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yont each smile at thetempleof karnak chapels pillars pylons
nile luxor museum at thetempleof karnak ozymandias revisited sleeping
the baeten trek is thetempleah im eftir ah graip
of purification rituals in thetemplefountains on the way the
mr and mrs john haddentempleof fiddes before the war
23 years old john haddentempleof fiddes the canadians he
wang wei 701 761 atempleveisit myles aff the baeten
a stream below probably thetemplewas used in fertility rituals
ten gunmen cam tae atemplenearby luxor i think oor
shih ca 700 7 atempleveisit wang wei 701 761
the ruins of an incantempleof the virgins had just
group drew near the heezintemplesteps thon auncient queen could
played by the peruvian armytemplevirgins and dancing girls were
tambomachay an impressive tall incantemplefountains still carry purifying water
which reposes at the buddhisttemplein kandy is we were
cheese raja s song thetempleof the tooth in kandy
a dual purpose as atempleand fortress the temple area
a temple and fortress thetemplearea lies on top of
vegetation and from the fortresstempleof [note: word missing here] we began the
king at the buddhist cavetempleat dambulla hanuman small monkey
bomb at the local buddhisttemplecaad her faither s near
at sebastopol tae a japaneetemplesax million tons o granite
was like a wee shirleytempleonly blonde f631: mm f634:
[laugh] f637: or kissin shirleytemplewe used tae sing f638:
gentlest tinkling as if fromtemplebells draws me to the
meet the monks at thetempleof the tooth to receive
years as with the toothtemplethe shrine and monks have
stoor nearhaun tae the auncienttempleo edfu javans hid fand
oh mmmmmmmmmmm in a hindutempleaarti ceremony dusk jaipur merrymatanzie
the 1543 reference to thetemplecroft called croft grier as
bricht dragonflees waucht ben atemplethat s ableeze wi licht
the top level of thetempleto a stream below probably
dreams queen isis on yertemples sides godfrey levinge r
dreams he wrote that thistemplewas for him the best
abune us nou the crummlintemplefloats upon the haar owre
to set off for thetempleof the sun or san
japanese tea house and easterntempleand the steps outside are
on the steps of hertemplemilitant islamic factions were responsible
famous inca steps and atempleof the sun elsewhere but
little is left of thetemplethe foundations and one wall
s a gecko climbing atemplewall one part s a
i realised that this greattemplewas being built to repair
to take photographs of thetemplein the garden i nod
imaginary lines from the gardentempleof son morroig to the
sun is a small stonetempleset at the entrance to
fabulous balcony and the miradortemplewhich salvador constructed to overlook
near haun tae a greektemplesmored amang willows raised bi
preserved and kept within thetemplebounds ten days in august
stone irrigation channels amazingly thetemplewas never finished around a
eccentric laird had raised atemplethere marble beside a loch
tellers silks sarongs rubies khlongstemplecat spending baht mango stall
a ritual within a sacredtemplethe room was uncurtained its
place seemed to be parttemplepart complex of caves more
last column of a dorictemplea chip off an old
solomon we fled inno thetemplewe war trapped a secunt
ferry giant boulders to thetemplefrom the quarry on the
from watt and grant thattempleof middle class pretension to
the pearl of egypt thetempleof philae was saved from
here at lord siva stempledoor the dance o destruction
atween the altar and thetemplein sooth ah tell ye
nose and up towards hertemplethe white of her eye
image in my head thetemplefascinates me reminds me of
fix the roof o thetempleo saint claire six oh
large grassy square a pyramidaltemplewas the central focus opposite
position it has been atemplesince the 4th century b
with the prayer in thetempleabove may it be mine

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