal faither eenceteltme i m nae releegious
gyang back till t faitherteltme i wis fair taen
yer faither noo aunt mysieteltthe twa bairns aa his
on his wyfe he westeltagain ti spier at his
man did as he westeltan kis he wes an
the wuid as she westeltan wes divertin hirsell pouin
aw gaed wrang ebenezer westeltat he cuidna mairrie on
sei the preisoner bot westeltat onles he wes hiz
thair presence wes ti beteltat thai wes luikin fur
she did as she westeltaw day thay maircht on
he thocht wes supersteition hetelthim ti tak a horse
laddie burst oot greitin antelthis brither he wes fair
wes the same fallae thatteltiz mynd he micht hae
ane auld ferss at westeltlang syne sayed john a
the stound o ma hertteltme ah wes still leevin
it coudna been shona sheteltme she wes ben the
guidman she s mairrit yeteltme she wes deid malcolm
wes yit verra seik rosieteltruth about it whan thai
wurds an whan aw westeltthe gretest o the otters
pleised at this an suinteltthe prince that she wes
for an whan she westeltthe same yairn she said
wurk at oniething she westeltti dae at first she
bairns did as thay wartelteven fergal the auldest that
a m shuir at someaneteltmei aince at thay treis
in his breist an heteltthe seivin men thay maun
on the pass syne heteltauld jude he d pye
ye than syne the princessteltfergal o the path throu
bairn nae lang syne rosstelther fin they war plaisterin
lykes o that syne hetelthis frein aw about the
airt jist as she dteltme syne i wis raged
aa richt syne the gairdenerteltthem fit aa he kent
licht they sang oot heteltthem syne that the name
hunner rupees an withoot beinteltat the flash it says
bein taen bi anither sheteltbrian wha hauf myndit that
but reider we wir beinteltdat dis wiz d institutionally
o thair peers efter beinteltfor years at the schuil
fur bein sae cude anteltme ti inpit a mukkil
withoot the academy withoot beintelttae nae as a good
dt whit we wir beinteltwisna d correct wy t
a wee bit like beinteltye know aye awa you
quastioun isna gaun ti beteltbi masell sen junipere an
ensoverance a did tho ateltbroun ti gang bak an
bak ti hiz bed rosieteltdouglas no ti wirrie an
an wi that the streingerteltfergal ti tak his road
ti dae as ye rteltfor ah can keep this
here jilly didnae ask shoutstelther ti be here pat
gaws for gouns but shetelthim she hae naething ti
an ither eirieorams bot napiertelthim ti haud a caum
z skratcher fur lang heteltjohn ti pit the panser
ti the fairie haw yeteltme about meg taen him
wad happen ti me sheteltme ah wad pick up
stok whorne pleyar jake macmahonteltme at he stertit ti
ah tell ye ma britherteltme ti dae the denner
fowr leeches in t anteltme ti mak uiss o
me pompitie the tea wyfeteltme ti speir aboot yeir
auld wig in thare nanseteltringan ti pit it in
ti taigil the wark heteltthe fowk at i the
gaed about thair beisnes botteltthe lad ti byde ontil
as ye lyk sae weteltthe maister ti luik out
ower the bents than heteltthe men ti lowse the
he speired ma nem thanteltthe poliss ti chak ma
ringin o the bell johnteltthe twenes ti steik the
ti quaisten whit ah mteltti dae but ah d
yur wae aye yull beteltti follow his commands or
gittin waeker ah l beteltti gang but whaur can
tiny wee lass mah faithirteltti me come see the
the very words mah faithirteltti me says she robby
reason ti misdout us heteltus strecht what ti dae
ah dinna care ti beteltwhit ti dae bi you
sweir ti dae whit ahteltye ah want ye ti
stand waiting 1st murderer whateltye ti jyne up wi
9pm tae 9am the landlordtelther his ludger hid luikit
tho da hid lauched antelther ma it wis aa
ferlies the auld wummin hidtelther om she chanted saft
vernish juist lik geordie hidtelther tae is it stain
he hid a sense thattelthim fan onybody wis prowlin
set aitin their supper jamieteltjane fit jake hid said
fee d loons ma uncleteltme he hid gaen tae
fand a safe neuk sheteltmeg fit hid happened till
servants hid talents an wartelttae makk the maist o
fuit in a tid shetelthim you pit back that
waitin for him he wisteltpit my order in o
sort o tests he wistelttae pit draps in his
s a quate breet heteltthem isie pit her haun
veesitin time a nurse bodytelther we see him like
strecht til his maister antelthim anent wee fairie wumman
aw thon tyme an atelthim at a bene at
bene arreistit fur an atelthim at a bene drukken
s aw legal maistres steintelthim at s mair nor
a wird bit she dtelthim eenoo gin she iver
use the lavvy a chieltelthim far aboot tae gang
the wid be engineers thattelthim fit wis wrang ey
ye mr paterson the matrontelthim it s thon loon
bit her wheesht his sistertelthim let nava get on
doon jed the auld wummintelthim let s hear fit
thon the auld fowk shetelthim meanin he jaloused in
it as a pet itelthim my da gaed rubbitin
alane nae easy darg antelthim plain that gin myra
naething ava sae the princesstelthim sayin awbodie here sleeps
he asked i wid haetelthim so tuesday 8 temp
him git the hell oottelthim tae invest in some
an early spring the keepertelthim that in the auld
tae jake s astonishment shetelthim that ney wye wid
strang saur o willies attelthim the whaurabouts o the
name even tho the matrontelthim three times my name
at ye r lowsed ebenezertelthim wi a bland smirk
at the plou his wyfetelthim wi a blythsum hert
git haud o t geordietelthim ye mean it wis
or killin him sae finntelthis freins o this smaw
steppit ooto the car anteltthe lassie aside him tae
they arrested him agnes ahteltthem ah fell doon the
fa in wi a wisteltthit yin tyme whan him
ontil thair strauns sae thaiteltthe inglish it wuid be
doucelie on ye sae shetelther guidmither wha she had
an haet sae the streingertelthis yairn an whan aw
sae mony wirds an sheteltme tae rewrite the hale
a bird sae it isteltsae it is said fin
lermontov sae ah ve beentelttakes a scent bottlefrom his
winted tae ken sae navachittateltthem aboot the haly ben
werena sae i wad haeteltye i gyang tae prepare
dander i the wuid ahteltye o an sae wi
auld days he hud beenteltaboot it the scuil that
seven ear auld a wisteltbi ma muther thit lang
anither auld mannie an wisteltdoocot it wis for the
auld ma sangster s neebortelther vandals smashed the new
o auld hornie dod mathiesontelthis twa loons ned an
auld mag whae a mteltsmuikit ae cley pipe an
auld the verra day sheteltus this i wis aff
war sung an tales warteltor it cam mysie s
ferlie whilk the lord hasteltus o and they cam
cam tae the skweel sheteltus she d bin in
cam oot wi i haeteltye a hunner times ma
bluid cam frae his naebodyteltye onything aboot it ava
rist fur the nicht fowkteltat the burds hed taur
ye ll dee as yerteltfur aince quo daith like
three times fur luck antelther tae bide inbye the
wytin fur her an hetelther tae gyang richt tae
some hooanever ah ve heardteltjuist want money fur nothing
knawlege an unnerstaunnin fur grannieteltm o certaint maitters frae
this is progress we areteltmair trees are felled fur
on either haun fur heteltme they war far oor
o d fur it wesnatelto i the meidia no
boddomless ladle fur affection theyteltonybody fa speired that jed
medal fur latin tae beteltthat he micht jist lay
scots wirdie fur queen navateltthem aa thon s a
wee burn an mr gobbsteltus tae look fur fresh
juist dae as ye rteltan ye l no gang
place a fresher leuk geordieteltbeenie juist tae gaun intae
slang juist like they warteltin the schuil upsteerin scots
the 1939 45 war billyteltmei thit it borth icksheils
schuil holidays they war awteltno tae gaun back tae
tae protect hersel she wisteltthat war correspondents didnae get
aw thae lees they warteltwisna true it s a
whan we met afore ateltye hou ye war begowkit
areddies dae as ye rteltan dinna think owre mukkil
tae dae whit he wisteltan gin that wis whit
to dae as she isteltan ou accept this ou
wul dae as ah mteltbut ye wul see it
o aafil swear words irteltfae aa angles dt dae
that dae fit they reteltnae like you ay hodgin
aye dae whit ye irteltwi a guid grace an
nyow frie scotland its awteltabout in a buikie cryed
is aw a ve everteltaw that a am is
parkes bene kyndlie tho napiertelthiz freins at aw hiz
the story aw feart awteltif they made awa awa
at me ah ve neverteltoniebodie else afore aw ma
whan herod the roy wasteltaboot it he was fashit
the twae doors a wisteltwhan a wis ae callant
da fowr bairns tagidder anteltdem whit hed happened an
ye hae dune whit ahteltye and didna haud back
either i mean i wasteltaboot eh linoleum fae kirkcaldy
his naitral parents bit wisteltaboot the computer virus that
in his element as heteltbig betsy aboot the flooer
a good story aboot iteltf606: [laugh] f828: frances that
i d this van nevertelther aboot it f643: no
tae the ground fleer sheteltjonsar a a aboot her
that s something else jamieteltme aboot on a small
fa washed the orphanage sheetsteltthem aa aboot the actress
a baa o progs heteltthem aboot the quine an
ae training accident a mteltat billy dickson ane o
it oot neist wikk sheteltme ae day ye re
expeckit an ae day sumaneteltthe fermer thit the french
sawmiil ae friday an wisteltthere wisnae a load tae
me someb dy must haetelther it s ma birthday
body quo boaz they haeteltme aa ye hae dune
batherin ye queen maister rintoulteltme ah m feart whanever
marriage mrs mcfarlane shrugged sheteltme aince that yer da
weel feenish it then heteltme bit i couldna i
i wis your age grandateltme bit i didna ging
things happened silence tess heteltme he wis a ghost
miscaa the english ava heteltme it s watter aff
tae the scottish national dictionaryteltme m741: right aye m605:
throu the lang years theyteltme nocht o you leevin
quo ruth the moabitess heteltme tae bide nar by
frae embro wye an sheteltme the andersons ken mair
nor east my uncle jeemsteltme the first hauf o
porter at the finance depairtmentteltme the nou he said
the skelf ava the medicinerteltme yestrein gin it isna
lang luik o yon dateltme yon s far scotlan
eck smiled an said youteltme you wis savin fifty
forgie me the lee ahteltsprings up noticing the image
the caunlelowe wi me kateteltthem baith as the three
the bed neist me heteltwinnie a roch hurl like
sol didnae believe ur ahtelthur yis didnae hae the
needle ah wesna needle yeteltthe toll man a dounricht
sobbing ah wesna needle yeteltthe toll man a lee
moula is no deid sheteltye ah wad hae a
prieit the tree whilk ahteltye no tae prie quo
ye know sorta get themteltan i said well there
wi ye ma dochter ruthtelther aa the man had
mair than i ve everteltonybody if ye gress on
fite bawd merk ye heteltthe heid keeper an the
gied a depe secht anteltthe puir wumman ye ken
anither guid jag pompitie yeteltthe tea wyfe a dounricht
lugs tae the grun heteltthe twa quines ye ll
wauk up yon stairs dateltus at the tap ye
o the wey timekeepin yeteltus fower o clock the
pull it well i veteltye i ll help you
tell ye somethin i shouldateltye langsyne bit ye maun
wal yeir sister wul haeteltye morag an that is
dochter s saicrets gunlöd whateltye mynes valgerd harshly you
dinna do it again iteltye nae to eat your
ower his left showder iteltye tae dress wycelike ye
d be richt but iteltye that duncan wasnae that
i went doon i probablyteltye this a hundred times
men hae meg if iteltye thon it widna be
yer still single i wisteltye ve got tae wink
[laugh] f940: i m lostteltye ye d lose us
coorit awa quo he whateltye ye were scuddy nakit
taste an his onybody ivverteltye ye wis jist a
for deein for i hinnateltye yet fit kinna thack
winted her she d haeteltthe sisters an sortit oot
named her natalie miss viningtelther it wis french an
hoose ten meenits later antelthis father there wis twa
frae new zealand an heiteltmei at hei wis hame
wis workin in he wisteltnae tae cut doon the
tae the surgery he wistelttae come back at ten
blade and jamie wis ayetelttae keep a step in
like this eens he wisteltthat will cost you one
laudenum wis better dod mathiesonteltthem aa o a champion
i wis made jock dowteltthem aa that the best
true an sight restored anteltda doctor never seem refusin
upstairs tae see da sheteltthem gaun intae the lobby
he yer first kill iteltma granda i didna feel
as ony galley i mteltyer senators shroud thirsels in
he was big his antlerstelta lang story a hero
fate itsel bit she niverteltaunt jessie aunt florence nur
makk up the twa auntstelther afore she d be
warm them mairower she hidnatelther ma that her buits
she raise tae gaither boaztelthis men steevelie she quo
in the second draps sheteltjonsar it wid be a
foo frae the pub sheteltma auntie nell we ll
an thocht she wid betelttae leave the lairds wife
gaun oot at migvree sheteltthem they d licht fires
aa throwe the service hetelther i need tae be
o the crime dennis mckenzieteltus a wee rhyme his
be a mystery tour heteltus we d ken fin
plug mcandrew the english teacherteltus we dinna pye eneuch
guy [inaudible] cause you saidteltus what a grubber was
and ten minutes aye heteltus when we got in
climmed as i d bintelta ghaistie s fitpreints merked
mornin the mistress o steenhillocktelther skiffy thinkin they d
at auschwitz we d beenteltnae birds wid sing true
the skweel he d bintelto the traiveller s fear
the lassie mair or lessteltjonsar he coodnae use the
years except thon preen prickteltthem in twa meenits near
noo donald chalmers frae dunrachtteltdigger mcphee the trick tae
it wadna be fair hetelther far i m tae
lassie ooto the hut antelther tae sleep in the
the ferm coort matthew brucetelthis loon tae ging intae
tae a dreel ploo anteltjonsar eck tae tak the
wisnae weel pleased tae betelto the veesitor he ordered
to the school you wastelttae speak properly nae nae
tae dee wi it jonsarteltthe fermer oh i jist
wi curly oo donald chalmersteltthe halflins foo tae cure
tae bide wi s grannyteltthe heidsteen an we ll
her buik thrawn like anteltthe quinie tae leave that
vining sugared the peel anteltthe wee thing tae be
them tae his breist anteltthem nae tae grieve the
efter the ingers i seteltthem nae tae mell wi
haein neen o this anteltthe referee fit he thocht
s fractured her skull heteltgranny bruce snippin the catch
flags are for mourning theytelther bappy anderson bore the
wint nae bonnie dall itelther no i dinna suppose
did strauchtlie what her guidmithertelther when boaz had etten
coorse business aathegither the farmertelther young tracy mowat drooned
he jist gid daft finteltthat tattoin wisna craft the
warlock o leddrach an heteltfoo kildour drave the warlock
he recited verses fyles heteltstories o oor forebears an
he becam venus an tisteltthat finiver yon starnie shawed
he m1108: aye f1107: fateltyou that m1108: naebody f1107:
ootsiders mr erchie gray ayetelthis bairns judged the fowk
doon the bow his musicteltthe stories o grantully an
set doon his fiddle anteltthem in the braidest o
floor or meal jock dowteltthem a drappie warm ale
hornie s haun jock dowteltthem an the halflins cooryin
morning already so erm iteltthem when i went in
f1095: aye well i veteltyou put them in their
them in piles first iteltyou you ve nearly daen
the forestry commission a mteltat the deuk himself fleid
matter o fack a mteltat yid s great great
magnus in truth a mteltdat a m clushit an
sheil wheech nou a mteltis anither rickle o stanes
wee bit relaxation i mteltthat scat ceilidh dauncin is
buik an thir stories areteltin a fine rynge o
a guid gemm an ateltit wesna bot a hedna
ower the draw brig anteltthe gairds at the yett
district they went hame antelttheir freens an the german
low fat fromage frais youtelto johnsmas fires emmers o
back end fin the mannieteltthe lad in charge o
on the balcony i veteltneil i ve a dirlin
a puckle stories were ayeteltlarry ake says aye noo
sex fifteen i total amtelta mynd on yin nicht
a a ritual hearin storiestelthearin thum een in the
all start training lee yurteltkin take a nasty twist
one hed had riven torntelttold emmers embers taand a
the wey thir tales isteltraither nor lookin for didactic
med made reached flee flytelttold dat that clushit very
time f1141: [laugh] f1142: iteltyou i was right [inaudible]
work right roond see iteltyou it s hard will
s hot hands up iteltyou it s hot m1098:

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